November 30, 2010

Cottage Christmas Wish List

Today is a rainy kind of day. I love those. Especially when they come on the heels of a Monday that contained 3 trips to Target, 2 doctor's offices, 2 different ER visits and 1 tonsillectomy scheduling for a sweet teenage girl. It is a perfect kind of day for taking care of my girl and getting my house in order. It is not however, ideal for picture taking. So while this is not what I planned on blogging about today, I thought I would share some things that you may want to add to your Christmas wish list.
Martha Stewart Glassware Collection from Macy's $17

Project Folder Set from See Jane Work $10

 Cupcake Stands from Farmhouse Wares $39
 Mushroom Felting Kit from Etsy $12

 Colorful Cotton Foutas from Basic French $35

Pretty Baker's Twine from Cute Tape $15

Felt Ornament Pattern from Rosy Little Things $6

Calendar from Paper Source $12

Condiment Set from Pottery Barn $39.

I would happily wake up to any of these on Christmas morning. I love hearing what's on other people's wish list so please share!


  1. i LOVE your list!!!
    sweet little ornaments...cute calender...well, i love it ALL!

  2. I love this list, such great items...I may have to add a few of them to mine. It's rainy and blah here today also, definitely not photo weather. Hugs-Carrie

  3. Oh my goodness that felt coat ornament is darling!!
    Have to go check out her site. Thank you for sharing such great treasures with us : )

  4. LOVE those mushrooms!! :)


  5. Great list! I missed the Magic Mushroom craze back in the 70's. I see it is still around!>D I love that little felt coat- How cute! and those cupcake stands...darling. Hugs- Diana

  6. love your list! i hope santa brings all you ask for :)

  7. Hope your baby girl is feeling better soon. Absolutely love the ornaments!

  8. OOOhhh you have given me some great ideas to add to my list! Looved those cupcake stands! Traci

  9. This list screams "You"! Have I ever told you that you have impeccable taste? You do. Especially when it comes to friends. Ha.


  10. Your husband called.......he said order it all! You deserve it after all those trips to Target and the ER.

    By the way...I wonder why we didn't think of cupcake stands? Too busy reading blogs perhaps? ha.

    xoxo, Julia

  11. love your taste, jen!

    hope your daughter is feeling much much better soon!


  12. Ooooh - great list Jen! I love it all, but the bakers twine and the cupcake stands are certainly calling my name. Sounds like things have been crazy at your house....give your girl a hug for me.

  13. Jen, i saw the martha glasses at macy's yesterday. They are darling. I was thrilled to see them here this morning. Great taste! lol! They'd also be fab w/ votive candles in them and lined up on the mantel!
    xox Jeanne. @beeskneesbungalow

  14. I'm in love with those cupcake stands, so cute!

  15. I love seeing what you're up to! You have no idea how my heart skipped a beat when I saw the huge rolls of baker's twine in your wish list. ♥♥♥♥!! I have been thinking about trying to hunt some down online, and now I don't have to! :) Thanks!
    (I love all the other goodies you have listed too. Hope your girly is feeling better!)


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