December 08, 2011

A Very Vintage Studio

When the weatherman promised me sunshine yesterday for my pictures, he lied. Either that or he and I have different opinions on what sunshine means.

I hurriedly snapped these this afternoon right after I finished a project I was working on. I'm hitting the road tomorrow for my crafty girl weekend and I still have to get packed and get the car loaded but I wanted to post these before I left.

I have a little spruce up project planned in here with a little help from my friend Cath Kidston so I'll be back with that soon. You guys will be sick to death of the studio in no time. Not me. I could live in this room.

This picture above shows what is left of my beloved mercury glass bead collection after what happened in the picture below.

Mayhem. Misery. Destruction. I wiped out almost my entire collection of aqua ball jars and mercury beads. There was a little wailing involved. I have since replenished my collection of beads a little but the healing process is going to be slow.

One of my favorite words, but you knew that.

Some gift wrapping supplies in my favorite box. I'm a sucker for containers especially if they are aqua or chippy. If they happen to be both then I cannot resist.

These are my supplies for my December Daily journal that I've yet to actually start. I'm hoping to catch up on that next week. If not I'm going to give myself permission to try again next year. Simplify.

The aqua and white basket above is from the dollar section at Target. Those holiday Cavallini stamps on the left might just be my favorite stamps ever. You can find them in the Sundance catalog.

A favorite vintage ornament found at a thrift store. It reminds me of the ornaments my mom made and that were sadly lost to me. I mourn them every year.

Another shot of my studio tree. It's filled with small vintage and felt ornaments. I could sit and look at it all day. I made that bird ornament in the background and hope to make more ornaments this year.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back next week with lots to share.


  1. Ooooh -- it all looks so lovely! Have fun on your outing! Can't wait to see what else you have to show.


  2. Everything is lovely. I can see why you love being in that room.

  3. Wow.....what a great space! I'd spend all my time there too! Great decorations too....Have a wonderful time with your crafting friends. :)
    Merry CHRISTmas Ya'll From Houston, TX

  4. You have a wonderful and relaxing time! I know you miss your mom. And it's even harder at holiday time. Sorry about your mayhem. There would have been much wailing here also. LOVE my jars!

  5. Everything looks so nice!! I love it all! I would have cried if I dropped my vintage goodies into a heap of broken glass! I think you love your studio as much as I love mine! Have a fun I need to tell you that!!

  6. you can post photos of your studio every day. i love it. lots of lovely things. have a great weekend. i know you will.

  7. I would love having this room, too! I loved all of the fun vintage finds you have. So sorry your jars broke! I love the tree. I will have to look up those stamps, I just bought some Paris ones last week and I had so much fun using them.


  8. I would never come out of that room either. I am so sorry you had all that breakage though. At least you were able to replace some of it!

    Have a fun time on your girls' weekend! xo Diana

  9. Okay Jen, you know I'm loving all the vintage aqua in your room. Have a wonderful time away. Patty

  10. Jen, Great decorating, everything looks lovely.. Merry Christmas from one Indiana girl to another....

  11. Everything is glistening despite the lack of sunshine. Have a wonderful trip. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. I want to craft in there. You make me want to fix one of my gust rooms into a studio. I think I want to do it just so I can decorate. it. I had one and never used it...dragged it all down to my harvest table in the kitchen. But I may do it. ANd then maybe I would craft more often! Have a fun weekend.

  13. VERY cute! Enjoy your time away.

  14. Jen,
    Love all of the wonderful old vintage things you shared with us. I love old. Vintage is such a nicer word than OLD. Old sounds so negative. Seems a very cozy good feeling room.
    xo, Cheryl

  15. I love all the pics! So sorry for your breakage. Whenever I lose a cherished ornie, I just cry! Kit

  16. Love it all....can't wait to see what else u surprise us with!

    I so understand your feelings about your mom's ornaments, my favorite Christmas decorations were my mom's.....I miss her so much this time of year.

    Hope your weekend is fun, fun, fun!

  17. Will never tire of seeing pics of your gorgeous little studio. Love the tree ~ my daughter has one similar ~ very old with just the right patina :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend Jen ♥

  18. What a wonderful, sweet studio. I can see why you could live in there; it is such an inspiring place and I am envious of your supplies!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create!!


  19. Just Wonderful- Very Inspirational-
    Love the white trees...

  20. Looks lovely...I wish my space in the basement looked like that~ but that will have to wait until after the holidays~

  21. nope. i'll never tire of hanging out in your studio. imagine me just sitting on the floor, admiring your sparkling supplies between flipping through pages of books and magazines. sorry about any crumbs. i brought cookies for me ... and scones for you. xo!

    have a wonderful weekend!!!


  22. Love it all! So glad you've been having so much fun in your craft room!!! This Christmas is extremely simplified. My heart yearns to do all the crafty projects I love, but my littles and sleep deprived self remind me for this season I'm going to be more like Mary this year. Have a WONDERFUL crafting time with your friend!!!! (you're probably already home now, huh? In that case! Hope it was a fantastic time!!!!)

  23. I loved seeing all the vintage Christmas touches in your beautiful studio.


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