December 26, 2010


Things I'm pondering:
-finding some good online creative courses
-upgrading my Picnik account or getting Photoshop Elements
-taking down some of the Christmas decorations or even all of them if I get carried away
-getting in my studio and doing a big cleanup/organization
-how I can organize my photos on my computer

That's a lot of ponderin, I know. For now I'm content to sit on my cozy sofa, with a cozy cuppa cocoa, in my cozy sweater, nursing my head cold and just think about all of it. I think I have a holiday hangover.


  1. Aw man, I've got the head cold, too. What a drag! Head cold or not, it looks like we're all headed straight for the Grand Season of Organizing and Tidying. Bring it on, January!


  2. cocoa can work wonders for those holiday hangovers ...

    i'm starting to make similar lists (in my head, anyway) but for now ... let's just sip some cocoa and relax!


  3. Oh my I have some of the same goals as you do. Your photos of your village are perfect. Straight out of a Christmas card. Lovely.

  4. this new year I am going to learn to post pictures, and do elementary things on the computer that most know and I need to know!
    Sorry about the cold. Get well soon. I am un-decorating tomorrow.

  5. Glad to know I'm not the only one pondering the Christmas decoration removal already.

  6. Sorry about your cold! I have been pondering a few of the same things...specifically upgrading picnic and PS Elements...just did a trial of elements and I liked it but ran out of time...shouldn't have signed up so close to xmas.
    Get better soon!

  7. I think it has been a day for pondering. I did start taking down my decorations. I couldn't stop myself. I hopr your cold goes away soon. My daughter has a nasty one too.

  8. Oh I wish I had some time today to ponder...maybe tomorrow I will ponder. Those are some fine things you are pondering on there, girl! I wish I could take my things down too but I have an after-Holiday party coming up right after the first so guess I will be stuck with everything until then. Hugs and I hope your cold is gone soon! Diana

  9. I think I have a hangover too!....LOL Today was a throw-away day. Just sat and chilled and ate way too much fudge. Great holiday tho! :) Kit

  10. Upgrade's so worth it!! I love it. There are really so many fun things you can do on there!! And I am loving that blue polka-dot mug...too, too cute!!

  11. Hello Jen~
    Great minds think a like....was wanting to clean.....I mean deep clean my craft room. It sure serves me I need to take care of it more. Love your 40 things to accomplish this year....I will shop your etsy store for sure~~

  12. Hi baby. I'm right there with you on the ponderings. In fact, last night I pondered so much I had to make a ponder list. I have the upgraded Picnic account. I have Photoshop Elements. It overwhelms me and I use Picnic all the time. I'm taking all my Christmas decorations down as we speak. One room a day, and then a good deep clean in that room. I'm in the mood for redecorating, organizing, purging and eating carrots and water. I have a hangover too. Guess what? Next week is January. That's all I'm sayin.

  13. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! You're so right on the Holiday letdown/hangover thing. I'm plotting a takeover in my sewing room soon...not too soon cuz I'm pondering a little crocheting/knitting too! Blessings for a speedy recovery!

  14. Enjoy your pondering...get well soon.

  15. feel all better real soon my friend.
    little bit has had a little of everything over the last 10 days. poor baby.

    i want to tell you that i'm so glad you're my friend. i think you are awesome.
    here's to 2011!!

  16. Jen, it is that time of year. Time to ponder. Time to organize. I'm like you. I've been sitting by the fire drinking eggnog and crown or eggnog and American Turkey honey. (gobble gobble)...don't worry, I'm NOT a lush.
    hang in there. that is all we can do.
    XO, Cheryl

  17. I'm right there with you. I sat down the other day to make a to-do list for Christmas break. Ended up with 24 items I would like to finish. Crazy, I know.

    Thanks for tellin' me where you are. As soon as you did, I told my husband, who got out the atlas (He LOVES the atlas) and found you're 2 1/2 hours south of us. Wonderful!

  18. Did you ever find your dream studio storage piece?
    I'm pondering all things organization myself. The downside is that it all involves getting out of my chair and putting away my cozy blanket. Not quite ready to do that yet.
    Hope you feel better!

  19. I LOVE a good day of ponderin'! I've been doing ALOT of it myself. I bought myself some new coco and little french vanilla tree shaped marshmallows. Just for sipping and pondering.
    Love it!
    have a pretty day!

  20. Hi Jen,
    You might look at Picasa for organizing your photos! I really like it, it's free, and it includes picnic options! Makes photo editing very easy.

    By the way...working on a "pondering" post's that time of year!

  21. That cup of cocoa looks like it would help anything! Love the blue cup too. I wish I had that cup to go with my polka dot plates.... Hope you feel better soon!

  22. these are very good ponderings. here's to a productive new year, and many sweet memories! :)

  23. PS Elements is an amazing program--very user friendly and a lot more options that even the upgraded picnic--I digiscrapped with it for years before upgrading to the full Photoshop (and, then, only because I needed certain functionality for other projects).

    Happy New Year!

  24. wow..we are sooo on the same page!! My goodness! Were you peaking into my journals? ;)

    Enjoy your cocoa!! Get better soon!!

    Wishing you a very happy, healthy, fabulous New Year!!

    xoxo Jenny Holiday

  25. Hey Doll
    "Happy New Year!"
    Have a Fab 2011!


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