March 03, 2008

Birthday Bash

This little angel is going to be 7 on Wednesday and if you look closely you can see she got an early present. A black eye. She ran eye first into the head of someone in the lunch line. You can be sure she gets her clumsiness honestly. I was hoping that it would be gone by her birthday. Looks like it's here to stay though.

I'm busy trying to get ready for her "Un"slumber party on Saturday. I'm glad that she loves to have her birthday parties at home but there are times that I get so bogged down by the details. I'm trying to simplify this year and to remember how thankful she always is.

I added this fun trim to her recently painted bookshelf. We used white upholstery tacks to hold it up. Super fun and easy. Her room is really coming along. I hope to show you more in the next week.


  1. Just out blogging today and came across yours. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. Love the trim on the selfs, what a nice touch.

  2. Hi,
    I hope her eye is better soon.
    Love the trim on the shelf. Very cute.
    I have never heard of an unslumberparty.
    Have fun, and a happy birtday!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Emma!
    Love the pom pom trim on the shelf - what a great colour :-}

  4. Well, maybe the black eye will be gone by the unslumber party. I have two kids who get forehead bruises right before we want to take family pictures.

  5. love. the. pompoms!!!!!
    i've got to try this.....thanks!

  6. Birthday wishes to sweet Emma. My little girl will be eleven later this month. I love the trim on the bookshelves. The perfect touch!

    BTW, what is an "un" slumber party? Does it mean I can somehow get out of having 9 eleven year old screaming girls spend the night at my house?

  7. Hello Jenn,
    Tell you little twin (she looks just like you, you know) to have the happiest of birthdays!
    How many girls are coming over? My mom was always so generous and happy to accomidate at least a dozen of my closest friends.. Oy.. I can hardly handle 2 or 3 cousins at the same time..
    happy bday emma!!
    coastal nest

  8. Happy Birthday to sweet little daughter Emma...I hope her eye is better soon. I love the pink trim on the shelves, can't wait to see more of the room.

  9. Hello, I am new to your blog and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading the posts...especiallyl the ones about your little girls room. I am re-doing my four-year old's room and am waiting with "baited breath" to see what you do because I like what you have done so far and I am sure that I will get some great ideas!! Soo you have to "hurry up already with that post"!! (lol --just kidding here)

  10. Sorry about her eye. Hope the birthday is great and I love the trim.

  11. Happy Birthday to youe bautiful sweet little girl. I hope her eye is better real soon...Mary

  12. Oh - Happy Birthday to her!

  13. What a beautiful little girl you have - shiner and all :) Happy Birthday, Emma!

    Love the shelves....

  14. Yikes--nothing like a black eye but hopefully it'll be gone soon. SHe is a cutie! My girl is 7, too, such a great age!



  15. I love the pink ball looks great.
    Hugs, bj

  16. what a great idea to add a little flare to a shelf! I might have to try that myself. we were just at Home Depot over the weekend getting some trim for the spare room, and when I saw the variety of upholstery tacks while we were grabbing some finishing nails, I thought ~ what could I do with those....

  17. Oh, happy birthday to your sweetie! Too bad about the black eye!

    Love the shelf, so creative of you!


  18. Hapy Birthday to Emma! I think she looks cute with the little black eye.

  19. The trim on the bookshelf is adorable! Your darling girl and I have something in common.....I'm always running into things! Hope her eye heals fast!

  20. Sooooo ca-yute!! Love the trim as well as those darling pink suitcases.


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