August 20, 2012


We have had a lot of firsts this past week. Here they are in chronological order.

Emma's first day of sixth grade. I love this picture. Parisian tote bag, lace flats, ruffle skirt and a style that is completely unselfconsciously Emma. I've never met a kid (or adult) so comfortable with who they are.

Emma's first ballet shoes for classes that begin this week. She is counting down the days.

The first pie my Sweet Hubby has ever baked. It is a Cushaw pie. Cushaw is a strange green and white striped gourd that is supposed to taste a bit like pumpkin. Rumor has it the pie is delicious. I have some serious food texture issues and couldn't get past the first bite so I can't be sure.

Maddie's first day of being a College Sophomore. I have no idea how my little baby got to be a College Sophomore.

 Maddie's first textbook with Alice in Wonderland on the cover. How could you not like a class that starts out like that?

Lastly, today is my first day of being kid free since the middle of last May. A day just for me. The one I've been dreaming of all summer long. The possibilities are endless. Catching up on my reading, a new knitting project, finishing season one of Dawson's Creek on DVD. Yes, you read that right. Whatever this day holds, I'm going to enjoy every moment. I hope you do too.


  1. Maybe you'd like to sell at 'Girlfriends on the Farm'....I think Carrie is????? Where is Maddie going to college....Lindsey started today as well. Emma looks so grown up! The pie looked yummy....I'd have eaten it for sure!

  2. Jen, What a lovely post. You have two beautiful daughters. I ballet shoes brought back so many memories. I have sewn many strips of elastic and ribbons on ballet slippers and pointe shoes. I know she will have a magical experience. Enjoy your day it sounds divine. Bonnie

  3. hello pretty girls!!!
    i love their fun individual personalities!
    you've done a great job mama
    happy week of firsts!

  4. Enjoy Jennifer! I still have two weeks until that glorious kid-free day! Sounds like your options are perfect!

  5. Your girls are so pretty and sweet.I'm partial to girls since I have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters all of whom are so very precious to me. Enjoy your day. It sounds just perfect.

  6. Enjoy your day-they don't happen often! Your daughters are just beautiful and I love Emma's sense of style. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  7. Congrats on your kid free days again- you lucky duck! Good luck to the girlies- they are awesome and will do great!

    See you Wednesday!

  8. Your girls are so beautiful. I hope that you all had lovely first days.

  9. What a lovely blog from french tote bag to Dawsons Creek I smiled all the way through, hope you all had lovely days. Annie

  10. heaven. i can't wait until my kids go back to school ... i'm totally vegging out in front of the tv the entire day. lol i hope emma loves loves loves her ballet class!! enjoy your first week of FALL!!

  11. Those are all great firsts! Hope your day to yourself was absolutely wonderful!

  12. your girls are so lovely. :) i hope you enjoyed your day! can't wait to see the projects you have in store for this year!

  13. Beautiful girls. You Emma and my daughter are exactly the same age. Middle school should be quite the adventure for them. :)
    School doesn't start here for another two weeks, but I'm sure that time will fly by.

  14. So many precious firsts and two darling daughters! I hope that you enjoyed your day! xx

  15. Have a wonderful YOU day.
    Your daughters are lovely. You must be so proud of them. I know I would be.

  16. I adore Emma's outfit. I bought the same cardi for Rubes in gray. And I bought the sister of that TJ/Abercrombie T for moi. Is that okay???

    Love you and your people.

  17. enjoy!. i am enjoying my kid free days too.

  18. your girls are darling. enjoy the day to yourself, my girls head back to school next week.


  19. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yours is beautiful. Congrats to your girls. I hope they are enjoying school.

  20. Darling girls and I
    love that they each
    have their own style ~
    bravo to them and to
    their mama : )

    Happy September,
    xo Suzanne


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