August 05, 2010

Summer Blues

It seems like about the time I realized Summer was here, it began winding down. You may already know this but I am often either late to the party or the first to leave. In this case I'm both. Everything I've had going on this summer combined with the unrelenting heat, has me ready to welcome Autumn with open arms. While I'm not quite ready to pack my girls off and send them back to school, I am ready to close this chapter and begin a new one. One with cooler temperatures and less insects.

I'm just not a summer girl. I try. I really do. I want to live in the moment and not wish my life away, but I just don't care for it. Sure I love the Farmer's Market, fresh produce, fireflies, grilling out, picnics, riding bikes, relaxed schedules, fireworks, parades, flip flops, bare legs, not checking homework or making lunches and having the girls home with me. Mostly. But oh my stars, I hate the heat. And even more, I hate sweating. So that cancels out everything else I just said. I've lived in Memphis and Miami so I know I shouldn't complain about the heat in Indiana, but here I am doing that very thing.

And even though I'm very late, I wanted to post Emma's annual Summer To Do list written last May. That's right folks. I'm running approximately 3 months behind. Or 1 season. That sounds much better. I never got around to my own list but it would have looked much like hers because we are of one mind.

Emma's List:
-Blow bubbles
-Playdates with friends
-Visit all village parks and trails
-Go to farmer's market
-Go antiquing
-Pick blueberries
-Visit Shannan
-Read. Read lots. Read some more.
-Family game and movie nights
-Take Millie on morning walks
-Play outside
-Go to pool, zoo, movies, library, out for ice cream and children's museum
-Have picnics
-Have studio/craft time/embroider/finish painting dollhouse

Okay, I have to tell you. I've been feeling like a pretty lousy Mommy this summer. I've been wrapped up in a lot of unavoidable distractions. But Y'alls, she made her list in May and I didn't look at it again until recently but we still managed to do almost everything on this list! Maybe I'm not that bad! Maybe I won't be nominated for the Worst Mother Ever award! At least not this year. I'm so relieved.

Maybe this year we'll start a new family tradition and make an Autumn To Do List. I'm much more likely to be successful if I don't have to factor in the heat. On the other hand, I'll have to come up with a whole new set of excuses.


  1. Hi Jen....I hate the humidity too. I can tolerate the heat but I HATE to SWEAT! I never used to sweat but after reaching a "certain" seems that is all I do in this heat. I like you, am trying not to complain. I think the Autumn "to do List" is a great idea. Don't berate's too short. Have a nice "cool" weekend! I am in Ohio and it is suppose to be great tempwise!~Patti

  2. You are so that. Don't beat yourself up. We've had either rain or humidity and heat here in IL. It's been brutal, and now my yard is infested with weeds and bugs! :) Seems like we didn't really enjoy our yard yet this year, and here I sit inside! Oh well. I'm looking forward to a new Autumn babies start first grade. Time for mama to takle some to do's and try some new things!

  3. Jen..I think this will be a summer to be remembered for the bad..sad..and for the sweet things Life has to offer.Your daughter is such a treasure.She seems to be so grounded in her wants in life..this is a tribute to you and your husband..and even your mom.

    Just slowly breathe..walk..enjoy..and savor your little girl..blow some bubbles..

    Autumn list sounds grand..I think I will do one.Thanks for the idea!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. I am right there on the "I don't like the heat" list. And the humidity this year has just been brutal. Please, don't feel bad about getting to the list...we never even got around to making one! An autumn list sounds delightful!

  5. Amen.Here in NC, I just plan on hibernating from June to October every year.Just can't take the 90's plus temps + yucky humidity:(

    I'm already looking forward to fall, too!It's definitely my favorite time of year:)

  6. Jen,

    I completely hear you on the heat. I actually dithered for years on coming back to Texas because of it. In the end, family won out. But, oh my, I'm really wondering what I was thinking with our 105 temps every day this week!


  7. Hi Jen,
    I'm not a summer gal and I won't apologize for it....LOL! I love fall, I love the beautiful color, the smell in the air of bonfires, getting dark earlier, but most of all cooler temps. I just told my husband the other night I am ready for it to start getting dark earlier and he looked at me like I had two heads.

    Ya, I'm with ya!


  8. Thank you for saying it out loud! I feel the exact same way. I never say it out loud because people will think I am nuts! I live in MN and would take a winter day over a summer day, anytime! I feel the exact same way you do. Fall is my favorite. The only thing I enjoy about summer is the slower schedule. And it's a good time to go to movies with AC!

    Love your blog!

  9. I swear I could have written this post! I'm feeling guilty cause I've stayed in more this week than out. That darned humidity! I feel like I've missed my summer. Let's start today - let's enjoy each day and do what feels right without feeling guilty, k?

  10. Hi Jen...I agree with you. I
    am a southerner and have never
    cared for the heat and humidity
    during summer. When our daughter
    was in school, I did look forward
    to the summer months because of
    the slower pace, less structure,
    and just having her home with me.

    I was watching "Regis & Kelly"
    the other day and Kelly said
    she likes the heat, the hotter
    the better,in fact. A woman
    faxed in telling Kelly that
    when she (Kelly) starts going
    through menopause, she probably
    won't enjoy the heat so much. :)
    I had to agree with her!!

    Here's to fall ya'll!!

  11. It's been crazy hot in NY too. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm looking forward to winter. Remind of that in January, please.

    Love your photos! Glad your daughter got to cross of the 'to do's' on her list. :-)

    Wishing cooler weather your way,

  12. I suspect Emma was mentally checking off that list and dragging you along with her.

    I hate sweating, too. And shaving my legs as often as shorts and capris dictate.

    xoxo, Julia

  13. Jen,

    I have soooo been craving some fall weather myself!! I was just talking about this today. I'm ready for the crisp cool breeze that autumn brings. I'm ready for the pumpkin patch, fall leaves, chicken noodle soup, walks in the fresh air, my preschooler's 2nd year of preschool (he's 3 and really itching to get back to seeing his friends), Halloween; the list goes on. So I am right there with ya. I live on the Outer Banks of NC, and the last few days have been super hot and humid! It is so disgusting, not mention my fear of getting heat stroke if I step outside (just kidding.)
    Fall please some soon! ;)

  14. hi jen,

    i thoroughly enjoyed this post. i do like summer but omg, i am awful in the heat and everyone in my family knows it so well that it has been a running joke for years. i wilt. i get cranky. nice to see i'm not the only one.

    you've had a lot on your plate this summer so please go easy on yourself. 'kay?

    i do love fall. it's just that pesky homework ...


  15. I'm the same way, no matter how much fun we have in the summer, I'm always ready for fall to come. Especially by August, pumpkins and cool temps can't come soon enough! My kids are getting bored and I'm ready to get back into our school routine.

  16. I know what you mean about the heat. I feel as if I have been sweating non stop since the end of May. South GA heat will really knock it out of you, so an autumn to do list sounds great. I bet that sweet girl will say you have been a terrific Mom. You have had a lot to deal with, so I understand what you are saying about a new chapter. Praying cooler weather for both of us. Jackie

  17. I was on Emma's list! That little bug is the sweetest thing. (She gets it from her Mama. Don't tell Jim!)

    I'm loving your idea of the Autumn list. September is considered Autumn...right??!

  18. oh my friend, you are so NOT on the bad mom list. how cool is that that her list was accomplished!!
    seriously when its as hot as it is here in atlanta, i feel like doing very little too. i'm even unmotivated to do things in my own home...ugh

    hears to autumn, cool breezes & fall clothes...just sadly not for a while down here :)

  19. Hi Jen,

    By the look on your daughters face you're hardly a bad mother. She is filled with joy! I loved the list such a precious thing to do,isn't it? I'm sort of like Goldilocks as far as climate goes,so I can relate.
    Hope all is well , I'm thinking of you .
    May Blessings be Rich and all around you. Have a lovely weekend.

  20. In a just a short time we will be enjoying drinks on the patio watching the girls play outside and watching football! WoooHoo!

  21. It's been awhile since I visited and am just today reading about the passing of your mother. I'm so sorry, Jen. It's comforting to see your recent post after so much sadness. Not too late to capture some of the fun summer has to offer....especially when you have your lovely girl to lead the way.

  22. Look at your July 22 post -- you're the same mom on this post --
    and look at everyone's comments about you and what your mom taught you.

  23. Jen, we have a doll house needing painting too! It was mine when I was little and I've let the girls have it. It was never painted for me and so I was trying to get it fixed up for them. I think I started it 2 summers ago. Sometimes life gets in the way of our to do lists. I think we should keep a list of all we do instead of what we don't do. What a list that would be!!

  24. Hi Jen :)

    Oh the heat! HATE it. I hate sweating too and I can't wait for fall. It was different when we lived by a beach and I was a teen with nothing to do, but now it just plain sucks LOL

    Off to see what you've been up to.....


  25. Make no apologies for not liking summer... I don't like it either for the same reasons you list. I would rather have snow up to my eyeballs than experience heat and humidity. :-))


  26. Me too me neither whatever...summer is sticky and itchy.

  27. I wanted to let everyone that I "follow"; don't forget to come over and enter my giveaway! Today's the last day :D

  28. I am SO with you Jen! I could never live somewhere that was hot all the time. I would be a first class b all the time! I'm most certainly a 4 seasons girl.
    However my problem with fall is that it just isn't long enough!!!

  29. I am so with you on the summer thing. I love the idea of summer and usually long for it to arrive since we rarely have spring here anymore, but I hate to sweat, just abhor it and it has been a long, hot, sweaty summer this year. With no AC, except the bedroom, I feel like I have been a slug all summer. can.not. wait. for fall!

    PS. Little Women is one of my favorite books ever, but it took me a few tries to get thru it when I was young.


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