November 01, 2008

How I Discovered a New W(h)ine

1. On way out to spend a marathon day running errands, discover that Sweet Hubby still hasn't checked air pressure in tires and front tire is almost flat.
2. Run out of quarters while filling tires and get hands covered with black filth with no way to clean them until you get to Big Box Store that you hate going to.
3. Arrive at said Big Box Store only to discover that there has been a fire and the store is closed.
4. Go to Michael's instead where they lose power while you are shopping and expect you to find proper jewelers pliers in the dark.
5. Go to Joann's to get new Somerset Where Women Create magazine with handy 40% coupon only to discover that they don't have it. Decide to use the bathroom while you are there, sit down in the only available stall holding your purse because the hook is broken off the door only to discover there is no toilet paper. Drip dry.
6. Go to Costco where they talk you into upgrading membership only to make you go stand in line for 15 minutes where you discover that the $50 you grudgingly paid to upgrade is actually only 1/2 the cost because it is only 3+ months away from your yearly renewal? Demand refund and leave only to discover at the gas pump that the lady at the service counter did not give you your membership card back.
7. Go to Whole Foods to get items you need for dinner but weren't able to get at Big Box Store only to discover that they don't have 2 of them. Balance your disappointment with an appropriately named bottle of wine.
8. Go home. Stomp feet. Say a swear. Put on some music. Open new bottle of wine. Ahh. Perfect.

Appreciate the fact that:
a) You met a creative like minded new friend at Borders.
b) You finally found the perfect fabric for your Silver Bella craft apron.
c) You found an awesome bottle of 8 buck chuck.
d) You have friends coming for dinner that you haven't spent time with in ages.


  1. This is so funny! Thanks for sharing it. Haven't we all had days like this? Have fun with your friends!

  2. Well...Sounds to me like a perfect weekend! The goood, the bad, the ugly. Yep...LIFE! Thank goodness for it! Inhale it all!!

  3. Phew, what a day. No wonder you were "mad" :)
    Well, a glass of Chef's Little Helper always makes the cooking more fun!

  4. Sound like a bad day with a happy ending. Wine and good friends are a good way to save the day.

  5. What a day!! Enjoy dinner tonight and know that tomorrow will be a better day...

    Your description was all the more vivid because I can see the roads you were on (and know the traffic was half the frustration!) and the stores you were in!

  6. I am sorry you had a bad day, but could still find some humor in it. Enjoy your glass(es?) of wine, I hear a Merlot calling me now!

  7. That is one heck of a day Jen! Thank God for wine and friends ;)

    I just thought I'd come by and see what you were up to and now I can't figure out what took me so long!

    Have a great Sunday!

  8. Welcome to my world...loved your post...totally LOL! Linda always gives such good advice..."Inhale it all!!" love that (and her). Hey...thanks for your sweet note recently on GI...I miss you too...them were the days... all of us hanging out. :)

  9. I have been wanting to try that wine! Glad to hear it is good...will have to give it a go next time I need some wine to go with my whine. lol.
    Hope your dinner was lovely!

  10. Amen on the tires!!! Been there this past week too!

  11. That was a good post and the wine is not a bad choice either~

  12. I'm full of cold and feeling very grumpy and I have to say reading this did cheer me up. Hope you don't mind! I guess we've all had days like this. Love the name of the wine. Looks perfect.

  13. What a day...I'm worn out just from reading about it!! Love that wine label. Great post.

  14. I'm so sorry you had such a crummy day, but thank you for sharing it. I thought I was the only one who has that many things happen to her in one day.

  15. LOVE it!!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh today...Why? Because sooo been there.

  16. So are you packing a bottle of that in your suitcase next week?

  17. Oh my! Sounds like my life -- everyday, usually with 1-3 kids in tow! I love it though, and days like that make me laugh (down the road). It wouldn't be the same if Murphy didn't inflict his Law upon us daily!

    At least you met some new friends, and only said "a" swear word :)

  18. Wow, great recall. And congrats that you were able to get yourself home before the stomping, swearing and opening the wine.

  19. Drip dry...Oh my! What a day!

  20. Such a great post Jen! Have you found the Where Women Create magazine yet :-)

  21. Sounds a lot like my day yesterday! It had a happy ending though.

    Got to get some of that wine!

  22. I'm sorry. This is hilarious.
    W(h)ine is the perfect cure-all!
    and a snuggle with my puprs.
    note I didn't say my honey. ha.
    kisses, Cheryl in B-town

  23. Oh. My. Gracious!!! What a day. A fire? Loss of electricity? No toilet paper? Oh my! I hope you have a wonderful dinner and enjoy the company of your good friends!

  24. Oooh Mad Housewife that stuff!!!!

  25. I love your thoughts on life!

    I am *pretty* sure I have had a day just like that. -Very recently.

    Karol :0)


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