August 20, 2009

Fresh Finds

Don't you hate when you go to someone's blog and they have a bunch of pictures posted of stuff they've bought and it makes you want nothing more than to go shopping? Yeah, well. Here you go. These are some of my finds from my antiquing day with Cammy while on vacation.

Love this crown crock. How have I never noticed these before? How can I be expected to resist anything with a crown?

I also get weak in the knees when I find honeycomb decorations and don't even get me started on shiny brite ornaments. These were a steal.

Cammy and I both suffer from the same affliction. That is, buying old hats so that we can decimate them for their flowers. Shameless.

I love this little quilting piece from a fair. It made me sad that someone gave it up. Don't worry Gladys Winter. I will take good care of it. Plus how could I resist that cute fair tag?

Oh look! Another crown! I love the little stapler and I'm hoping that the petite staples from the totally awesome McMaster and Storm will fit it. We also found some fun paper stuff including an old ledger book that we had to do unbelievable things to get. Let's just say that it involved Me, Cammy & a creepy old guy in the backroom of an antique store and leave it at that. Oh what a girl will do for old paper.

I also found these vintage flour sacks. Don't you just love the colors? I'm seeing pillows and embroidery samplers in their future.

I think antiquing with Cammy was the most shopping fun I've ever had. Did I mention that we were apparently antiquing in the middle of the town where Deliverance was filmed? Scary, but the prices were good, so it was totally worth it. It's nice to shop with someone that has the same taste as you, except that they always find something you wish you had found first. Lucky for us neither of us minds sharing.


  1. Looks like ya'll made quite the haul!! I'm totally jealous of that crown crock!!

  2. love your finds - especially the crock,
    everytime I stumble upon one they are sooo expensive though.

  3. Oh my! So many beautiful goodies. I have a "thing" for vintage millinery flowers too, and the vintage flour sacks would make gorgeous pillows!


  4. I love that crock - and the sacks. Good shopping day.

  5. I love those crocks, as well. I have a couple in different sizes ,I have collected over the years. I use them for everything from trash cans, planters, recycling, and storage.

  6. Oh Jen the flowers..... you lucky gal!

  7. LOVE it, and then if you haven't stopped by Lisa lately, check her out...

    you will be royally pleased.

  8. Yep you did it! I love crocks...makes me want to add to my collection:)

  9. I love everything you found...especially the crock. And yes, it does make me want to go shopping :).

  10. Stop that - I've just spent all the money I saved this summer on homeschool stuff - because I have an aversion to paperback, I bought the "lovingly illustrated classics" in hardcover, one for each of three children, and I'm sure they'll have them forever and read them to their children - or put them in a garage sale at the first opportunity following my death - who really knows. But I'm already considering how to return all to Amazon and go shopping. For more stuff they will put in a garage sale at the first opportunity following my death.

    For such a sweet girl, Jen, you're a very bad influence.

  11. Beautiful finds, Jen! Love those flowers... great for gift-wrapping. And after all you went through to get a ledger from a creepy old guy in Deliverance-town, you didn't show it to us?

  12. love love the honeycomb decorations and the flour sacks! All your finds were great, but those are the ones I would want to steal away... So glad you had a great shopping day with Cammy!

  13. Hold the phone. Were you aware that I grew up just a few miles from McMaster & Storm (brick and mortar)? I know those gals! I wanted to cry when they closed up shop. It was such an inspiring place to visit.

    On to your finds - Love. Them. All. My mom and dad make pickles and sauerkraut in those crown crocks. I have already staked my claim on them.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    Oh, ps, the fair quilt! It warms my heart that you bought that. Gladys deserves nothing less. I'll have to show you my fair find one of these days.

  14. hi jen!

    great finds! i love your little note about gladys -- adorable. the flower sacks are the coolest. you will do great things with these and i look forward to a post about that. {no pressure, of course}

    when i was writing my latest post about atlanta bartlett's new online shop, you were one of the friends i totally had in mind. come by and see the link. if you don't already know about it, i think you will SWOON!

    this post was a great read!


  15. Ewww...great finds. Couldn't pick a favorite as you had a lot of winners in those photos. I always love seeing what others are finding in their little spots of the world. By the way, your earlier post on the bicycle was priceless. I laughed out loud. IF and WHEN you get one, and IF and WHEN it makes your life perfect, I will start selling them for a living.

  16. Yep, I hate it when somebody posts all their fab finds and makes me feel like all I want to do is go shopping (worse when I've no money)....

    Well done, I love the quilt with the tags. I was feeling really envious ... until you said about Deliverance. Now all I can hear is those banjos battling along the street.....

  17. Jen, I love your finds...especially the flour sacks!



  18. The honeycomb decorations are wonderful. We always had red and green ones in the living room at Xmas. And ya got a lot of other good stuff too!

  19. Bitchie County Fair?

    Sounds like where I need to go~

    Coastal Nest is ready for her little, sweet,adorables ( who are NOT being so kind to eachother) to go back to school..Its been a great summer, tho!!

    I love love love that crock..

    btw, totally kidding..

  20. Jen,

    I love it all! The crock with crown is great and wondering what you plan to do with it. I also tear apart the hats for the beautiful flowers!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds with us.

  21. Every one of your "Fresh Finds" is wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

    ~ Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

  22. Wow!
    You got some pretty stuff for sure...
    I love the crock. I'm a big sucker for containers of any kind.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my pictures.
    It's much appreciated.

  23. Great finds...I love vintage ornaments too!

    :) T

  24. Great finds!
    Is your Christmas style retro?
    Don't you wish that some famous celeb would make wearing hats "thee absolute thing?"
    Enjoy stopping by.

  25. What a variety of great finds! Can't wait to see what new life you give them!

  26. When I shop with friends with the same taste we always say when we walk in to the store something along the lines of...while spreading out our arms..."I call the wall". That means we get first dibbs on anything. I would love to "play" sometime. Glad you and Cammy had an awesome time with your families.

  27. Ooh - what great stuff.

    Do you want me to send you some staples to see if they fit before you order a whole pack? Let me know! Would hate for you to spend money on a whole pack plus shipping and they not work,

    Also - tim holtz has a tiny attacher out and the staples are $3.50 for 1550 and they fit my european stapler just fine - they are steel color rather than copper color thogh.

  28. I live not too far from Pennsboro, WV (Ritchie County). If I ever come across a Gladys Winter I will make sure she knows her quilt is in good hands. :)


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