November 19, 2006

Is Thanksgiving over yet?

The paper garland and candy cane ornaments are from Target and the snowman box, dept 56 bowl and green blown glass pinecone are from Homegoods.

From the Hallmark store I got the red polka dot jingle bell ornaments (.99 each) and cream colored bottle brush wreath ornaments for ($2 each) I thought these were great prices. However, when I got out to my car, I found it dying. Not gracefully slipping away like you might hope, but loudly declaring it's death. Wheezing, sputtering and coughing. A corpse flopping around on the ground. I must admit that after paying $111 for a new battery, the ornaments do seem like less of a bargain.

I'm dying to start decorating for Christmas. I'm sure if I weren't hosting Thanksgiving dinner I would have already started. Much to my sweet hubby's dismay. He has rules about such things. December 1st, yada, yada, yada. Rules that I happily ignore. As it is, I have a plan for getting the halls decked. It begins about 2 seconds after our Thanksgiving guests leave.


  1. JEN, I love your finds! Sorry about your vehicle. I totally hear ya on being ready to start decorating. I decided to start a new tradition this year and we are going to put up our first Christmas tree after eating Thanksgiving dinner. I'm thinking it might be a good break between dinner and dessert. We'll see if it works! Lou Ann

  2. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photos...I need to stop by my local Target and see if they have those cute little houses.

    I noticed you are from dad grew up in Goshen.


  3. Jen, love your purchases, indeed I am going to head for Hallmark and look for those polka dot bells. My dear friend is a Mary Engelbreit Fan and those would looks so cute tied to her Christmas Present.

  4. I know what you mean about rushing Christmas-I made my hubby start putting the lights on the house this weekend (usually a week-long ordeal!). Christmas season is just so short and I want to enjoy everything as long as possible! Hope your car is feeling better!

  5. I love the decorations and will have to stop by Target and take a look. I can not beleive how fast the days are going and here in Florida I need an extra push to get in the spirt while siting under the palm tree........Thanks for the

  6. It was always my families tradition to put the decorations up on Christmas Eve - could you wait that long?

  7. Why do vehicles always pick the worst time to die? And it's never a little inexpensive thing either. The last time ours died it did it with dignity in the garage.
    You sound like you're all geared up for holidays. Cute finds, love the red and white.

  8. I usually don't think about decorating until after Thanksgiving, but your excitement is starting to get contagious!

  9. Aah Jen so sorry to hear about your dead battery but happy to see it did not damper your enthusiasm for the holiday season. I LOVE all of your Christmas finds and realize I must get back to Target to look again. RJ


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