October 19, 2006


I thought I'd share some goodies that I recently picked up.

I've developed an all out obsession with transferware but most of mine comes from TJ Maxx. These came from an antique store and were an awesome price. What their actual age or value is, I don't know or care. I always choose character over pedigree.

These little ceramic gourds were .63 each. I started to pick and choose and then I thought, hello! .63 each I think I can find a home for all of them!

I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with these yet, although I think they will end up in my bedroom which now has touches of robin's egg blue. They say if you love it then you will find a home for it, so I'm optimistic.


  1. What lovely finds, I love Blue & White china.

  2. When I am shopping and I find treasures I just don't know where it will fit in.. a little voice says "take it home and LOVE it" ok I say!
    Welcome to the world of blogging may you make many kindred spirit connections along the way! I love the
    colors you used for your blog!Chocolate always makes me feel good!

  3. How precious these new goodies are! I really like those ceramic gourds - so sweet!

    " I always choose character over pedigree."

    I couldn't have said it better myself...I agree 100%! If you love it, nothing else should matter:)

  4. I really love the blue and white china. And as for the gourds, they are so cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's so lovely to hear from someone new.

  5. Jen, these are wonderful finds! The blue and white dishes are so pretty - the little ceramic gourds are a wonderful score and of course the transferware was a must! Have fun using these goodies in your home!

  6. Thank you all for enjoying my new treasures with me.I don't know which is more fun, discovering them or finding a place for them.


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