July 24, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Life is all about the moments, the good the bad and the ugly. This week has been full of all of them.  There has been a lot to celebrate like Maddie's 22nd birthday and this Sunday we are having a brunch with her soon to be in-laws to celebrate their engagement.

Her birthday was a little bittersweet for me thinking about all the changes that are coming. She is the same age I was when she was born! That's scary stuff right there.

I'm also celebrating this article I was asked to contribute by Romantic Homes Magazine for their special Cottage Country issue which I believe hits the newsstands August 4th. I was truly honored to be a part of it.

It's just the sort of thing that would have made my Momma so proud. It seems appropriate to be writing about it today which is the 5th anniversary of the day we lost her. I didn't sleep well last night and was up for for a long time in the wee hours before drifting off this morning and having the sweetest dream about her joining us for our celebration brunch. I cherish those dreams. I feel like she came to comfort me.

Amid the sad anniversaries, the roof and shower leaks, the broken dehumidifier and the car repairs, there is so much to celebrate: new soon-to-be family, personal accomplishments, picnics in the park with friends, a phone call with the dad I couldn't have imagined having a relationship with 5 years ago and the constant love, support and encouragement of my little tribe of people. They are everything to me.

So in the midst of the good, the bad and the ugly, I realize how truly blessed I am to have this life. Even the really hard bits.

July 19, 2015

Around the House

Home. Aside from family, there is nothing more important to me. When we first moved to the Village more than five years ago (what?!), I had such dreams of owning an old cottage. I just knew I would love it. I had no idea just how much.

I've owned 5 homes but none has wormed their way into my heart like this one. None of the others made me never want to leave. None of the others made me feel free to totally make it my own. None of the others has given me such joy in every corner.

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of things that need to be done around here. Bathrooms and a kitchen that need to be renovated. HVAC and a roof that need to be replaced. Ceilings that need to be scraped and painted. Flooring that needs to be replaced. This house has already sucked up more of our money than I could have imagined. And it's been worth every penny.

When I think back on what it looked like when we bought it and how far it has come, I'm amazed. The mother of one of Emma's friends also knew the family that lived here before us so when she recently told us that we have maximized the houses charm, I thought that was such a compliment. I hope this house inspires in others the joy, creativity, coziness and peace, that it inspires in us.

This past week we had company and there is something about cleaning up and righting my home after company leaves, that has me rediscovering all that I love. I could focus on all those projects that still need to be done, and believe me I am always dreaming of some improvement or another, but I find that it makes me a lot happier to focus on how far we've come.