October 20, 2010

Cottage Style

What cottage is to me:

a little bit country
a little bit rock and roll

(Country Living)
(Country Home)


 (country living)
 (Atlanta Bartlett)

pattern and color
open shelving


painted furniture
 (Atlanta Bartlett)

On Sunday I fell in love with a cottage in the Village. I can't imagine that things would come together in a way that would make it mine but it did get me newly excited about owning my own little cottage and got me thinking about what cottage style means to me. What does it mean to you?


  1. To me it means cozy and not contrived. I'll have to say that I'm crushing for that colorful afghan in the first photo. Yum.

    Hope this turns out to be YOUR cottage.

    - Suzanne

  2. YES! To all of what you listed. That's exactly how I dream of my house being. Comfortable and interesting.

    Best of luck with pursuing your new cottage. So exciting!

  3. All of the above.

    And maybe, just maybe, it might become yours. Put it out there. Say it out loud.


  4. I love all of these images...I especially love Atlanta Bartlett! I hope you get your cottage!



  5. I agree with The Brick Cottage - love her idea of 'comfortable and interesting.' I especially love the pic of the white bed with texture - gives me ideas!

    Thanks for the inspiration today.

  6. you said it perfectly. i love cottage style. such perfect images. love the one with the desk and ladder!!!

  7. Love these inspiration photos! Email the MLS link if you get around to it. I want to take a peeksy.

  8. I was already humming that old song about country and rock and roll before I even got to the second paragraph!

  9. I love your description and pictures! To me it means all those things, a feeling of comfort, breath of fresh air, and filled with all things that make me happy!
    If your cottage is meant to be, it will be...

  10. Love it all! And I have realized that I can only have open shelving in very small doses, I'm just got that good of a housekeeper!!! LOL

  11. Did we ever determine if said cottage is "brown" or "greyish blue"? I have a feeling I'm wrong...again.

    Also, I'm now pining for that plaid wool blankie in photo number one.

  12. I think you and I would define cottage very much the same. I would add "light and airy" to the mix. To me that's a very large aspect of the cottage style.

    I really enjoyed all your inspiration photos. So very lovely.

  13. Yes to all you listed...I like some Grandma-ish throws, some fat chairs,and all my collections. Love the pictures! Hope your cottage dream comes true.

  14. So glad your dreams are coming true - scooters and (hopefully) cottages! I'm right with you on announcing it to the world... I can't thank you enough for your very thoughtful comment on my blog. It truly did mean the world to me. I love your blog and wish you all the best in finding your ideal cottage nest!

  15. Love your list, Jen...Ironstone, slipcovers, painted furniture...all my favorites!

    I love hearing about your little life in the village. Can't wait to see where your adventure takes you! ;o)


  16. Jen-I'd say you summed up pretty well what MY ideas for cottage are! I love hearing about your Village and your life there. I find it exciting and there is something that makes me long for that peaceful way of life. Hugs- Diana

  17. Chippy painted furniture and a comfortable, lived in feeling.
    Shannan can have the cute plaid blanket in photo one, and I will take the granny square afghan thankyouverymuch.

  18. I agree on the slipcovers and painted furniture, definately cottage to me. Love the photos... but I'm too messy for the open shelves... and not all of my "stuff" matches :)

    PS Really loved the croched afghan, I can knit but not crochet. That one needle thing is way to overwhelming for me.

  19. love love every one of those pics. I could move right into any one of those rooms. You never know, maybe that cottage has just been waiting for you.

  20. This is such a lovely post...

    wonderful eye-candies...

    great list and lovely images:)

  21. I love the open shelving and painted furniture. Those are two of my favorite looks. In my next house I swear I'm going to have open shelving! I just love, love, love it!


  22. Love everything about your post! It all says cottage to me. Best of luck with your piece of the earth! :) How much fun and how exciting!!

  23. EVERY time I enter my cottage I feel at peace. It took many years and several houses to finally find our HOME.

    Ours is primary colors, painted furniture, books, books and more books, a window seat, mullioned windows, slip covers and quilts.

    It is also sand (from the beach) on the old wood floors, dog hair and rumpled cushions. It is just plain comfortable.

    I love traveling, enjoy my career am always on the go, but I am happiest sitting in my garden or by the fire in my little cottage.

  24. I LOVE it - cottage style is my favorite!

  25. I love cottage style....and the pictures that you chose to showcase it.

    Good luck on finding your dream home!


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