December 28, 2020

Christmas in the Studio


I hope you are all enjoying this cozy week of in-betweenness that I am now calling Boxing Week. It has been slow and beautiful here with lots of the things I like to do best. We did have a little furniture rearrange that I'll be sharing soon, and it did require our very sad, crispy Christmas tree to come out but all of the rest of our Christmas decorations remain. I've given myself permission to celebrate Christmas right on through the end of January if that is what makes me happy. I know people have very specific opinions about when you can decorate and when you must take it down. Here's a little secret for should do what makes you happy and who cares about anyone else's opinion! This year the idea of not being done with Christmas yet gave me an extra little surge of happiness on the big day instead of feeling sad that it was over.

Before I could share the studio in general and the changes that I've made, I wanted to share all the Christmas decorations because once again...SO MANY PHOTOS! I'll be back soon to share more of the studio and our cozy, winter home rearrangement. I feel like after a year with very little activity on this blog, I'm making up for lost time and enjoying being in this space so much.

Thank you all for the lovely notes you leave me- I've started replying to them in the comments. I hope you are staying healthy and happy in these strange and trying times.

December 23, 2020

Christmas Cheer around the Cottage

I thought I'd pop in with a little Christmas tour of our cottage in an effort to help me next year when I pull all of the Christmas decorations out but can't remember what goes where! I can't believe it's Christmas Eve, eve. I hope to come back and post photos just of the studio one day this week. There have been some fun changes in there and I have taken too many photos to add to this already photo heavy post.


I end with these beautiful birthday flowers from my best friend! I wish I'd had time to properly edit these photos-well as proper as I ever edit photos. Learning lightroom is on my to do list for 2021. My sweetie got me a wonderful new wide angle lens for my birthday and I am loving being able to get shots in my little, cozy cottage, that I have never been able to get before and my passion for photography has recently been reignited.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays. These are hard, weird times and we are just trying our best around here. Stay healthy!