December 04, 2009

Pretty Pages

I love giving my business to individuals whether it's online or in town. It's inevitable that a certain amount of my money must go to big box stores but when I can, I like to shop with real people.

This wonderful magazine is from Tracey at French Larkspur. She has a wonderful online store where the customer service is 1st rate (a big pet peeve of mine) and the attention to detail is top notch. You can find her store listed on my sidebar under Places To Go. And I want to tell you guys something. Those are all places that I love. Not because anyone has sent me anything for free or offered me something in exchange for featuring them there. I get a fair amount of those requests, believe me, but I'm not that kind of girl. I'm not going to recommend a website, blog or store to you for any other reason than because I believe in it and I want to share it with you.

Here's a peak into this wonderful Danish (I think) Jeanne d Arc Living magazine. This one is in English I am happy to report. It is a delight from beginning to end. Lots of beautiful Christmas inspiration to be had here. I'm going to go curl up with mine right now.


  1. hi jen,

    the package is wrapped so nicely. that is key for me, too.


  2. Jen,
    What a beautiful picture! I really enjoy your blog!

  3. I discovered Tracey & French Larkspur a few weeks ago. LOVE everything she shares and her online shop is gorgeous!

  4. Tracey is a sweetie and I know her shop will do just amazing!!! I have mine too and with all the craziness I have not really looked through it yet...maybe today. Don't you love that it is now in English:-) Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh my another beautiful magazine to get hooked on! I just went over to her site and ordered a copy :)


  6. I just popped over and her shop is beautiful. Relax and enjoy your new magazine!

  7. I just love that the internet has allowed us to discover little shops all over the country & world & made it so easy to shop with them.

    The package & magazine are just beautiful.

  8. Jen ~

    Hi! Thank you so much for the truly lovely mention!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and your kindness!!! A huge thank you from me to you!

    Enjoy your magazine...I still page thru mine on a daily basis!

    :) T


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