December 29, 2016

Christmas Creating

This Christmas I spent so much of the season making gifts. I have a feeling that the number of presents I make is only going to increase this next year. I already have so many ideas and apparently I plan to create like it's my j-o-b.

Every year for several years, I have made the girls a Christmas gift. This year I embroidered their first initial on the pocket of these aprons I got them. I love embroidery. I always forget just how much until I start doing it again.

I have recently become obsessed with knitting socks (which deserves a post all it's own) so I decided to knit the girls both a pair. It took ages but was so satisfying. Something tells me we all have more knitted socks in our future.

Also look at the arch on that ballerina's foot. Crazy.

With my newly acquired need to knit ALL THE SOCKS, came a new obsession with project bags. This was my first, which I made for one of my favorite people. It's my first zipper ever. The Sense of personal satisfaction I have derived this year from tackling knitted socks and zippers, things that previously were so far out of my comfort zone and which I thought were out of my skill set, has made me feel like  I can accomplish anything. On the one hand it's just socks and zippers, right? But on the other hand it feels like so much more than that. It feels like overcoming fear and limitations and makes me feel like I can do anything!

This is a knitting project marker I made that doubles as a zipper pull. I figured why not since I already had all my jewelry supplies out from making the next gifts.

Necklaces! You may recall that last year I made necklaces for the girls for Christmas. All year I've been meaning to sit down and replicate their necklaces for myself and have yet to do it but I did find time to sit and make them for two very special friends in my life.

Jewelry making is addictive for me. As with every creative interest I have, putting together the colors consumes me! It often takes me hours to arrange all the beads and bits before I can even start constructing the necklace itself. It borders on insane. But the good kind of insane. Or so I tell myself!

For several years now, the girls and I have done a Christmas Eve craft. This year Maddie requested we make snow globes.

This is such a highlight of that day for me. I love watching the girls work in the studio and to see them enjoying all that the studio has to offer and to watch their creative spirits in action. It gives me so much joy! They constantly have to remind me to work on my own project because I get so caught up in watching and helping them!

Emma's snow globe:

Maddie's snow globe:

My snow globe:

All three lit up with lid inserts found on Amazon. I'm not sure if I'd recommend them as I find them not very reliable, but I'm trying to determine if that is something I'm doing wrong.

This Christmas season proved to be my most creative and satisfying and I'm looking forward to what I have a feeling will be my most creative year yet.

P.S. I got your message about not limiting the photos in my blog posts LOUD AND CLEAR! And thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging comments. I think it quite possible I would not have been able to do it anyway but it was quite lovely to hear that all these photos don't get on your nerves!

December 27, 2016

Christmas Around the Cottage

I ran out of time to share these photos before Christmas got here so I thought I'd share them now before it all disappears!

This year I made a conscious decision to go a little lighter with the decorations in the hopes that I wouldn't get tired of them. I really think it worked.

The entire time I was decorating I did have to keep repeating to myself "You don't have to use every thing, every year!" Yes, I likely sounded crazy, but it worked!

I found this year that some of the smallest touches, made me the happiest.

I really feel like the house and I have come to an agreement about how it wants to be decorated.

I'm loving the colors and the vintage feel going on and just can't imagine the house decked out any other way.

Around here, aprons get changed out for the season. That might signify that I have too many but I'm thinking it must mean something else.

 One day I started to do a deer inventory around the house. I quit when the number began to get embarrassingly high. On a positive note, I didn't buy any new ones this year. Did I? That might be a lie.

I'm still enjoying the festive touches around here and not feeling any rush to take it all down. I might take the ornaments off the tree in a few days so I can just enjoy the twinkling tree on it's own which is always so cozy to me.

 For now I'm happy to live amongst the merriment embrace these last days before I feel an overwhelming need to clean and organize all the things!

I'll be back tomorrow, well tomorrowish to share the craftier side of our holiday as there was just too much to put in one post. Then we'll move on to a couple of things I want to share about the New Year. I'm thinking my New Year's resolution should be to put less photos in a post! Something tells me that resolution won't fare much better than the ones that came before it!

Hoping your Christmas was full of loveliness and special moments.