April 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived in central Indiana. The windows are open, there is a beautiful breeze blowing through making everything feel new. I'm spending the morning with Mrs. Meyer and together we are going to make everything fresh & clean. Do any of you have cleaning tips you would like to share? Here's mine: To clean mirrors use an old tshirt or cotton cloth with windex sprayed directly on it, then use a dry cloth to go back over it and you will have streak free mirrors.

In totally unrelated news, Kim of Scraptomylu has a new blog where every day she highlights a creative blog. She was recently sweet enough to post about my blog and absolutely demanded that I toot my own horn and let you know. It's a great blog with something new to see every day. Check it out here. And while I'm tooting, I want to send a big Thank You to everyone that nominated me for the thinking blogger award. It's such a honor to be nominated. I mean that. In return I nominate each and every one of you that I visit regularly because you inspire me in endless ways.


  1. Living in Georgia it's so easy to forget that some areas are just emerging from winter. My daffodils & tulips have come and gone already!

    My favorite cleaning tip would be to use white vinegar and baking soda to clean alot of things instead of buying commercial cleaners. 1 cup of vinegar to 1 cup of water makes a very effective all purpose cleaner. I add a little dish soap to that to clean the insides of bathroom sinks and it's great for getting rid of bathtub rings and baking soda is a natural abrasive.


  2. We had a gorgeous weekend too! Definitely much needed! Our windows and doors were w-i-d-e open. Love it! I'm off to check out that new blog.

  3. Demanding! LOL
    You deserve the toot!

    I bought some of the Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies and hand soap. My husband came out of the bathroom and says "Did your mom bring that soap? Smells like Liz Taylor died in there"

    I love it, but I guess that means we won't be washing our clothes with the laudry line.

  4. Yea!! Jen has Spring! I'm so glad you are enjoying your beautiful weather - can you come clean for me? ;-)

  5. Hey! You found Mrs Meyers locally! Glad I could help in your Spring Cleaning! :)

  6. hello! i just stumbled on your blog after seeing it referenced on another blog! i am pretty new to the blogging world, but i am addicted! it is so much fun and so great to find others that seem to be so much like me! :) check out my blog if you'd like...http://pinkdaisiesboutique@blogspot.com

  7. I use denatured alcohol (deluted) to clean my window. It gets off all the the grime and leaves no streaks...

  8. Spring cleaning? What's that? LOL I did clean one window that was really dirty...does that count? Glad you're finally getting some sunshine & breezes, Jen.

    Southern Hospitality

  9. Jen, I'm glad that you're enjoying some pretty spring weather. It does make you want to clean, doesn't it?

    LOL @ Rhoda (I'm the same way). I also use a mixture of alcohol and something else (you can tell that I haven't done this in awhile! I'll try to find my "recipe") that was shared by a window cleaner in an article our local paper. He used a sponge/squeegee combination to clean, and then newspaper to remove excess moisture.

    Hmmmm...I'm *almost* in the mood to clean now... ;)

  10. I am so glad you got the Kaki Crocs. Now everytime I see them I think of you. And wonder how long it will be until I buy a pair.

    Mrs Meyers is great!

    I only use organic cleaners in my homes. Also baking soda and vinegar. Lavendar oil added to a pale also refresshes

  11. i love your inspiration cleaning photo!!
    personally i have found the home products from Restoration Hardware wonderful!!! They remind me of the "good home company"goodies from a few years ago. Anyway, the shore line smells wonderful (i'm very picky, hate room sprays & most scented candles)...they have linen spray, dryer sheets, everything! but my favorite the shore allpurpose spray cleaner, use it in my kitchen all the time. I also love their meyer lemon hand soap & lotion. Of course it comes in the cute silver duo holder which looks great on your counter. They have citrus, lavender, cucumber...oh they are all wonderful!
    Happy cleaning!

  12. Good ole vinegar is what we used in the South when growing up~cheep and get's the job done!!!

    Love your blog!!!

    Hugs :)


  13. Inspiration Friday is such a good idea. Great photos to day dream over, too.

    Nice to meet a fellow Hoosier, although I am a transplant to Kansas now.

  14. Hi Jen! I'm doing my spring cleaning today and it feels so FRESH in here! You have me tempted to go out and buy some Mrs Meyers.... What is it and where do I get it? I love your feather duster too! I just bought a wool one and like my feather one better I think, LOL!

  15. Hi Jen,
    I'm de-lurking due to a passion for spring cleaning! What a lovely way to spend a day (or week!), dusting off winters cobwebs and inviting spring in.
    I always use vinegar and newspaper to clean my windows, and a mix of essential oils and diluted washing-up liquid to clean floors - smells yummy.
    Another tip is to soak a cotton wool ball in lavender and lemon essential oils and pop it in your hoover bag - it really makes your home smell wonderful.
    Oh dear I seem to have gone a bit cleaning mad.
    Victoria x

  16. I've always used vinegar and water as well to mop floors.

    I also use windex and newspaper to clean windows and mirrors.

    For dusing I use a damp washcloth or a Swifter sheet.

  17. Hi Jen~ I followed a few of the ladies over to you..and I'm so glad I did! I just did a little Spring cleaning this week, and I love using Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.
    Thanks for more inspiration!....on to the next closet!


  18. You're inspiring me to get out my new cleaning supplies that I got today and get cracking. Although I did clean in preparation for my mom's arrival, it's good to not let yourself slip into a bad routine, which I seem to be letting happen lately. Hope the cleaning went well. I do have a cleaning tip. To clear up cloudy glassware, use warm water, a bit of dish soap, and coarse salt. The salt helps to clean away the build up of hard water residue. This really does work, and I just did it yesterday on a chrystal cut glass bowl - very old. It worked perfectly.



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