September 10, 2007

Many Thanks

Last Monday I was so excited to receive a comment on this post and an email from Serena, part of the duo known to us as the famous & fabulous Farm Chicks . She wanted to thank me for my kind comments on their work and for my link to their website. She also asked for my address so that they could send me a "little something". I'm thinking a) a cease and desist letter from their attorney or b) one of their way cool bumper stickers.

I finally managed to get out to the mailbox Sunday morning and what do I find waiting? The sweetest little box from my new friends. I'm thinking an attorney would probably use something that looks somewhat more official, so this must be a good little something. I recognized this to be a special moment, and sat down to slowly open the box, savoring every moment. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. Little something? Umm, I don't think you could really classify the best box of goodness I've ever been sent, a "little something". I am so touched by their generosity. Shopping list, recipe cards, stickers, charms and a necklace from their line of products, all packaged up with such thought and charm.
Enclosed was the sweetest note thanking me & saying that this little blog was the #1 blog for referrals to their website this past year. I'm amazed and wowed and want to thank all of you that come by to visit The Cottage Nest. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. To prove it, I'm putting together a little thank you of my own, to be announced later this week.

And speaking of The Farm Chicks, do you know about the Country Living Fair? I love fairs, with a love that is deep and true. This one promises to be special. It's Sept 28th-30th in Morrow, OH and The Farm Chicks will be there! By the way, guess who lives just 2 short hours away from Morrow, OH? Go ahead & guess. Yeppers peppers, me! You can bet I'll be there. So gas up your car and grab your wallet & meet me there. I'll be the one with The Farm Girls sticker on my car.

One More thing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your wonderfully positive comments on my last post. I am so proud to be in such fine company. I'm glad that all of you took my words in the spirit in which they were written and not as a put down to those who are not on the same path as me. I truly recognize that we are all different and make different choices whether out of desire or need, and we should support each other however we can.


  1. Great for you, I am a Firm Believer if you give it will come back to you in many ways. That Fair looks Wonderful and I know it would be a place that you could leave me all day. Have a great week. Jamie

  2. Wow Jen,
    How lucky you are to live so close to these wonderful events.
    That was so nice of them to send you a lovely thank you!!
    I'm sure they appreciated what you did for them.
    I wish I lived closer to you too.
    I would gladly help you with any projects.
    Have a great week!
    Love the charm necklace, by the way.

  3. What a truly lovely package--full of caring and thought about the things that would make your heart sing. And such a gracious way to say thank you--I love it!

  4. You lucky girl!! I am trying to talk my hubby into taking me to the CL Fair. I desperately want to go!!

    BTW, I want to make sure you got my email on the bunting instructions. Hope they made sense.

  5. What a great "thank you" package! I love the Farm Chicks "Live Well, Laugh Often, Junk Much" motto :-}
    Lucky you being close enough to visit the Country Living Fair!!
    Have a fantastic time (and take tons of pics please) :-}

  6. this pile of autumn looks so makes me miss my home in west virginia, just a little...have fun at the fair...blessings, rebecca

  7. What a wonderful surprise!! I love fairs too and am awaiting one of my favorites...The Scarecrow Festival!

  8. Hello, Jen from Indiana! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog at cutepinkstuff! I love your blog, too! We have so much in common! My brother in law and his family live in Indianapolis. I love the same movies you love. We both cherish our roles as stay at home moms (I practiced law for 8 years. When I gave birth to twins I worked for 6 months then realized my role had to change. Now, 13 years later, I KNOW I made the right choice. I now have 4 kids (Ages 13,13,11,4) and stay busy (sometimes crazy) at home. There are enough attorneys in the world. There are not enough stay at home moms! Thanks for visiting me on my blog. Hope to hear from you regularly! Cindy

  9. How exciting Jen!! I'm debating on the Country Living Fair...There are lots of fun things going on that weekend!

  10. oh that fair will be wonderful!

    I didn't get to comment on your last post but I say, different things are best for different people. I choose to work, but I work on the weekend. So many people think it weird- but it works for me!

    I have only discovered your blog recently, but I think ti is just beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!!

  11. Oh you lucky girl! I just love the farm chicks and am so sad that I can not go to the Country Living fair and see them! How sweet and thoughtful of them to send you a care package! Congrats : )

  12. I just found your blog, I think it's fantastic!

    Thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration, I'll be back for sure!

  13. OH Jen! I am so excited for you! Lovely! Little things from some gals that you adore their work! Good on you girly!

    By the way! I love your site and it always warms my heart to come here...its as cozy and friendly as sharing a cup of steaming joe with a bestfriend! Hugs to you Jen!

  14. fun fun fun!!
    jen you lucky girl you.
    i have found some sweet friends out there in cyber space, whether through flickr, blog, or just hooking up through a website. i agree with you, its such a treat to connect with other creative souls out there.

  15. Wait, wait, wait you only live two hours from Morrow, OH? I live in Columbus and can't believe you've been right around here the whole time I've been reading your blog...crazy and small world. That's a great necklace by the way, enjoy it you deserved it!

  16. How wonderful to be acknowledged by them! I love you posts - always so informative.

  17. That is amazing! I love your goodies. How thoughtful and generous of them. It's very cool to know so many people trust your advice on cool places to visit. :)

  18. Jen- I live about 30 minute away from Morrow in Northern Kentucky. I am going with my Mom on that friday. I am so excited I can barely stand it. You should go to Lebanon Ohio which is minutes away from Morrow. They have great gift and antique shops. The workshop where the event is locate dis awesome.

  19. What a nice acknowledgement! You deserve it, though. I get a lot of hits through you as well. You are the Princess of Blogdom, I think! Your blog is always an enjoyable read, and I think your popularity stems from the fact that people can tell you're really nice...genuine AND creative!!

    Have fun at that fair!!!


  20. I'd LOVE to go to the 'fair'!!!...what a beautiful time of year to be driving thru the Midwest...harvest will be in full swing!!!...true 'country living'!!!...enjoy yourself...wish I could join you!!!...Lacy

  21. I'm so green that you live so close to be able to go. Oh man, ya'll have the coolest fall (literally) up there. Post pics so I can live vicariously. : )

  22. Oh Jen!! That is so wonderful. I can just imagine how excited and surprised you were to find such a thoughtful and wonderful box of goodies from the Farm Chicks. I'm so excited for you, and know that you definitely deserve it. It's so wonderful that people have been finding out about the Farm Chicks via your wonderful blog!! Congratulations!


  23. How sweet is that?!
    I am thrilled to learn they are having a show in Washinton next June. I am SO there!

  24. I love the package the farm chicks sent you!

  25. I'm going to the fair also! It's our (dh and me) anniversary weekend, so that's what we are doing! I am so excited!

  26. Hi Jen,
    What a wonderful gift from the Farm chicks. I live in NW Ohio and am traveling to the CL fair with my soon to be Daughter-in-law. Can't wait! I was thinking of getting Farm chick charm necklaces for Christmas gifts.
    Have fun and maybe I'll recognize you at the fair.
    Leigh Ann


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