October 20, 2006

What's on your wish list?

Okay. Of course world peace. Of course a healthy family. Of course a long happy life. Of course more money (so that I wouldn't have such a long WISH LIST).
I'm talking material items here.

Note: This is not a complete list and does not include my amazon wish list for books, cd's and movies. I reserve the right to add to it at any time. I cannot be held responsible for wanting additional items. (Hint to Jim:) Any person wishing to purchase any item from said list shall be able to find links to them in my favorites folder (Favorites, Jen, Wishlist) and will receive unending thanks, kisses and gratitute.

Gentle reminder: 60 days til my birthday and 65 days til Christmas.


  1. Oh what lovely things I hope you get them (well at least some).

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. My delete, sorry.

    LOL! Great idea! I should do that too. :)
    I hope you score all of these pretties and pretty they are, I am loving the china!!

    11:23 AM

  4. Love everything on your wish list Jen. Make sure you check out Mikasa outlets for the French Countryside dishes and also other discount places. They are such lovely dishes. Hope everything on your list will find their way to your lovely home. RJ

  5. Jen, I just "found" your blog and love it! Everything, especially Betty! It is obvious that your are already blessed, but the items on your wish list will be the icing on the cake.

  6. Thank you all for enjoying my wish list with me. I'm sure I won't be getting most of these items any time soon but I am a VERY patient girl!

    RJ- I will keep my out for good prices on those dishes as I have fallen in love with that pattern thanks to you.

    Pauline- Glad you found your way to my blog. Yes I am very blessed, I know. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Jen - who's pjs are those? They look comfy as well as cute, and I'm always on the hunt for a new favorite set.

  8. Where did you find those precious pajamas? They're fabulous for a cold winter night!

  9. Meg and Becca-
    Aren't those pj's too cute? Here is a link to them: http://www.homeandgardenart.com/pajamagiftset.html

  10. Your blog is so cute!

    I love those PJ's - thanks for the link.


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