February 04, 2009

Sending Swaps and Q&A

I finally got my official swaps sent out & thought I'd share some quick pics. I love how these bird boxes came out for The Speckled Egg's Petite Inspiration Box Swap. It was actually a little hard to send them all away. I might have to make one to keep. When I get all my boxes I will share pictures of the goodness with you.

These were the tags I made for the tag swap hosted by Karla's Cottage. I call this On the Wings of Love. I like how it turned out but I wish I had taken about 1 more day to play with it. I actually like the way I packaged it better than the actual tag! How crazy is that? I just love a pretty package.

Lately I have gotten quite a few comments with questions and I have not been the best about answering them. I was inspired by Kasey at Lola B Boutique who hosted a Q&A, to do one of my own. So ask away. Whatever burning question you might have for me that I have rudely ignored in the past or something you always wondered. Silly or serious, I care not. I will post the answers on Monday.


  1. Your little boxes are super sweet. I missed participating in this swap...just a day late, bummer, because everyone's little boxes look totally adorable!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  2. Your boxes are so sweet and I think your tags turned out absolutely perfect!

  3. You are TOOOOO cute.
    1-how do you like having fashion and home on the same blog?
    2- were you always so creative?
    3- how many kids do you have and how old?
    4- what do you wear to bed?????

  4. if you could have lunch with one famous person ( or maybe not so famous) whom you've never met, who would it be & why?
    wow-hows that one!!

  5. Here is my question...you said that you used large sized matchboxes...where did you get them?

  6. You are so creative and organized to be doing swaps. Do you know I haven't done any crafting since Silver Bella? I am still hungover from the 8 swaps I was in! I've got to get my crafting mojo back....seeing your things is starting to work on me.

    xoxo, Julia

  7. I LOVE your "nests"! I think your tags turned out perfect, and I agree with you that I like your packaging!!! My question: What is one creative thing you haven't learned to do that you would like to?

  8. First things first, darling things. Just love them all~
    Now on to the question:
    1) Have you always been so creative?
    2) What inspires you?
    3) Who inspires you?

  9. Your little boxes are gorgeous! Love the little bird with the crown!! xo, Connie

  10. Those little bird boxes are too adorable !!!!!

    I hope I'm not repeating this question.....but where do find such cute swaps like that ?


  11. Your bird boxes are beautiful!! I love them. :)Dina

  12. Love the tags and boxes super cute. My question is this, do you scrapbook? Or just make little cute vintage things for decorating? I think you would make an awesome scrapbooker, lol.

  13. OH MY! The birds are so adorable coming out of the box.

  14. Adorable, all of them~

    K, hmm, let's see...Where did you meet your husband? What jobs have you had in the past? And what is your favoite simple pleasure?

    k, I think that is all~ can't wait to hear the answers..does that mean I am nosey?

  15. Your little bird boxes are so sweet and turned out amazing!!!! Love them :o)

  16. I absolutely LOVE your work Jen!! You are an artist for sure! Thanks for sharing. I have a question. How do you organize your thoughts for such great blog posts? I love reading blogs, but not sure I love blogging myself, lol. I have to many "fleeting" thoughts. I should write them down :)

  17. The boxes are great! I love the bird crown and your tags are so sweet!

  18. You're so talented, Jen. I love those!

  19. Your tags & boxes are gorgeous Jen! I LOVE the little white bird ~ the perfect embellishment :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  20. Those bird boxes are lovely! Great job!

  21. Love your bird boxes. Love their little paper crowns.:)
    I enjoy visiting your lovely blog with all its beautiful colors.
    Have a great day!

  22. my questions:

    what is/was the best thing about your parents?

    what have you tried to do in your own life as a mother that you learned from your parents?

    do you play a musical instrument?

    that's it, my friend. can wait to see your answers!!

    btw, i LOVE the mudroom post! i have two of those pictures already saved into my "new house" file!!! we have the same taste...no doubt, momma.

  23. You are so talented and creative!

    1. Did you get everything you listed on your wish list?

    2. What kind of camera do you use?
    (I am looking for one)

  24. So much talent and creativity!!


  25. Your wrapping turned out beautiful. I love to pay attention to wrapping as well. My question is:
    do you have a wrapping center where you keep all your goodies to wrap a great gift?
    so enoy your style and blog,

  26. Jen those birds on the boxes are just wonderful.


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