January 03, 2008


I guess it's time to say goodbye. You were good to me 2007, your greatest blessing being the gift of inner peace. I will cherish that forever. I will miss you, but I am looking forward to new beginnings.

I have no specific list of resolutions for the year, although there is a lot I hope to accomplish. My wish for the upcoming year is to be the best me, I can be. Vague and all encompassing. Perfect. I am looking forward to a year filled with laughter, love, family, home and dreams fulfilled.

I hope you are all enjoying your winter. You can see from the pictured snowbunny that Sweet Hubby and Emma are enjoying it. As much as I love this season, as soon as the holidays are over I begin to day dream about spring and the sound of chirping birds. Sadly, that day is months and months away for us so I plan to get through it by throwing myself into projects around the house. Possibly even finishing a couple of them.


  1. Cute snowbunny, very imaginative!


  2. Hey Jenn,
    Happy New YEAR!! You will be glad to know that I have finished all the almond roca and have started off the new year, as with every new year, "thinking" about getting fit. Maybe it will sink in a bit further, with your incentive. Keep me posted on your progress, okay?

    You all are so lucky you have snow! Your meowy-snowman is a dolly, only a little girl would come up with that. adorable.
    Hugs from Washington state and the coastal nest!!

  3. OMG that snow bunny is the cutest thing I have ever seen :o) I'm so glad you took a picture of it....it made me smile :o) Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds like a good plan.
    Love the snow bunny!
    The day after Christmas, my husband asks, "is it Spring yet?"
    He always does that.
    Have a great day!

  5. We made a snowbunny once too! It snowed in March, just before Easter, and as Max & Ruby fans we just had to make a snowbunny. Everyone loved it!

  6. I love the snowbunny!

    I keep looking longingly at the back porch...I know it's a few months away...but it would sure be great to sit out there awhile. Today, I don't think it would be comfortable even with a fire in the fireplace.

    I'm trying a new thing or two in 2008 or at least attempting to.

  7. Happy New Year, Jen! Oh, I'm glad it's you with the snow & not us. It's finally turned cold here in AL, and it's not too great outside, so I'm devoting this whole month to getting decluttered too.

    We have about 2 mos. of cold weather & March is usually pretty nice, so that's what gets me through our "shortlived" winter months.


  8. What a cute snowbunny! Love it!

    I'm in the decluttering mood too.


  9. Jenn! Great post! And love the bunny too!

  10. I love your snowman(with ears) :-}
    How cute!

  11. Your header is my favorite header in the entire universe. You obviously have impeccable taste. The end.

  12. What an awesome snowbunny! I think your plans for the new year are right on. I mentioned something similar on my blog. Instead of making resolutions, I hope to simply become more aware...more present and conscious in the moment. It is the cornerstone of all positive change, no matter the goal. Happy New Year, Jen!

  13. oh, i'm the worst with that. Usually I can hold out til December 26, but then I am inevitably looking through photos from last summer, dreaming of springtime and pools and flowers. Talk about not enjoying the moment....thanks for stopping by my blog. Your "I've been there" wisdom will always be appreciated :)

  14. Hi!
    I need your email for the Valentine's Swap. Please email it to me at artsy_mama@hotmail.com

  15. That's a great snow bunny Jen - so cute. I'm like you, no specific resolutions for the year, just being the best me I can be. FYI, the crackers we had for Christmas and New Years is from http://www.oldenglishcrackers.com/

    They have paper on the outside that look like music, and the crowns alwo look like they are cut from music pages. They were quite fun. Happy New Year Jen!!!


  16. I don't set resolutions either but just try to make each day one of celebrating life as a whole. A happy New Year to you and I wish you those very things you listed, "laughter, love, family, home and dreams fulfilled."

  17. Love it. I've never seen a snow bunny. Not that kind, anyway.

  18. Happy New Year! I am longing for Spring myself. Sigh!
    ~Angela :-)

  19. I KNOW! I'm all ready for spring and we have a LONG way to go!


    Love the snow bun.

  20. Love the snow bunny. I wish we could have a couple of really good snows here. Mary


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