March 16, 2015

Joy Full

My heart feels so full today. First of all, I wore linen pants and flip flops to do the school run. Then the sky went from dark to every conceivable shade of blue before I got back home. It was the kind of sunrise that makes you want to paint or write a song. At the very least you want to sear it into your memory for eternity. It was enough to make me not even worried about that check engine light that came on in my car. I don't know if you know this but Murphy hates a paid off car. ;)

This weekend was one of the best in recent memory. There was a date with my guy, some outside clean up, a cocktail on the back porch, dinner on the front porch and quality time with my big girl. We didn't even turn the television on all weekend. I don't think that has ever happened. I'm not sure why, but that feels like a tribute to the beauty that was our first real spring-ish weekend. I can't tell you how many times my Sweet Man looked at me with such deep love and told me he can't imagine any other life. I always want to remember when he says things like that. It is so heartfelt. That one is good with the words. And the feelings. So good.

The kitchen is clean, the house straightened and the laundry is almost finished and I have a gloriously beautiful day ahead of me. I'm going to fling open the windows and soon I will be listening to the birds singing at the top of their lungs. Everywhere I look today I'm seeing beauty even when maybe I should be seeing messes.

I better end this now as it was recently brought to my attention by a certain child of mine, that being this full of joy can be a bit much to take sometimes and I seem unable to contain it today! Happiest day to you! Go find the beauty that is all around you, dear people!

March 08, 2015

Celebrating Emma

On the evening before her 14th birthday, I went into Em's room to say goodnight, the words stuck in my throat, my eyes a little teary, full of sadness that my baby is not a baby anymore. She knows her Momma and said "It's ok, Momma. I will be the same girl tomorrow that I am today." A. Why must she be wiser than me? and B. She was absolutely right.

Her actual birthday included lunch at her favorite restaurant, antiquing and buying a new party dress. Dinner was steak, mushrooms, sweet potato fries and birthday lemon pie because my girls are weird that way. Presents included lots and lots of books, an aqua Ikea cart to hold more books, an embosser to mark her books and a tambourine. Quirky kid.

Saturday night was her tea/slumber party. She requested everyone come in a costume. She has not outgrown playing dress up. She actually said to me, I can't decide if I should wear my ball gown, my madhatter hat or dress like a pirate. Clearly she chose the hat and her new party dress. This is my life. I promise you I never know what she will be wearing when she comes down to dinner.

One of my favorite parts of the party was watching the girls faces when they walked into the dining room. We have developed a bit of a reputation with parties so their expectations are pretty high. I think I might have to retire after this one.

We had three courses: lemon poppyseed scones, cranberry orange scones, lemon curd and fruit, followed by finger sandwiches: pbj, orange marmalade and cream cheese on cinnamon bread and chicken salad with sugared pecans on croissants and the grand finale was madeleines, Emma's favorite tea cookies (Trader Joe's Speculoos) and cream puffs. We also had tea with each course. Also, there was a bell involved and I waited on them hand and foot and said the words M'lady a lot. And curtsied maybe more than was called for but it's just plain fun to do and I find that I don't get enough opportunities for that in every day life.

These parties are a lot of work but when your daughter says to you "How many moms out there do you think are as awesome as you?" it makes it all worth it.

But now it's over and I'm feeling so content. This was a long week and I spent more time in the kitchen than you can imagine but it is my place for showing love to the special people in my life and a lot of my people needed some extra love this week. It's possible I might boycott cooking next week to even things out a bit.

For now I am left with a house in need of some love, the excitement of a new week with not a lot on my to do list and a weather forecast that I have been dreaming of since January.