June 27, 2012

Paris in Instagram

These are, in no particular order, some Instagram pictures from the Paris part of our trip. These are some of my favorite moments that I captured.

 The view from our apartment.

 The best meringue I've ever had in my life. I don't think there is any way I will ever eat a prepackaged one again.

 His and hers new Parisian striped jammies.

My first of many Pain au Chocolat.

Emma journaling in bed...

until she fell asleep. She stayed like that for about an hour before we finally took the pencil out of her hand.

One of many gorgeous, delicious cups of chocolat chaud.

 A view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The tower in all its glory.

The cafe we ate at on our first night.

Glorious flowers every where.

The Eiffel Tower from the restaurant we ate at on our last night.

Here's are 10 things I learned in Paris:
1) People don't seem to care about rules
2) Except the unwritten social rules
3) It's best to just keep your eyes closed while riding in a taxi
4) Nose hygiene is not really a private affair here
5) The men are bold about the way they look at women
6) The metro rocks if you have a smart hubby that will guide you around the city
7) Hanging clothes to dry is kind of fun
8) Trying to shave in a shower barely big enough to stand in is not fun
9) Use the bathroom every time you stop for a meal because finding one later will not be easy.
10) Frites (french fries) with mayo- YES!


  1. What beautiful photos. You have captured the "feel" of Paris perfectly. Using the special photo editing adds to the history of such a lovely city, too!

  2. You and the hubs are the cutest twinsies in jammies I've ever seen.

    I'm sure of it.

    I can't wait to hear all the details 48 hours from now!

  3. Dearest Jen,

    Glad you enjoyed your Paris adventure. Have been there several times before we moved to the USA.
    Am your newest follower, just feel free to visit back.
    Love to you and a happy summer,

  4. This would be a dream vacation to me! I love the view out your window and the decadent sweets, and your Parisian night wear - such a special touch! Your list is something good to know if visiting Paris!xx

  5. Paris is a whole new world isn't it!

  6. I loved Paris when there and I am seeing it all over again through your eyes. So glad you had a great time and yes Frites and Mayonaise is wonderful!

  7. ahhh...gorgeous pictures. my aunt went to paris a couple of years ago and rented a flat for a month-one day i hope to go, too. love visiting paris through your photos : ) !

  8. It is so cool that you could take your girls on a trip to Paris.
    I can't believe french fries with mayo is a french thing!!! I've done that for years and everyone looks at me like I am from mars!!!

  9. these photos are beautiful jen. i'd love to see more little peeks into your travel journals.

    and you're so right about the bathrooms: i remember once having my husband stop in a cafe & order coffee just so i could use the bathroom! :)

  10. I am totally jealous! Everything looks absolutely beautiful! How long were you actually there? Can't wait for more things about your trip!

  11. Jen...I've loved it all. Emma journaling is precious. We are planning a trip to Paris in a few years (60th birthday), I am taking notes. I hope you have rested. Bonnie

  12. Paris is definitely one of the romantic places to visit. Most of its side street pictures looks classy.

    Ed Butowsky

  13. I never did get a chocolat chaud! Not enough time for everything. Your photos are too presh. Did you shop the Monoprix? xo, Cheryl

  14. Love your pictures!
    What wonderful memories you have created for your daughters.
    You've inspired me to start thinking about how to get there with my family.
    Greetings from New Zealand!


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