November 16, 2009

Home Again and Exhausted Ramblings

I'm home from Silver Bella and wow did it feel good to sleep in my own bed last night. I came home to 2 sick girls, 1 tired husband, 3 love starved and hungry animals and 1 house very much in need of cleaning. Today I am completely exhausted (of course staying up until midnight watching the Colts play some amazing football didn't help) and I don't have the energy to blog much about my week, but I will soon. I will tell you that it was great, that I am creatively charged up and that I got to meet some wonderful women that I am so happy to call friends.

For now I wanted to tell you about a website called All Things Cottage that may be new to you. They were sweet enough to feature my 'ol cottage blog and after checking it out I can tell you that there is some great cottage eye candy on there. That brings me to something I've been wondering about lately. What brings you to my blog? Are you drawn here for decorating? Creative pursuits? General ramblings? To be a witness to my insanity? Something completely different? I'd love to know so please leave me a comment. That means you too lurker. And this isn't me fishing for compliments, my head already barely fits through a door. I'm just really curious.

So that's it for now except I did want to say this: ***To the man wearing the I Hate Peyton Manning and Eli sucks too tshirt at O'hare International Airport yesterday -TAKE THAT!***

pic from  all things cottage


  1. Hi Jen
    Welcome Home! Can't wait to hear about and see pics of your time away at Silver Bella! How great to find out that you are featured on All Things Cottage :-)Your writing is what brought me to and keeps me coming back to your blog! It's honest,whitty & fresh. Your love of home (and those that share it with you) are evident! Have a good rest up ... then post those SB pics :-) ♥

  2. Hey Jen!

    I stumbled across your blog through a link, I think and saved it in my favorites and check it regularly. I am drawn to it becuase I was born and raised in Indianapolis....grew up around 56th and Illinois and saw your post about the cupcake place...I remember Baskin Robbins first job was in that a place called Down by the Ducks. Anyway, I enjoy reading your posts and seeing if I know/have heard of places you mention.

    Take Care!
    Rebecca in B'ham

  3. I've been following your blog for years & I've always enjoyed your writing. Recently, you've really struck a chord with me when you write about your journey to live the life that you want to live. It's good to know that someone else out there is on the same journey.

  4. I'll answer your question in a minute, right after I finish imagining myself on that porch with an iced tea in my hand.....

    Okay, I'm good. I come to your blog because you seem genuine. Like someone who just loves to share ideas and offer inspiration, not a person who only wants to show off how fab her home is (which it is but that is besides the point). I enjoy my visits here, like visiting a friend.

  5. I couldn't say it better than Michelle!

  6. Hi Jen,

    Congrats on being included at the All Things Cottage website! :) I still don't know why they included my lil' blog, but NOW they're adding the really good ones. :)

    So, what brought me to your blog in the first place? I've been out of the loop for almost three years now while building our tiny house. My online biz is closed. No time for art. No time for crafting. No visits w/ other artisans via the web (tough to do while swinging a hammer). So I stumbled across your blog when I started blogging this summer, and I enjoy it very much. Love your writing and the art you share. Simply put - you inspire, and I look forward to the opportunity to meet & get to know people that share a love of creating. That's why!

  7. Okay, I love your site because of your creative decorating and your hilarious personality. Insanity, you say? No, you are real! I love to follow along.


  8. I found your blogs thanks to your participation in the BHG contest a while back but subscribed to it because I liked the feel and voice of the entries, seeing the pictures you shared and learning about you and your family one project and post at a time.

  9. I love everything you do...That is why I keep coming back again and again!!!

    Keep it up!!!

    Can't wait to hear about Silver Bella!!!


  10. Welcome Back! Seriously though, that was a great game. We looovvee the Manning brothers!! One of my sons is named Payton Elijah :)

  11. Hi! What brings me to your blog? Mostly your crafty / creative stuff and your decorating. I was a "bella" the last couple of years (didn't get to attend Silver Bella this year so I'm hanging on every blog post! :) I think that's where I originally met you or found your blog that way. Happy Holidays to you!

  12. Hi Jen!
    Congrats on your All Things Cottage feature! Your home is lovely and I just Love, love, love your front porch!! I'm SO pleased we were able to spend Wednesday night at dinner and chat! You are such a sweet lady and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

  13. Hi Jen,
    We've been remodeling our house.
    In the process, I have become obsessed with decorating blogs, yours included!
    Thanks for all the tips and great links!


  14. I stop by because you are one of the first 'cottage dwellers' I came across in my blog hopping...and that you are from Indiana...and that your style is beautiful. :)

  15. Hi Jen.....Lurker here. ha. I love to visit for all of the above. I am a mommy to 3 boys under 10 and visiting your blog helps me to stay sane.
    I cannot wait to see Silver Bella pics( I had to back out of going at the end-boohoo).
    Oh and I LOVE Peyton and Eli-last night's game was AWESOME!!

  16. I come here, cause it's like a little cup of tea, and a nap. No, that doesn't explain it right. It's just a little bit of coziness. When you commented on my blog about not putting zippers on chicken garments, it cracked me up so much, and I knew you were a kindred spirit.

    I like you.

    That's why I'm here.

  17. So, it seems my lady friend has returned, at last. And when I told you I would happily think of you rolling your bad self around in glitter, well, I wasn't lying. It did my soul good to know that you were taking care of your soul. I also thought of poor Emma and hoped her papa would remember to make her a sandwich, now and then.
    Glad you're home. :) Tell us more. And I love every cotton-pickin' thing about you.

  18. Can't wait to see what you did at Silver Bella. Love the decorating and photos on the blog!

  19. Hi Jen
    Looking forward to hearing about all your Silver Bella fun!
    Your blog is a perfect combination of style that I love, writing that entertains and inspires, and you - a genuine, down to earth girl sharing her life. Your blog was the first cottage/decorating blog I ever found, and I've been visiting ever since.
    Your a keeper Jen!

  20. It's very simple really.

    I come here because YOU are here.

    And you are special.


  21. hi jen!

    i am so looking forward to reading everyone's tales of silver bella. someday ...

    i enjoy visiting your blog. i like to think they were share some common sensibilities on things like DIY and decor, and i have been very inspired many times here. {hope you feel the same.}


  22. mostly to witness your insanity. wink. :-)

    but seriously, because I feel like a sister and sister's should check up on one another. :-)

  23. I stumbled upon you blog sometime this year. What keeps me returning are your photos and your great sense of humor. You have a real talent for writing and photography. I loved the blog about coming to visit me, not my house.

  24. Hi Jen :)

    Your blog was one of the 10 blogs I read before I started blogging and I've been reading ever since. That's almost 2 years now. You are real when you blog and not some fabricated version of what you think you should be. Does that make sense?? Like Kim said...
    "you are special" :)


  25. Only a loser wears a shirt like that. And yes - Take That! and also, the Patriots were so arrogant and obnoxious during the game - and to them Take That!! haha Anxious to hear about Silver Bella!! xoxo

  26. I tripped over your blog while searching for "cottage" blogs. I also have a cottage blog and was curious about other "cottagers". My blog really started as a place to talk about knitting but I've decided to make it more about all of my interests. I got hooked on reading your blog after reading your post on Halloween and the dog costume. I love your sense of humor and your sense of style!

  27. Hi Jen,
    Glad you had a fun time away! :) I think your blog is lovely! I found it because I found the project you submitted to BHG. I like your blog a lot~ I like visiting it because I can tell you are "real", a mom like the rest of us who loves to be creative and has good ideas! In fact, I need to pop by much more often, because yours is one of my favorite blogs!

    And I must tell you~ Your house is so beautiful! I hadn't seen it before...SO pretty!

  28. I love reading your blog, its one of my very favourites. I love your sense of home style, the fact that your children are so important in your life, and your honesty in describing the ups and downs of life as a creative stay at home Mum.

  29. Is that your home?? Oh my goodness it is gorgeous!!! I come to your blog because you are so real and genuine! You are even kinder in person. I love that we met!!

  30. Hello!
    I check your blog every morning as I eat looking at the creative, pretty photos. All so cheery and light...along with the updates that accompany them. :)


  31. Hello! I came across your blog about a week ago. I live in Irvington (east of downtown Indy) so of course I got sucked into your blog because I love seeing how a fellow Indy girl lives! You have great style and I look forward to reading more!

  32. right now the only reason i'm here is to ask you to get on facebook. i'll come back for the good read and creativity....but i wish you were....are you now?

  33. My husband and I (married for 1 month) hope to buy a home within the year and I like looking at your blog for inspiration on decorating because our apartment is already "finished". I need a new blank canvas to play with.

  34. Jen,
    I just started reading your blog recently but love it mainly because I love Cottage style AND when I saw you lived in Fishers...I just had to keep reading because I lived nearby in Noblesville for 4 we have that INDY connection!
    Love your creativity and your style of writing too!

  35. Gail, in northern CaliforniaNovember 17, 2009 9:17 PM

    Because you share things like "All Things Cottage"...and the availability of the Kidston Sew! book through the Book Depository UK. I love little tidbits like that....a favorite book, or talking to a good friend.

  36. i'm a lurker, no a biz gal w/ 2 kidlets and can't always comment.
    {please forgive}
    I love:
    1. your in the Midwest {1.5 hours from me}
    2. your humble
    3. your funny & cute
    4. you have good taste
    5. you like houses
    6. I live in an 1860's house and am always looking for
    7. we need to meet at Midland Antique {darcy does too}
    8.keep up the good work!

  37. Hi Jen,

    I come here because I love the cottage style decorating. Can't wait to see your pics and hear all about the trip.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  38. I found your blog because I found you! :-) It was so so so so wonderful meeting you at Silver Bella. You are just so lovely and so funny. SO funny! I'm adding you to my bloglines so I can make sure I always come by to visit when you ramble. :-)

    Big hugs to you,

  39. it was late, Christmas shopping & my grammar? I wrote your instead of you're, oh, help. Oh,help!


  40. thanks again, Jen for the cool Wren card and other birdie treats. Just love 'em! so sweet that you thought of me and great to see you at SB again. xoC

  41. I'm here because I love cottages and the title of your blog appealed to me accordingly LOL! I am IN LOVE with this pictured it yours???WOW.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  42. I'm not a writer but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you for your beautiful pics and fun dialoge. I enjoy quilting and am learning a lot in this new pursuit. I can only crochet a little to make afghans with a ruffle around. So..... I love to look and see the wonderful pursuits of others ! Like yourself. Thank you and I hope I'm not considered a lurker ? thanks again.


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