February 26, 2008

Being Flexible

I crave change. Being close to spring and feeling the nesting instinct take hold makes me feel it even stronger. For years, about the time the flowers started to bloom, I would feel the urge to put a for sale sign in the yard and head out on a new adventure. Now I make do with mixing things up in the house and making it feel new to me. I love buying things that can be used in different ways and places. These new pillows found a home on the daybed in my studio for now and work perfectly to make this a cozy spot for pouring over old gardening magazines and daydreaming about spring. One day they might show up in the family room, foyer or master bedroom. I have a lot of pieces that get moved from room to room. To me, the more flexibility a piece has, the more value it has.

Another part of being flexible for me, is rolling with the punches. There have been a lot of life punches thrown around here lately. One of them is that due to the housing market right now, it is not feasible for us to finish our basement. We were initially disappointed but realize everything happens for a reason. We will get it done one day. This gives us the opportunity to focus on the rest of the house and finish up old projects before we start new ones. There could be worse things.


  1. I just found your blog this week, and absolutely love it! I share much of the same taste of you and the blog shows it beautifully!

  2. sorry about the project, Jenn.. But--you are right.There could be worse things! Great thinking!
    Cute pillows on the daybed. girlfriend-
    Have a great day..
    coastal nest

  3. What a beautiful picture Jen...as always...love your sweet nesty world. :)

  4. Hi Jenn,

    I do feel the same, about spring and the need of changes. And your changes in your cosy corner is wonderful. Lovely daybed and pillows! Wish I had a daybed :))

    I am sorry that it didn`t worked out with your basement, this time, but Like you say, it maybe it happend for a reason. Maybe you need the money for another important project?

    Have a nice week, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Aina x

  5. What a great attitude about working on the basement. May as well finish up what is already started in the house. Good luck! Love the pillows! I, too, like versatile items that can be used for different things and in different rooms.

  6. You are right, there could be worse things.
    I love your daybed. I do the same, always moving and switching things around. I am starting to get that Spring fever thing too.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Jen,

    My email is on the fritz so I'm linking this directly to your blog. I have found the thing for you. There is a submission call for holiday projects for the mag "Home and Heart". Your projects would be perfect! Here's a link for more info: http://homegrownhospitality.typepad.com/homegrown_hospitality/2008/02/just-wanted-to.html

  8. Well at least your home is beautiful! I'm so fickle about color and style that I can never commit to anything before I change my mind! Good thing I love to decorate!

  9. I wish I could be as flexible as your good self... that daybed looks just lovely, pity about the basement. It'll happen one day Im sure
    Lisa x

  10. I agree, just moving things around can make you feel better! Good for you!

  11. Sorry about the basement project being scuttled. We are looking at making a move home to Texas this summer (fingers crossed dh get the job he has applied for!) I'm worried about selling in this market, though. The good thing is that so far all of the house sold in our neighborhood in the last six months sold above what we paid 4 years ago. As long as it holds!

    BTW, what happened to Raimondi?? That was a huge shock.


  12. Never get tiered of white!Beautiful!

  13. I love to build things and as you said ...it hits me in the Spring really hard!

  14. Cozy! I'd like to curl up on that daybed and take a nap. I get restless like that as well...wanting to rearrange!

  15. So sorry it didn't work out with your basement project. Like you said, now you can focus all of your energy on making your existing space perfect.

    I am always moving things from room to room. LOVE your daybed! If I had a comfy spot like that you can bet I would be curled up right now reading one of my gardening books and wishing for spring.

  16. I love the photo. Nothing like white to make a statement and refresh everything. Sorry to hear about your 'basement' project, but you know it will always be there waiting! I love your thinking! Perhaps I'll go do some rearranging. I think I need a little pick me up!

  17. Hi, I found your blog through A Daisy Cottage. Amen about spring, I am so ready as we sit knee deep in snow. I love to change things around in my house, just rearranging furniture and knick knacks gives the room a fresh look. I rearrange about every week though, kind of obessive compulsive, huh... Anyway, love your blog, stop by sometime.

    LeAnn :)

  18. darling blog!! i love what you love! ha..those clothes are darling..so my style!
    take care, nice to meet you!

  19. Beautiful photo and arrangement, Jenn. I look forward to more photos of your spring nesting!

  20. Beautiful Blog. I am glad I'm not the only one who buys what I call "gananimal" furniture and accesories, meaning I need to be able to use it in more than one place.
    I will keep checking you out!

  21. I love rearranging my furniture and creating "new" for me. It's cheaper than buying new stuff and helps me maximize my spaces and clean the nooks and crannies that are revealed in the rearrange. After seeing your post I may have to rething a room or two. The hub never knows what to expect on a day when I get the urge to "rework" things. Thanks for the inspiration! -Deb O

  22. I love the day bed.

    I too enjoy 'shopping' around in my own house to put things to new purposes!


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