November 03, 2006

Don't you just love a sale?

Okay, here's hoping my sweet hubby has either lost interest in looking at my blog or doesn't care how much money I spend to make a more cozy, happy home for him and his family!

I got all of this on sale & thought I'd share. The black tree is actually from the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby but I think it will work much better for me as a Halloween decoration. Most of these were less than $3 each with the exception of the tree($10) & the paper mache box($12). I love the vintage Halloween look & it's killing me to pack away these treasures until next year. What a wonderful surpise it will be next fall when I open that box!


  1. Wow! Those are amazing scores! I love that style.

  2. Great finds Jen. The tree would be perfect for hanging little vintage halloween ornies. Love the punkin on the box too.

  3. Jen....those things would be very much at home here...just send them my way rofl. The tree would be perfect for my witch shoes. I love that look as well. Just about anything Department 56 I like. I have some of the Halloween Village from them..I try to add one piece a yr. Great scores! Cherry

  4. Thank you all! Now that I've packed my things away it just makes me happy to look at the pic so I'm happy I posted it here!

    Cherry- Where do you buy your dept 56?

  5. Love it all Jen! It would be hard for me to pack away such great finds and know I had to wait a year to use them. So glad you let us see them all ahead of time. Great finds! RJ


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