January 08, 2018

Winter Plans

So far January, like many of the month that came before it, is not looking the way I had imagined. Which, as it turns out is exactly how life works. Things like puppies, arctic weather patterns, frozen pipes and broken dishwashers sometimes conspire to turn your plans upside down. It has been exceptionally cold. The kind of cold that has you drawing the curtains to keep drafts out, has you wearing knee highs, leggings and cozy sweaters. The kind of cold that has you hosting your best friends in your pajamas for lasagna and a movie. If you've never hosted friends for a pajama night, I highly recommend you do it.

Partly due to the weather and partly due to the chaos, I have so far refused to take down all of the Christmas decorations. I have left just enough to keep the spirit of the holidays alive. As I write this, I'm sipping my evening chai latte and looking out of the studio windows where I can see the warm glow from the lights still hung on the front porch. It's hard to get motivated to take it all down when it requires multiple layers of clothing just to step outside.

As a planner, it can sometimes be hard for me to adapt to the unexpected. Right now I'm struggling with the basics of keeping the house going, let alone figuring out a new schedule and getting things in ship shape. Organizing my junk drawer has literally been on my to do list for over a month. It is January 8th and I've yet to finish putting my 2018 planner together. My brain is full of ideas and things I want to accomplish but the truth is that trying to find a new normal with the demanding schedule of a puppy and the lack of time and energy left from that, is no easy task. I've struggled a bit with losing my Sacred Day and am just now, a month later, figuring out ways to work creative time into my life. I'm having to shift my thinking and as always, I have to process a big change for awhile before I can adapt and thrive.

While I look forward to getting back to having a full day to spend as I chose, my reality now looks more like a couple hours here and there during puppy naps making it that much more important to be intentional about my time. It's hard enough fitting in all the things I need to do during her nap times, let alone finding time for the things I want to do.  Golden Retriever puppies require a lot of supervision. Maybe it's that way with all puppies, I've only ever had Goldens. You can't take your eyes off her for a moment!

So while it's taking me a little while to figure out how to make my days look the way I want, I am still finding time to knit more socks to add to my basket of socks that I made last year, or do a little embroidery and a fair amount of reading since I discovered that with the help of a weighted bookmark, I can actually read while I'm knitting. This may be how I spend my days until the spring thaw. This discovery has been one of the best things to have ever happened to me!

We have a brief warm up headed our way this week and I plan to make the most of it with lots of puppy walks and maybe even find a few minutes to take care of that junk drawer. I hope you are staying warm and dry and finding lots of moments to do things that make you happy.

January 01, 2018

Celebrations, Puppy Love and the Importance of Finding Focus

Hello friends and Happiest New Year to you! Time seems to be passing in a blur. Is it that way for you too? So much has happened since we last met that it seems overwhelming to find a starting place so I will just start here, today.

Since last we met, I celebrated a birthday (47), we had a cozy, quiet Christmas and had our share of joys and challenges -just the every day kind that life brings to all of us. Also, since last we met, we added to our family. This is Clover. She is a 3 month old golden who has been sharing our lives for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Can you tell who is winning the battle of the sofa? Having a new puppy in the house has shaken up our routine a lot and I honestly am in survival mode many days, much like bringing home a newborn. However, with a newborn you don't have to take it outside to potty every 30 minutes in the arctic weather. These days I'm finding it hard to string two logical thoughts together as I apparently need calm and quiet to process things lately. Two things in short supply right now. She is adorable, sweet, busy and occasionally like a whirling dervish.

This fresh new year is more welcome than any I have had in a long time. I spent most of last year feeling like my life was happening to me, as if I were nothing but a bystander. Some of that was circumstance, some was survival, overwhelm and a general lack of energy to fully participate in my every day life. There were entire months that are lost to me from last year. Well, 2017 is now behind me and I want more and better for myself in 2018. This year I'm choosing to focus on living my life in a way that is intentional. Last year life happened to me. This year I plan to have a voice in shaping my days, weeks and months. While there were absolutely lovely things that came from 2017, and I am happy to bring those memories and lessons into 2018, I need to feel like I am an active participant in my life again.

I'm looking forward to being more in the moment, choosing to use my time, resources and energy in ways that bring greater peace, joy and satisfaction this year. Letting go of things both physical and emotional, that have held me back or have prevented me from being my best self. I'm sure I will get a better sense of what being intentional means in my life as I start down this journey.

I'm certain, living intentionally for me will include more things I love like creating, learning and focusing on my home and less things like screen time, procrastination and disorganization.

And while I plan to spend less time in front of screens, falling down internet rabbit holes that don't add to my quality of life, I do plan to spend more time here in my corner of the internet, recording the joys I plan to collect along the way in 2018.

I wish you all a beautiful, happy, peaceful, healthy new year. I wish you mountains of love and blessings, time, energy and money to spend on the things that matter to you, all of what you need and enough of what you want. And more than anything I thank you for coming back here to visit, for taking a moment to say hello and for supporting me through the ups and downs of a life well lived.