November 18, 2010

Thursday Randomness

So. This has been a busy week. I'm not quite sure what has been so busy about it but I do know that the week is almost over and here I am scrounging to get a post up. I guess I've been mildly efficient because at least my house is relatively clean. Today my thoughts are all over the place so here is a random sharing of what's going on in my head. It's scary in there.

This is my knitting journal. It makes me smile each and every time I look at it. It's from F.G. and Company. They seriously have some of the cutest stuff ever. I picked this up at Pier One this summer.

 These are my 2nd favorite boots at Anthro this year. They just went on sale 1/2 price. Of course 1/2 price of a lot of money is still a lot of money but I thought one of you might want to order a pair.

Now this? This is within my budget. I first fell in love with it 2 years ago and missed buying it on Etsy. I was lucky enough to sweet talk the artist into making another one for me and I treated myself to an early birthday present. Lots of cool stuff here if you want to take a look.

I am currently obsessed with this drink and horrified that I just found out that it is seasonal. Umm...that's not cool. I don't have room to even stock up in this tiny house. Why would you play that joke on me Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.? I don't even like cranberry for crying out loud.

Last but not least let me say... 1000 followers? Are you kidding me? I'm humbled and shocked and wondering what you all are thinking! Mostly I'm just thankful you guys show up and occasionally care about the nonsense that I talk about here in my corner of the world. I really am happy you're here. So thanks to each and every one of you.


  1. I like your Thursday Randomness...I attempted to conceal my Thursday randomness in a post today! Love those Anthro boots - I only buy sale stuff at Anthro!

    Knitting....always been something I have wanted to try...

  2. love that pic of your daughter, very sweet. those boots from anthro are pretty darn cute, too. a knitting journal, sounds intriguing...

    glad i could be your 1,000 follower. love, love your blog.

    hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. I have been in love with Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash for a few years and introduced a lot of my friends to it.

    I sent out a message in August that it was in a local store, I received 18 texts back saying "OMG! Where?"

    That's the earliest I've ever seen it on the shelves.

  4. Your model is darling!
    Those boots are fabulous...I want a pair! :)
    I'm feeling pretty random myself today....
    Have a great evening!

  5. Those are my fav anthro boots too!

  6. Congrats on 1000 followers- I can't imagine!! You are a lovely person and that just shines through your blog...and your 0 to 1000. You deserve it! Hugs-Diana ps...sometimes I don't know what I am busy with either!

  7. 1. Emma looks so grown up in that pic! sniff sniff. It almost makes me think that she's too old for Calvin after all? Almost, I said. Almost.

    2. 1,000!! Maybe the Universe would like you to celebrate with some half-off boots?

    3. I'm with you on the Sierra Mist thing. Only I haven't tried the Diet...

  8. hi jen,

    great randomness. i love f&g stuff and didn't realize that carried stuff at pier 1. good to know.

    congrats on 1000 followers! i'm almost there and it completely surprises me (in a happy way), as well.

    your daughter is adorable!


  9. your daughter looks adorable. i love her outfit. don't think it would look as cute on me though. this week has been crazy busy. glad it is almost over. those boots are awesome. mmmmmm. know you've got me thinking. have a great weekend.

  10. Great boots! Course still out of my price range. Did pick up a really cute oair at Target the other dya and love them! Your daughter is very cute! Traci

  11. Honey, are you PMSY? You are all over the board! ha! I love it. Emma looks so grown up, I wasn't sure it was her. Such a little Village Woman. I will search out this Sierra Mist, and I'll even stock it here for you-cause that's the kind of gal I am. You can pick it up in January during our LoveLoom Fest.

  12. Jen,

    I start my day with a pot of tea and thee, and it's just fine with me.
    You've wonderful thoughts and a sweet authentic heart. Love your blog. The photograph..just adorable.
    Elise x

  13. Could Emma Lou possibly be any more adorable? I think we know the answer to that.
    Okay...just popped over to see the boots and got lost in all the Anthro lovely. You've got good taste, JJ!

  14. 1000!!!!!!!!
    woot woot!! You deserve it!
    Have a great weekend. You will soon be celebrating 2000! xoxo

  15. Emma looks adorable ~ is the hat and scarf set your creation?
    And I LOVE the silhouette ~ looks like my Ernie ♥

    Have a great weekend Jen ...congrats on 1000 followers!

  16. i just tried the new sierra mist! i love it! i was getting tired of the same old, same old. congrats on 1000 followers :)

  17. I had great pleasure reading your blog and my wife saw those boots and fell in love with them.
    God Bless you

  18. Well, I'm slow... I thought that was YOU in the cute pic! Adorable! Congrats on the 1000 followers ~ you deserve 'em ! I can't wait to see more craftin projects as I adore your style...

  19. yep, we love ya! Congrats on 1000!! And I agree on the fizzy beverage. Not a cranberry lover, but so yummy- and no calories??!

  20. Love this spot in your world ... just found it. So, now you'll be 1,001 followers! :)

    Stop by if you have a moment for a Christmas Giveaway of handmade jewelry ... handpainted necklace & crystal earrings ... a little Christmas sparkle for ya! :)

  21. I think I may have a solution for the after Christmas shortage on the cranberry pop! I use ginger ale and mix it 1\2 and 1\2 with cranberry~pomengranate juice (the no sugar added kind) and it is delicious and has to be somewhat healthy. :] Our kids like to mix sprite and juice or sunkist orange with cranberry juice... it tastes good, has a little vitamin C, and feels special to drink it in fancy glasses! Hope you like it! I love your blog. So very fun!


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