June 28, 2007

Summer Wish List

This is just a small sampling of things I'm crushing on right now. I try not to get caught up in what I don't have and focus on what I do have, but a girl sure likes to dream! What's on your wish list?

From Ballard Designs: Perfect for a corner in my bedroom.

Le Creuset tea pot

From Target.com

From Typhoonus.com

astrantia 'Roma'


From P.O.S.H. Chicago

Glitter from the Martha Stewart line at Michael's:

From The Container Store:

From the glorious Ms. Teresa McFayden herself:

From my Amazon Wish List:


  1. OK...I have officially transfered all your items to MY list. What cool stuff! You should be a personal shopper...:)

    I'm especially intriqued with that book (china and glass)...doesn't that look right up my alley?


  2. I'm digging that scale too! I saw it in a magazine and thought "I've got to have that!".


  3. Oh I love the stamps, boots, tea pot - ahhh, I'd take any of it. Good picks! I put the plates up on my blog - thanks for reminding me how much I like plates.


  4. I love it all too!
    You have great taste. I hope you get some of that stuff soon.

  5. Hi Jen -Well your "wish list" started with the exact thing on my own "wish list" - the gorgeous chaise lounge :-}... perfect spot for 'summer reading'- Teresa's book looks fantastic. I LOVE the funky boots - and the bird stamp.
    I hope "some" of these wishes come true :-}

  6. Your 'wish list' echoes my 'wish list'...especially the white chaise lounge and those adorable boots! You must buy the Cavalinni bird stamps...I have the alphabet stamp set and they are wonderful!


  7. Hi! I've been scurrying through your blog and love it! Your pictures and ideas are lovely :)

  8. My wish list is huge right now too. It usually is in the summer. I want so many things done around the house and I want fresh new things. Maybe it's in the air and not our falt...

  9. Hello, have only recently discovered you, and i cannot explain how exactly alike our tastes are!!! I love everything and its so relaxing to see your blog and dream.Thanks for the wish list..Meri

  10. I just bought those refrigerator boxes from the container store. Oh, Jen just go get some they are cheap and you will LOVE them! Love them, I tell you!

  11. I just saved a picture of a different chaise to my desktop (floral fabric)! And I love those reeded fridge dishes. I actually found one of the large ones at the thrift store! I couldn't believe it--it was in perfect condition! I think I need to thrift more. ~A :-)

  12. Love your blog-so sweet...I love to sew and some what embroider but not on same caliber as you, i get to excited and easily distracted by the glimmer of another fabric and quickly move on to that project.. I saw the "Queens of Freeville" and thought about getting it but did not-maybe i will now.
    Love your favortie things as well...
    Karry Ann


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