January 09, 2010

Project Ahead

At Christmas time, we start relocating furniture to accommodate our trees. This bench usually lives in the foyer but comes to stay in my bedroom for awhile. I find that when I buy what I truly love, it will work well no matter where I move it.

Rearranging gets me excited about a space again. It's inspired me to start work on my bedroom. Budget style. Here's my to do list. Of course I will be posting it on the side of my blog also so you can all laugh at how little progress I make.

1.A new white or cream duvet cover (if budget allows)
2. New curtains (or some exchanged with another room)
3. Paint the walls the same color as the studio
4.Paint the headboard (I've never liked the factory distressing that was done on it) and our large dresser a shade of white. 

This won't be an expensive makeover especially since we don't know how much longer we'll be in this house. The biggest budget buster is the duvet cover as we have the worlds deepest mattress and it requires bedding that is at least 108 inches wide. That usually means $$$. Plus I'm picky so that usually means more $$$.

I hate, hate painting furniture but I'm always happy afterward that I did it. If you are a furniture painter, please share any tips to make the process easier. It would be nice if I could learn to love doing it. Because I have a lot of furniture to paint in this house.


  1. I so need to re-do most of my house, but the budget and time really don't allow for much. So, I do enjoy reading what others do out in blogland! I will look forward to an update. I really like the beautiful gifts you made for both of your daughters! Very special and so great that it was their favorite.

  2. Can't wait to see the after! I have a bedroom set that I'd like to paint too. I bought satin spray paint, so I guess I'll wait til spring to do it outside.

    I too love to move things around and freshen things up at this time of year.

    I'm SURE you'll get it all done. :-)

  3. It will be beautiful when you're done. Everything you do is. BTW, I love your nightstand...blew the photo up to see it better.
    I, too, hate to paint furniture. Despise it. Loathe, in fact. But as you are asking for tips to make it easier, I wonder if a big pitcher of Margarita's would be helpful?

  4. I love how just a couple of changes can give a space an entirely new look and change our perspective of it! What color are you going to paint the headboard? - it looks great from my desk here in CA, but then again, I can't see the details.

    If you find a good source for bedding that is big enough for your mattress, do share, because I have the same issue. I have yet to find blankets or a cover of any kind that fits from side to side - one side is always too short.

  5. While I am a still a new um... "furniture painter," I have done a lot of it lately for an antique booth I have. First I clean off the piece of furniture with an old rag and sand in any rough spots.I usually prime it with a coat of Kilz (water-based), but I have heard of a new paint that has primer in it by Behr. You don't have to prime either if the furniture is already in good condition (like your headboard). Next I sand any imperfections from the primer, then paint on my paint. A water-based satin works best for me, but you can use whatever you have around the house or even spray paint, it just takes more paint and more coats. Once my
    paint is dry I sand around the edges and cracks for a shabby chic look. You can also use a water-based gloss or polyurethane to protect it, but I kind of like the worn-in look of not using one. Then tada, you're ready for the unveiling! Hope this helps, what allows me to enjoy furniture painting is realizing that it doesn't have to be perfect!

  6. Per usual, you are such an inspiration! I just painted a fairly large (though when painting, I find everything seems to double in size) set of shelves. I put my i-Pod on a speaker and kept myself going with a good play list! I swear, it really did help. And, for once, I did the project properly...2 coats of primer, etc. Typically I cut corners with painting and just want to be DONE!

  7. I like using the smaller sponge rollers because they don't leave brush streaks, the paint dries more evenly and it goes faster because the brush is so absorbent it hold more paint at a time. I used them when I refaced all of my kitchen cabinets.

  8. The perfect solution (I think ... he he he) to your duvet dilemma is to make one yourself! That way you can completely customize the size, and you only have the price of the fabric. I have seen some of the things you have sewn ... you could totally do this :) I can help walk you through it. I have made duvets before and they are very easy. They are just like large pillow cases. Then in the end you will have a one of a kind duvet!

  9. I think one of the best furniture painters I know is Cindy from My Romantic Home. She does a beautiful job. You will be so happy with your bedroom when it is finished. I have been in love with ours ever since I redid it and I did it on a very tight budget. Keep us posted.


  10. Jen - That's your bedroom?! It looks awesome...I don't think you need to change a thing! Especially if a move is in the near future. Spend the time in the studio...and blogging (for my sake ;))


  11. Such plans! I love it. I got lucky on found scrumptious Bella Notte bedding on Ebay.
    I'd better get back to painting my bathroom cupboards....:)

  12. Jen,
    I am with Kris. If it doesn't drive you crazy, it doesn't look like something that would keep the house from selling.

    There are some great tips here if you think you REALLY have to redo these things! I like the thought of a duvet as a "big pillowcase." That makes it much less daunting.

    We have been in the same house for twenty-five years now...in between Minneapolis and St. Paul. We love the neighborhood and the houses used to sell like hotcakes because of the location. The economy has changed that but I think we have a good ten to fifteen more years here, so maybe things will change. Now we tend to do little and just live with it! Money has gone for college educations, vacations, etc. Next we will head into weddings!

    Go play in the studio!!!

  13. Jen, I love your house. And that bed of yours is so nice. I need a new bed...hmmmmm...
    I can't wait to see what you do with the room.

  14. Hey Jen....use canvas dropclothes...when you wash them, they soften up...then make your own duvet. It might take 3 but it would still be less than store bought, I bet. Cheap. cheap.

    xoxo, Julia

  15. What a great list!!! I can't wait to see the finished projects!!!


  16. how fun, jen!

    i am trying to gear-up to paint the boys' room and their furniture monday while they are at school. hopefully it will be a happy surprise.

    i love your dust ruffle.

    ikea might be a good place (not so $) for a duvet cover.

    happy decorating!


  17. I'm not sure I *love* painting but I love enjoying the results of my hard work. A drop leaf table is getting the white paint treatment right now and the best advice I can give is to do the best prep work possible. It will make the finishing that much easier! Clean, sand, clean again and prime two coats if you can.

    I moved my foyer bench into our bedroom too and I'm loving the change of scenery. Rearranging just makes everything new and fresh again!
    Have fun with your room!

  18. Ah, Jen, and the nice thing is the furniture can come with you!

  19. I know, re-arranging for Christmas always inspires me to change things up in January!

    I agree with the commenter who suggested that you make the duvet cover. I don't think that it would be too hard & you would probably save a lot of money.

  20. Since you're already in your painting clothes, wanna come up and paint the dresser for Silas's room? Come on, Jenjen! I hate painting furniture even more than you do! Pleaseeeee???

    ps- That headboard is so gorgeous and will look even lovelier painted white!

    pss- I've had it up to here with duvet covers. I think I'm over them. My duvets always slide off to one side or down to the bottom of them. Am I doing something wrong again?

  21. That bench is to die for! I'm sure your room is going to look amazing when you're finished. Have fun!

  22. Hi Jen :)

    I have no advice for making furniture painting easier and in fact have three things I need to paint right now. Am I painting them at this moment? No, I'm visiting you LOL

    Have you tried Overstock.com or Smartbargains.com? I buy my linens off of there and you can get great things for cheap :)

    I can't wait to see you check off your list!


  23. how have we missed each othe this long ... I think I knew you way back from when I started blogging ...anywho .... I love it here ...we might be joined at the hip ...

    did you check out my sidebar ...a blogger girl unite in the burbs of Chicago ...spread the word!!!!

  24. p.s. right on to my favorite ya go!

  25. I had to laugh, because a bench I love now resides at the foot of my bed...wouldn't really fit anywhere else. I have a queen bed and bought a king size quilt to take care of the not covering the deep mattress issues. I have a white duvet cover from Ikea. It's not particularly thick weight material, but is pretty. I haven't painted much furniture, and what I have done, well,needs to be re-done. good luck!

  26. Hi Jen! How exciting...project time! I'm sure you will make it gorgeous!!! The post of mine that you left your comment on had a white duvet on the bed, if you remember...I just got it from Target (part of the Shabby Chic line), I really love it and it was reasonably priced...maybe something you would want to check out...

    As for my fav shades of white and grey paint, I like White Rock and Notre Dame from Valspar (Lowe's)...White Rock is a fairly bright white, but with grey undertones, so it goes really well with all of the greys I have been painting with, but it matches nicely with the soft whites I have around my home as well!

    Sheesh, that was a long one :) Good Luck painting!

    :) T

  27. Something really weird has just happened... All of the editing tools from your blog were showing on my screen, as if I was logged in. Don't worry, I didn't touch a thing - just pressed F5. It all looks normal again.

  28. Sounds like such a fun project because budget projects always have SO MUCH MORE creativity to them!!! Check Tues Am (if you have one) for a oversized Duvet, also overstock, I got mine on there for a steal! Can't wait to see it!!


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