February 13, 2007

Studio Storage

I feel like I have to pack a lot in this week since I'm leaving on Saturday and will be gone for almost a week. So, in an effort to blog more efficiently I thought I'd share several Bright Ideas with you from my studio.

This is photo box that I use to hold ribbon. I'm sure that some time in the not too distant future I will need larger storage but what I wanted to share with you is how I put a rubber band around the rolls to keep the ribbon from unraveling.

This wire caddy had been sitting in my basement unused for years when it occurred to me to use it to hold things on my worktable. I put 3 different size mason jars in it and used each one to hold different things: colored pencils, writing pens and markers, and coloring markers.

These were found at Michael's and are intended to organize beads. I have 2 of them to hold my brads, eyelets, etc. and I use a small label maker to label the tins with the manufacturer's name. The box has a lid that doesn't snap on so I use these large rubber bands to hold it on. There are 24 rounds inside each box and each one has a screw top lid that stays securely on. These cost around $10 but with that handy 40% off coupon it's much more reasonable.

This enamel bucket is my tool kit & I use it to hold the things I need most for my projects: bone folder, paper cutter, ruler, adhesives, hole punch, scissors, eyelet setter and corner rounder.

These hooks that I had Sweet Hubby attach to both ends of the worktable are perfect for holding a sack for trash, my tool bucket and a rag.

While I'm working, I use this picture holder to hold inspiration pictures I'm working from and the small platter is used to hold embellishments that would otherwise roll off the tabel or get lost during the creating process.

Look around with an open mind and see how you can use things differently than their intended purpose, especially those things you may have sitting in a closet not being utilized at all. I'd love to see what you come up with.


  1. Good morning Jen! What incredible, user-friendly ideas you've shared. I will definitely use the rubberbands on the ribbon idea. I love the heart topped wire caddy. Your studo is lovely. I can hardly wait to get settled again and get my space arranged. I've picked up so many new idea just in the few weeks I've been visiting all the wonderful crafty blogs, like yours. Have a terrific and safe trip!!

  2. Great post & great ideas!

  3. Love your ideas. It is all so pretty yet functional.

    I never thought of rubber bands for the ribbon. Genius!

    Have a great trip!
    Cheers! LA

  4. Hey I just realized we are both Hoosiers....back home again in Indiana

  5. Great inspiration! You are so organized!

  6. Goodness you are orgaznized! What great ideas.
    Ms. Emma is such a doll! How much fun for you to have her share all those fun things with you.
    Have a great, safe trip.

  7. Jen love it all. Nothing better than pretty and organized together. You have such wonderful ideas above and thanks so much for sharing with us. RJ

  8. Oh be still my heart!!!
    There is nothing that gets me going, than cool storage ideas! Wow! I am inspired!
    Thanks for the creative, awesome ideas!
    I am off to reorganize and play!

  9. I love your work station. The caddy, green paint, and hooks especially.

  10. I'm loving the snapshots of vignettes in your home. Always simply lovely! Did you paint the table yourself? The green is wonderful. Is it the same as the wall in your study?

  11. What a collection you have ! I love your colourful ribbons ! I think i have to go and start sewing :)
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  12. Thanks for the pictures and great ideas. I am in major need of some organization ideas for my work area - and these are a big help!

  13. What a wonderful example of organization - functional and pretty to look at! I love it.


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