May 03, 2007

In Awe of Nature

Spring is my favorite season. It is a reminder of the miracles of life, as is this Robin's nest that Emma and I found in our Arborvitae, or as Emma calls it "Our Forevergreen tree". How can you watch a bare tree or flower, bud and then burst forth with life and not be awed? I hope you'll take the time today to really look around you and appreciate the beauty that Spring offers. I hope you'll slow down from all the pressures and stresses of your life for a moment to really see the show that nature is putting on for us right now.


  1. how cool is that!!!...we found one at our house too!!! our lilac bush..with 4 perfect blue eggs...amazing...thanks for sharing...Lacy

  2. ooh, I love nests, those eggs are beautiful. So far we've had 2 duck nests, we're trying to hatch the eggs under a broody hen! One of our little ducks has gone off and made herself another nest, it's so exciting.
    Isn't nature wonderful, I'm loving this spring, taking lots of little moments to just take it all in.

  3. Lovely pictures!
    I had the same experience while clearing off the patio this week. I noticed the moss...I mean, I REALLY noticed the moss. It's beautiful. I had to get up close and personal and take its picture. :)

  4. Oh I sure do that very day!

    Love your robin nest! Yes you are right Jen spring is just fabulous!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love bird nests. Just look at the color of those eggs. Beautiful. How lucky to have those in a spot where you can see them.
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love the nest in your "forevergreen tree"!

    I've written another entry to do with spring, today. I don't know why, other than I am awestruck each and every spring!!

    Beautiful photos!

    Back Porch Musings

  7. such a sweet little nest especially with the precious robin's eggs!

  8. What a beautiful nest and eggs! I hope we get to see pictures of the hatched birdies soon!

  9. That's so cool! Usually I just find the shells on the ground. I love that blue, it my favorite shade of blue.
    Even though our winters are short, I eagerly await spring and do my best to enjoy it since that doesn't last long either LOL!


  10. I agree..Nature really reminds us to breathe and appreciate everything.
    With KIndness,

  11. Hey there!

    Thanks for the reminder.....I think I will stop and look at a few beautiful things and marvel at them!

    What a great thought to share with the world!


  12. What beautiful photos! You all will enjoy watching those babies come into the world. I loved your daughter's name for the tree, come up with the cutest things!


  13. Such beautiful photos, Jen. How exciting it must have been for Emma to discover the nest!

  14. Such a beautiful picture! The eggs are gorgeous! Enjoy your spring! It is already feeling like summer here!

  15. We have a robin's nest in our yard, too. Three beautiful blue eggs and a very attentive and protective momma. I can't wait till they hatch.

  16. Jen, those eggs are just beautiful. Nests are such precious little things. Yes, spring is a wonder to behold, my favorite time of year! It's starting to get too hot already down here.

    Southern Hospitality

  17. Jen, you are so right and I completely agree. Nature is amazing and if we all just slow down and enjoy it, I think we'd be happier. The nest you found is so beautiful. It's hard to believe that eggs have colors like those in your nest - like you said, it is awe inspiring to think that nature just does that on its own :o) Thank you Jen.


  18. What a beautiful picture of the nest and eggs!

  19. The nest and very blue eggs is amazing!

  20. The nest and very blue eggs ARE amazing! hehehe


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