October 06, 2016

Keeping Up

It almost physically pains me that we are already 6 days into October. I don't know where the time is going. It has been 2? 3? weeks since I posted last. September was a blur which wasn't helped by a traveling husband but, fingers crossed, he is done for the year because jeez, I am just so over it.

I did make good use of the time while he was gone, doing creative projects, nesting, getting organized and decorating for Autumn. I'm loving my new planner and having a single place for all of my lists, notes and project ideas.

I just recently realized that my 10 year blogging anniversary is coming up on Oct 16th. I can't tell you what a shock that is. It's strange because in many ways it feels like I just started blogging, but on the other hand, I don't even recognize my life from 10 years ago. It has certainly been a decade of change for me. I plan to celebrate with a giveaway. More on that later!

The baby of the family is dipping her toe into being an entrepreneur. Last week she made a batch of fudge (her great, great grandmother's recipe) and took it to school to sell for a $1 a piece. She sold out very quickly, paid me for ingredients out of her earnings and still pocketed $12. She wanted money to buy a musical soundtrack and her success has encouraged her to make a double batch this weekend since there are more musical soundtracks on her wish list. She has quickly learned that a chocolate lover and his money are soon parted. I love her problem solving spirit and that she can use one of her loves to support another!

It is officially feeling like fall here in the Village, although we are in the middle of a little bout of Indian Summer, which I could do without. Fall will be back in full force Saturday and I plan to celebrate with a batch of butternut squash soup and homemade bread. This time of year always makes me think back to the time when we first fell in love with this Village.

I will never forget the feeling of absolute certainty that this was the place I was supposed to be. That has not wavered for a moment since that first day. Instead, it seems to grower stronger with time.

Our life isn't perfect, our home isn't perfect, but I am so thoroughly thankful for all of it. I was telling my Sweet Man last night that I often feel unworthy of my life.  I think, especially growing up the way I did, I never considered that things could be this good. I could never take any of it for granted, that's for sure.

I find that my awareness of how fortunate I am, is heightened on my Sacred Day. Yesterday was spent in the studio sorting through stacks and stacks of craft books, knitting, watching crafty podcasts and doing an embroidery project. Let me say, for the record, I am now officially a french knot expert. It only took me 25 years.

I will leave you with these (blurry) photos I got of our sneaky Millie stealing tomatoes out of the garden this morning. We knew that she's been doing it all summer but we had been unable to catch her in the act.

 I couldn't see her from the back door so I snuck out with my camera. Obviously her ears were so full of foliage that she didn't hear me come up behind her. Please ignore the chaotic mess that is our garden right now!

She couldn't quite get that juicy red tomato to the right of her from the previous angle so she changed her plan of attack. By now she knew I was out there but she was too fixated on the veg to stop what she was doing.

And then...success! In the past she has eaten green beans off the vine, jalapeños, eggplant and cucumbers right out of the garden. At this point, we have pretty much given up on having a garden.  The thing that amazes me is that she understands the difference between ripe and unripe and will leave them until they are ready. She is clearly smarter than we have given her credit for!

September 16, 2016

Friday Randomness

This post, like my brain, is all over the place today. This has not been a very productive week for me. My Sweet Guy was out of town all week and I had such plans to take advantage of the extra time but I just didn't feel well for much of the week so a lot of things didn't get accomplished. I don't talk about it much but I have some sort of, as yet undiagnosable, inflammatory issue. It's not the end of the world but it certainly gets in my way sometimes. It's the reason I was put on a gluten free diet three weeks ago. First let me say, it's not helping. Which is maybe a bit of a relief? Secondly let me say, when you go gluten free it suddenly seems that the entire world, like life itself, centers around the very thing you are now no longer allowed to have. I committed to giving it 4 weeks so, 4 weeks I shall give it, but you can bet I'll be eating gluten for dinner next Friday! Enough about that!

I did spend some quality time, on my sacred day, finishing a project that I started months ago! It's always a treat when I actually finish something. These quirky little birds, from a kit put out by Alicia Paulson soooo many years ago, so many, in fact, that I didn't even live in the Village when I bought them, are now happily keeping me company in the studio while I create.

I've spent a fair amount of time organizing this week. I guess it's all part of the change of seasons, although really I'm always a bit obsessed with being organized. This week I ordered my 2017 planner from here as well a Filofax in an effort to streamline my paper and thoughts. I also spent some time gathering the tools that will make my system pretty, because if you are going to use something every day, it might as well be pretty! This will be my third Day Designer and I can honestly say that it's been a game changer for me. I would have a panic attack at the very idea of trying to live without it.

Today has been spent cleaning and fluffing the nest for Autumn. It is such a struggle for me to add in the seasonal changes without feeling like it's too much. I just breathe easier when I see less stuff. Awfully hard to do in the kitchen and dining room where I have no usable cabinets or in the studio where I hoard all the stuff, but in the rest of the house I'm paring down as I go and trying to keep things simple while also, trying to resist the urge to box up all the leftovers and drop them at Goodwill.

It's a start and I will try to take my time figuring out what's right for this house and my apparent bent toward cozy, colorful minimalism. I will probably be shuffling things around for the next week or two. Or realistically until Thanksgiving. I do know that it's worth the effort and the internal war because when I look at this spot, I take a deep breath and sigh. I am filled with peace.

Then I walk in here and see the reality of the chaos I've created and I want to box it all up and hide in a corner with a book. It's important to remind myself that I love this homemaking thing, this creating a cozy, happy nest for my people. I only have 7 hours until my guy gets home from his trip so I should probably get back to it. I don't think that is the welcome home he has in mind. Hope you all have a great weekend. Eat some gluten for me...just don't tell me about it!