June 30, 2008

Perfectly Posh

Friday we enjoyed a lovely day in Chicago, admittedly my favorite big city. Dropping Maddie off at Northwester for lacrosse camp, gave us the perfect excuse to hang out in the city for the day.

The highlight for Emma was The American Girl store, but for me it was finally getting to visit Posh Chicago. I've admired their website for some time, but there is just no substitute for being there.

The store was filled with beautiful and unique things for the home, several of which came back with me.

The displays were gorgeous, the staff helpful but not pushy and the prices very reasonable.

The store is my idea of perfection, the kind of store I would someday like to own. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling unique displays of merchandise that you just have to own. My favorite part was the back of the store seen in the last 2 pictures. Floor to ceiling windows, light and coziness. I wanted to curl up there with a book and spend the afternoon.

If you get the chance to visit, take it! You will be glad you did. And when you are all done, stop by Epoch Pie next door, where I highly recommend the lemon meringue. Wish you all could have enjoyed it with me.


  1. Yay, for a good trip!

    Oh what a beatiful place. I'd never heard of them until I read about them on your blog and I have to admit that my addiction to their online store is complete. I'm sure you found some tres' fabulous goodies there!


  2. I also had never heard of this store and I love their website! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I'm so jealous of your trip to P.O.S.H.!!! I have one treasured item from there (received as a Christmas gift from their website) & I'd love to visit the store. So, what did you buy?? Pictures!!!

  4. I love going into places like this and that chandelier is soo pretty!
    I'll have to go over to the web page.

  5. This place is so cute! I go to school in Chicago (and actually live about 1.5 blocks away from the American Girl store!) and I have never heard of this place! Thanks for telling us about it. I will definitely hit it up when I head back to the windy city for school.

  6. This looks like the absolute perfect shop! So....what did you buy? Must See :)

  7. Oh - I miss Chicago! My Grandparents used to live there and I used to visit them via the train all the way from Texas!!!

  8. Jen~
    Thank you, thank you, thank you....I am embarrassed to admit that while I live only an hour from the city and am there frequently, I have never heard of this place, until your blog...next stop, P.O.S.H. Chicago! Can't wait to go!

  9. That is a positively DELICIOUS store! Thank you for sharing, I will have to go there on my next trip in to the windy city :)

  10. Oh, I so wish I could have joined you, too. I LOVE Chicago! It is, by far, my favorite place to go at Christmastime! I have never been to P.O.S.H., but I will certainly have to catch it the next time I go...it looks amazing!

  11. I can't believe I've never been to POSH or even heard of it. My friends and I just had a girls weekend in downtown Chicago. We stayed right on Michigan Ave and did lots of shopping. Too bad I didn't know about this place because it would have been on our "to-do" list for sure.

  12. What a lovely store.
    Vintage Lily


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