August 10, 2011

Fall of Promise

We are mere days from the beginning of school. All we have left to do is buy green pens, post it notes and shoes. Not bad, although the shoe shopping might be the death of me. Emma starts 5th grade which is Middle School here. Middle School! Maddie starts college. College! The end of summer is a time of transitions, of endings and beginnings. Happy and sad. The girls aren't the only ones making big plans though. I'm making some of my own.

Here are some of my plans for this Fall:

- Start learning French and work on our itinerary for our Paris/London trip next Spring.

- Study photography. My Sweet Hubby gifted me with a big girl camera. A Canon T2i with an extra lens. Now I just have to learn how to use it all before our trip.

-Get back to being creative. I'm looking forward to knitting classes again and also to giving my sewing machine a workout.

-Speaking of's high time I get off my rear and start getting some exercise again. I wish I had an elliptical in the house but considering I live in a Village that is loaded with trails and green space, I have zero excuses.

So to recap, if you're looking for me this Fall, I'll be the girl walking the tree-lined Village streets, listening to french lessons on my Ipod, while toting my big camera and day dreaming about my next creative project. There is so much promise in the air. Can't you just smell it?


  1. Sounds like lots of fun, but I think you need a buddy to keep you company. Let me know when the guest room is ready!

  2. I took 5 years of French and I hardly remember it. When I was there I knew words when I read them but I still couldn't speak it well Good luck. I am hittin the fitness trail too. Gotta drop 20 - 25 and quit talking about it! My new grand baby is due in 2 weeks and while my daughter is on maternity and I don't have her 2 yr old I am finally, YES finally doing that bathroom!! Hold me to it!! Love the yard pics!!

  3. You got the same camera I just got! Oh how I wish we could take that photography class together! Wouldn't that be fun! I am loving experimenting with settings and finally taking some photos I have always wanted to be able to take.

    We still have three, THREE whole weeks till school starts! I WILL enjoy and savor these last few weeks of no schedules, carpools or homework.....I will, I will.

    I too look forward to my regular workouts, although it has been fun working out with my Emma this summer - the first time she has had to have a regular fitness routine for soccer has found us running the neighborhood together - wonderful!

    Ok, it was nice to see you here tonight.....

  4. If I lived in a beautiful area with walking trails I would be out there each and every day. Nothing better than a nice long walk in the great outdoors. Sadly, I live in a desert country where it is 115 degrees most days with no shade.

    We are heading to Paris the end of this month. Hubby has been many times on business but will be the first time for me and the boys. They both took French in school; hubby took it for 7 years; and I learned Cajun French in 5th grade, but none of us can get further than Bonjour. :/

    have a great day! Tammy

  5. yay you!!!!
    yay you for a trip to france
    & yay you for learning french
    & yay for walking through your charming little town!
    what fun things to look forward too.

  6. sounds like the start of a great fall to me. i wish i lived closer, i would be walking with you.

  7. Woohoo!! Congrats on your new camera. You're going to love it!


  8. Sweet post! So much to look forward to...
    Always look ahead!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds as if you have some wonderful plans. Isn't fall the best? My favorite season. And yes, down here in Bloomington- I hear it whispering. Fall will be here, soon!
    xo, Cheryl

  10. I love the picture of Emma and Jim ... so sweet!

  11. I love the picture of your street. I too am looking forward to cooler weather so I can walk. This summer heat has been unbearable and I have been spending too much time indoors in the A/C. Have fun with the camera!

  12. I just posted on this transition the other day. It is really a strange time of year for me. Good and bad, happy and sad :) Sure wish we lived closer to each other, I need a walking buddy!

  13. Sounds like a great plan! You should check out Indy Photo Coach for camera/photography lessons. I took them about three years ago and learned so much about my camera.

  14. i bet you're excited about that new camera! i took karen russell's online course and learned SO much. the great thing about it is that after going thru the course (and getting your feet wet in all areas), you can focus on learning one thing really well at a time and then going back to the course notes when you're ready for the next thing.

    i'll be praying for you guys as you have lots of new "firsts". i look forward to what autumn brings very favorite season!

  15. Good for you, (never to late to take lessons) and i too always travel with camera..
    Love your blog as usuall
    Great pic of the two walking...

  16. What a beautiful post - full of promise and hope- the best kind of post. I can see you actually DOING all those things-xo Diana

  17. You got the camera!!!! So excited for you, J. You've got some fun stuff brewing.

  18. hi jen,

    like you i am forming ideas and plans in my mind for when the boys return to school and my time opens up a bit. (a lotta bit, actually)

    today the boys got haircuts and we've bought some clothes and shoes but still need to visit target with our school supply shopping list.

    tomorrow -- it's off to the ocean for the first time all together all summer.

    slow down summer or speed up fall? can't decide.


  19. ps

    jonah is going into 5th grade, too. sigh!

  20. Love your plan. If you're like will take that walk, then come in and eat that candy in that jar.

    C'est bonne!

    or something like that...xoxo, Julia

  21. What a beautiful little town you live in. I just can't get over it, every picture you've ever shown. We start school Tues. too, and I go back with the kids since I work there. My list is still long....but you have Paris at the end of yours. How wonderful! Enjoy every minute!

  22. YAY for fun things to look forward to! Happy fall!

  23. Sounds like you have a lot of inspiring things planned for yourself! Lucky you that you will be going to Paris and London! Am I allowed to be envious of that, as well as your new camera?!

  24. Yes, I can. my blogging friend! Creativity inspired. Congrats on the new camera.

  25. I love this life you are living my friend!!! I get so happy for you every time I read your posts!!! And LOVE your new camera!!!!!!!!!! :)

  26. I SO want your life. You know that right?

  27. Just got back from our Paris/London trip. Had a blast! Make sure you do day trips and eat at the bakeries in Paris. Cheap and yummy!


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