January 13, 2010

New Finds, New Friends

Recently I met a new friend named Jill. She lives in my neighborhood, is an artist and loves many of the same things as me. So fun to find that in my own backyard after all of these years. Last week we went to Midland Antique Market, a place I have wanted to go for ages but hadn't gotten around to yet. I was missing out on something amazing. I already want to go back. I picked up some great things.

 I found a bag of vintage Nativity pieces from Japan ($6). I'm always drawn to things with chippy paint and this girl really spoke to me.

I can never resist sheet music with just the right amount of age ($1) and these great typeset letters (.25 each) and these old boxes which I will soon cover with pretty paper ($1 each) which all sit atop what appears to be a homemade duvet cover, double sided in this pretty fabric ($10) that I am sure to cut up and use for other projects.

 I don't care what time of year it is, if I see vintage Christmas glass ($8 for all), it's coming home with me. I couldn't stand to pack it all away quite yet so the mercury pics and any ornament that could work for Valentine's Day are still in my studio.
There were a few other treasures I picked up that day but they will have to wait a bit for their moment in the spotlight. I already can't wait for our next day out to the flea market. Although, I recently read that if you want to remain friends with someone, you shouldn't go to the flea market with them. I figure since my friendship with Shannan survived it, I should be safe.


  1. Morning Jen! You are so right about not shopping with friends....LOL...I only garage sale shop alone to presesrve my friendships. :-) The prices on what you got looked great to me. How fun to find a friend close by that loves the same thing you do. I haven't found anyone around here that likes to keep chickens in the house in diapers.

  2. I know just what you mean, I found a friend here over the summer that is into the same things as me too. We were thrilled! Spent an entire day thrifting together and not a problem at all, our styles are just a bit different, enough to make us grab at different things. She helped me bring a drop leaf table home, any friend willing to shove a table into the car with me on a hot day is a winner in my eyes. :-)
    Love all your finds, can't wait to see the others!

  3. A flea market compatable friend is a treasure indeed, as tug-o-wars in a store are never a pretty sight. It's so fun to come home with a pile of treasures that didn't break the bank. Good job!

  4. I love Midland!I haven't been there for a year or two though...Now I am ready to head there {we are going to be in Indy for a few days next week!} Thanks!

  5. Midland is my favorite go to spot for unique items, I have the same booths I go back to over and over again! Do you go to the one in Carmel or downtown? Downtown still seems to be my favorite! Looks like you had fun!

  6. Not only did you find fabulous treasures, but the prices! I need to go antiquing in Indiana. Next time I'm visiting my inlaws, I'm going to make a break for the nearest antique mall :)

  7. Jen, what great finds and prices! I can't pass up vintage sheet music or ornaments either.

  8. You did great. Now get back there and get the rest of the stuff you need (want :)

  9. Your finds are good. I may have tackled you for that chippy little lady you picked up, though...

  10. Beautiful finds!!! You obviously had a great day!!!


  11. What wonder finds! And a new friend, priceless!


  12. How great that you found a like minded friend right in YOUR neighborhood. I think the friendship's gonna last since you managed to live through traveling to a flea market! :)
    Great finds....love all your finds at the market too!
    Happy New Year from Houston,TX!

  13. Oh my greatness! I almost want to move to Fishers to find these great treasures too! What a treat!

  14. What great finds! And great prices! I'm jealous!! ;)

  15. Oh wow!! Looks like SO much fun! I wish I could have gone with you! G reat stuff you found, but the best thing was finding a friend to go with! :)

  16. Jen,
    I have sooo wanted to go to Midland Market, I have read about it and figured it is just over one state right? I am glad you have found a friend in your backyard, it feels sometimes that the people most simpatico live far away. (Jen from sanctuaryarts blogspot is hosting a Chicago bloggers get together in Feb.) But shopping with a friend who likes the same things you do can be tricky, I have done it before! Your finds are awesome, makes me want to come even more, guess I better mapquest it again and see if I can make it there and back in a day!

  17. I read a lot of sites..and have grown accustomed to hearing about shopping adventures far to far away for me to ever experience. BUT, then I saw you are from Fishers. I live in Ft Wayne..so I anticipate this Midland isn't as far as Texas! (Please let it be closer than TX!) Could you please share the location--is it in Indy?


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