November 01, 2010

I'm a Planner... So Sue Me

November, a time to hunker down and wrap yourself up in your cozy life. Also? A time to start planning for the holidays. For you slackers it's a time to start Christmas shopping. I'm about 3/4 done.I got in the habit of getting an early start on it in 2008 because of the havoc Silver Bella caused on my schedule. This year I'm not even going but apparently the early shopping habit stuck. Plus we've scaled down our shopping to save money for a house. That takes the pressure off.
I thought I'd give you a preview of the new Farm Chicks Christmas book to get you in the spirit. I'm in love with it! It's decorating, cooking, gifts and packaging inspiration all in one place.

 Serena even put a gift for you in the back. I love books that have surprises like that in them.
The book is full of vintage style and color! I'm just craving color these days. It might have something to do with living in this drab light deprived cottage. Whatever it is, my imagination is running wild with Christmas color scheme possibilities. I'd love to hear what your holiday decorating/color plans are. I know I won't have room for too much so the idea that I can be selective with my decorations is kind of exciting.


  1. Thank you for featuring me as your reader of the week Jen : ) Love the Farm Chicks and can't wait to get this book in my hot little hands. Have a great week!!
    Oh an my christmas scheme is Golds,ivory and burgandy in my Living Room and traditional reds,greens in my family room Love lots of new color schemes but it would cost way too much to start over

  2. i'm in the planning stage too... i've got to get the farm chicks bok, it looks fantastic!

  3. The book looks good! I use a traditional red and green theme; some rooms house my several Nativity scenes and one room is houses my snowmen. My shopping is mostly done; and my thoughts are turning more and more towards doing my Xmas letter and cards and wrapping. It'll be here soon!

  4. The Farm Chicks Christmas Book looks fabulous ~ I'll look for it! Now that Halloween is over (and we've already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada ...the Christmas decorations can come out at any time) :-) At our house it's all about tradition ~ a true Country Christmas (reds, greens and golds)real Christmas tree, decorations hubby and I have collected for almost 34 years. My daughter decorates her condo in City Shabby Chic and has a vintage silver tree all decorated in old glass pale pinks and greens ~ we always say it's the best of both worlds :-) She's even ahead of me and has a basket with all her Christmas cards signed and sealed!

  5. Hi, my name is Tammy and I'm a procrastinator. Ha! Really need a 3-step program for it as it seems to be worse as I get older. I'm always last minute with just about everything. I make myself crazy! That Farm Chicks book looks fantastic. Unfortunately we don't get those kinds of books on this side of the world. Bah humbug! Have a great week. :) Tammy

  6. Is this not the best book ever????? I just love sitting down with it and a drink and getting lost for abit.....EVERYTHING is so cute and how I would want it! Seriously gals, you need to see this book!!!! Thanks for posting about this, now I won't! :):) Sandy

  7. The book looks very festive! I'm a planner too. I spent a day last week sorting all the gifts already bought and wrapping them. Now I know who left to buy for. I'm excited to decorate this year since we've done a bit of switching rooms around and I'll get to mess with what goes where.

  8. Oh, that book looks wonderful. I start early for Christmas too. I have always been that way for some reason and now with a busy child & husband (hockey tournaments in Dec - obviously a mom didn't make that schedule!)I am glad to be in the habit of finishing early. I'm about 3/4 of the way through shopping, too. Cards should be done within the next week or so. Hope I can stay on schedule!

  9. Jen- Well, I am a planner too but so far...I haven't got much done for Christmas. I think it is because I am so overwhelmed at work that I can't stand to think about shopping (or making something) when I am done for the day. I am glad that you are so far ahead of the game. I'm thinking you should hire yourself out as a personal shopper;>) Might make a little extra money towards a new house too! I'm not sure what I am decorating this year....I have had the same old, same old for a few years might want to punch it up a bit.

    Can't wait to see what you decide. Hugs- Diana

  10. This book looks like so much fun! I have to go get one! I have bought one Christmas gift so far so I guess that means I am not a planner. Looking forward to decorating though!
    Happy November!

  11. I've never even heard of this book until now! I think it's time I crawl out from beneath this boulder...

  12. I got a copy of this book as soon as it came out... I love it too! I plan to use a few ideas from it this year.

    I decorate every "public" room in my house, plus the guest/sewing/craft/everything room. The enclosed front porch has the actual tree and is jadite green and red; the living room is tarnished silver, ivory, sagey green and aqua; dining room olivey green and reddish burgandy plus a little silver and gold; kitchen back to jadite and red; bathroom pale blue, white and silver; and the guest/etc room pink, silver and white. Lots of the decorations are vintage or vintage inspired.

    Hmmm, maybe I do go a tad bit overboard?? Can you actually go overboard for Christmas??


  13. I am a bit of a Christmas organizer too...It is the most wonderful time of the year after all!

    I wish I could get a copy of this book. Last time I looked they didn't deliver to Australia :(

    Best wishes and happy planning!

  14. hi jen,

    i love serena's style -- it's like cath kidston with a twist of americana -- if that makes sense.

    slacker here. 1 present purchased.


  15. Jen,

    You are not going to believe won my giveaway! The Barefoot Contessa cookbook!

    Please email me your info and I will send it to you!

  16. sorry I hit enter without signing off...



  17. I am already counting the days. We are taking our 3 daughters and husbands and three little ones to FL to Disney World,and Sea World etc.on Thanksgiving for 10 days for their Christmas. I will be decorating the week before we go so when I get home on the 5th I arrive to Christmas done! I won't have much shopping to do... just stockings parents, sisters and a few very close friends.
    I do vintage everything. My grandma and grandpa did an open house every year in the late 50's and 60's and early 70's. The whole house was covered in lights and the inside was too. I got lots of the goods.I have too much stuff but love it all. I have shared with my girls and my sisters have stuff too. So much fun. Can't wait to break my old friends.

  18. A woman after my own heart, I'm planning too :)

  19. Wow, thanks for the sneak peeks in Serena's book! I'm going to place my order for the book on Friday at the virtual signing party---to get some autographs! Yay!

    I'm a planner, too, but a follow-throughER--maybe not so much!

    Cheers to Christmas!
    blessings, Heidi

  20. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. I plan to stick with my tried and true colors of white and red. With lots of silver and icy accents. It's a color combo I've used for the past couple of years and one I look forward to all year!

  21. I'm gonna miss seeing your sweet face at Silver Bella this year :(

  22. given this is my first Christmas as a blogger... I am actually thinking about it already too!! usually I am very anti Christmas until after my birthday in early Dec!! ha ha! ;) birthdays with fake Christmas trees will do that to a girl!! I love Farm chicks... need to scout around and find that book! maybe even steal it with a coupon !! =)

  23. Farm Chick Christmas looks wonderful! I'm a farm chick! (BOCK-BOCK!)(Isn't that how children always say chickens talk?)(Can you tell I'm in a crazy mood?)
    xo, Cheryl

  24. Can't wait to get my hands on that book!
    Haven't even thought about Christmas lists yet...thanks for the kick in the pants!

  25. Thank you for sharing some pages of this lovely book! Great blog by the way...;-)
    Love, Maaike

  26. You're one of THOSE people are ya? haha. I wait until the week of Christmas , Otherwise we end up opening everything three months in advance. I'm a child at heart, no patience.

  27. Love that book, love that store front , your scarf, ALL of it..

  28. That definitely looks like a book I need to pick up!!! Thanks for the preview :) I have exactly ONE gift I've bought. That's it. We have 5 birthdays between now and the end of the year, plus our families buy lots of gifts for each other. : / Kinda stressful and expensive. I envy people who just buy for their immediate family. (not much of the Christmas spirit, but it really is out of hand!)
    I'm pretty traditional with my colors for Christmas. I love the apple green and red, but pretty much all of my stuff is in the good ol green and red. I love red and white gingham check ribbon so I use a lot of that and "frosted" pinecones. :)

  29. Hi Jen! Woo-hoooo!! So glad you're joining in! :) Love, Serena & friends

  30. Well, I have a confession to make..since youve got this book posted and such.
    Remember when you sent me that awesome package? Maybe it was years ago,when I very first started this life of a blog? Remember?
    That was when I very first was turned on to the farm chicks..from you. I have also trekked to this lovely event at the other end of my beautiful Washington state.
    Guess what? I applied to be a vendor last
    partly because of YOU..
    how'd you like them apples, sisterina? Im still holding my breath to see if Im in the Farm Chicks club, ill let you know!!


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