August 19, 2010

Village Life - Month 3

All week I've planned to do a post about the girls starting school but every morning as I walk with Emma, I'm filled with an overwhelming desire to instead share with you how life is treating us during our third month in the Village. You will have to wait until tomorrow to hear about their first week in their new schools.

The negatives: the spiders continue to be a constant annoyance, I'm not a fan of our grass/dirt/weed ratio, can't stand the chain link fence surrounding our backyard and this house is by no means my dream house...BUT...

We're so happy here! It was scary in the beginning, change often is, but now we're thriving in this place filled with sidewalks, trees, friendly neighbors and community. Every morning as Millie and I walk Emma to school, I am overcome with a feeling of bliss. I've lived in many different places but this town is unlike any I've ever known. It's like living in a movie about the perfect, all American, wholesome small town and I love that this is my life now. How did I get this lucky? Where did I get the nerve to make this life altering decision? We do not miss our old suburban lifestyle one little bit.

The possibility of moving to the country at the end of this period has been dismissed. We've realized that the Village and it's parks are our yard. We can have a treehouse for Emma, gardens, composting bin and a clothesline here in town. There are also no rules prohibiting chickens in the Village. Emma starts horseback riding lessons at a stable that is on the edge of the Village. We have everything we want right here.


  1. i'm so happy for you sweetie....sounds like the most perfect little place for you to start fresh...i'm sorta jealous. wish we could leave our overcrowded busy busy busy area but for now we need to stay put.
    but i long for village life too
    ps...we never got up to indiana this summer if you were wondering. one day xo

  2. It all sounds lovely....hearing you describe life there makes me happy!



  3. YAAAAAY! I can read your post this time!!! I am so glad that you found a place that makes you so happy. Sometimes what we really wish for isn't really what we NEED...and it sounds like you found the perfect fit for you life. What a blessing! I will be anxious to read more about your life! Diana

  4. hooray for village life! i think i wrote a comment, just weeks ago, that you would soon be LOVING it. so happy you are!

    viva la village!


  5. So happy I could finally read this post... I thought it was just me that saw one lonnnnnnngggg column of letters. I have to admit, I did actually try to read it that way (ha ha).

    It's nice to hear that you are all settling in and enjoying your new life in your village. Your post when you were all thinking of this change was very inspirational to me. It made me realize that I needed to stop living on the sideline and get out "there" and do what I wanted in life. We've been talking about making changes here at Red Gate Farm... sooner than later.

    Thanks for just being you.

  6. I tried to read the long column too! Desperate not to miss a word you say!
    I'm so glad you are settling in so well - can't wait to see it for myself.
    p.s. Spiders? The hairy kind?

  7. So happy for you & jealous! The village life sounds perfect.

  8. Goosebumps...

    I KNEW you would love it. I just knew it.

    I am so over the moon happy for you that you have found where your spirit should be - for now at least.

    Love you much Jen!


  9. Your life is sounding pretty wonderful right now...I smiled through the whole thing (except the spiders).

  10. Totally know what you are saying. Everytime I wish for a big country sized back yard, I remind myself how we can walk to everything in our village, and what a great community it is for the kids to grow up in with a historic quaint downtown.

  11. Bliss! I am so glad for you and your beautiful family to be 'blooming where you're planted.'


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