January 30, 2008

Chasing My Tail, Some Answers, Odds & Ends

I'm really chasing my tail these days. Usually I leave that to Millie but she obviously has much better things to do. Like begging me with her eyes to pay attention to her. There is so much going on, contractors to meet with, organizing to do, Valentine projects to work on, furniture to paint.

Miss Emma has been sick with the flu since Friday, bless her heart. On the plus side we are getting lots of Mommy/Emma time this week but with her not going to school, I can't get much done. However, we are making progress with our basement plans and are waiting for our first estimate. It's so exciting. Now that we've decided we should do it, we can't get it done fast enough! I've realized that I must do some major cleaning out before we get started. I've been planning a garage sale in the spring but I'm starting to realize I need to get rid of as much as possible now. I wonder if it would be crazy to have a "basement" sale?

I've started back at Weight Watchers and have lost 3.3 pounds in 1 1/2 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I think it's harder when you are trying to lose that last 15 pounds. I'm determined to be where I want by March when Sweet Hubby gets his bonus because this girl is treating herself to a new wardrobe.

Question: From Forever and Ever House: I love your plate and cup set. I am curious what the rest of the saying is on the plate!!
Answer: Dear Mum, if monsters do not exist then why are they in the dictionary..Mums are supposed to know these things...

Question: From Victoria: We just moved here from another state and I have yet to find some good spots for antiques/tag sales...do you have any you would like to share?
Answer: Victoria, email me at the address listed on the side bar and I'll give you the low down.

Question: From Alicia: Is that fixture hardwired? If not what did you do with the cord? And I do love the pegs. Did you find them local?
Answer: The fixture is not hardwired (It's from Pier One) I used to have a cord cover on it when it was in Maddie's room but we hung it in a way that the cord is not as intrusive in Emma's room. The peg rack is something I picked up years ago, probably at a craft fair. Have you checked Michaels/Hobby Lobby for unfinished ones? I'm with you and hate paying shipping. Or full price!

Question: from Cris Stone: What bedding did you chose?
Answer: I went with a white duvet from the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target. It has white flowers embroidered all over it and add a lot of interest/texture. Now I'm on the hunt for floral sheets that have a vintage look about them and incorporate all of our colors. We will mix and match those with the white ruffled Simply Shabby Chic sheets and keep her current quilt folded at the end of her bed.

Question: from Cindy: Whenever I paint anything white, whatever is underneath seeps through, do I always have to primer first? Do you ever use a "deglosser"?
Answer: From my personal experience painting projects go much smoother if I prime first. The added benefit is that you will need fewer coats of your tinted paint.

If I've missed anyone's question, please let me know. I'm looking forward to having a little time to myself and catching up with all of you very soon! By the way, you ladies are the best giving all of your good wishes to my Birthday Boy. He loved it, the post and the comments. His birthday was capped off with a yummy home cooked pasta dinner, handmade cards from his girls and a robot birthday cake. What more could a guy want?


  1. Hi, I'm new to reading your blog but I have to say that I really enjoy reading it. Also, if you're trying to clear out some things before renovating your basement craigslist.com and freecycle are good websites for that sort of thing.

  2. Millie is adorable and has it right...laying on the couch and relaxing! What a dog!

  3. Love the basement plan...Have you been to the Home Show? I went this morning. The cottage home is simply adorable!

    BTW, if you truly do have that basement sale I NEED to know about it!!!


  4. Jen, that photo of Millie is absolutely priceless!

    Hope Miss Emma is feeling better!

    And last but not least...a belated happy birthday to your fella!


  5. Miss Millie is the cutest thing! How exciting to be finishing your basement....another room to decorate!

  6. Millie is sooo cute!!
    So sorry Emma is not feeling well.
    Mommy and me time is good though.
    Good job on the weight thing. Yes slow and steady is very good.
    I bet you are so excited about the basement.
    Have a nice night,

  7. I could just reach right into that photo and cuddle Millie all day! She is just precious!

  8. Millie is absolutely adorable - that photo is priceless. Hope your little one is better soon! I can hardly wait to see the progress on the basement.

  9. Your dog is so cute! My lab makes that same face.

  10. Oh! I love your golden! I have one, too....Milo. Those "golden" eyes get me every time!


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