December 12, 2013

Christmas Wishing

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I had a lot of questions about my studio and my project in my last post. I plan to answer those in the next week but tonight I'm sick and thought it would be a good time to post some Christmas gift ideas.

Studio favorites:

Ikea Kitchen Cart
$50 It's not just for the kitchen. Did you know Ikea will ship some items? This is one of them. Your lucky day.

3.5 Giga scallop circle punch
$24 you can find this at Michaels and this is a good time of year to find a 50% off coupon.

Creative Projects
$6 I have many of these patterns from Alicia Paulson on my wish list. I think any of these patterns along with the supplies would make an amazing gift.

Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera
$65-$110 depending on color. Of course the blue is the most expensive.

Book favorites:
Hoop La!

Storyland Cross Stitch

 Secret Garden coloring book
$11 It's crazy to think you could ever be too old for a new coloring book

Vintage Tea Party Year

Couture Prairie by Rachel Ashwell
$26 I got this as an early birthday from a friend and I highly recommend it.

Anthropologie favorites:

$12 and up. They have the most magical candles. I have just recently become candle obsessed and hope to add a few of these to my collection soon.

Cheese Knife Set
$32 aqua+cheese? You know I had to have this.

 Colortab Measuring Spoons
$14 I've bought these twice as my first set got broken.

Lucerne Infinity Scarf
$48 I'm crazy for infinity scarves. I'm currently knitting one, my friend Melissa gave me a beautiful one for Christmas and I have at least 3 more on my wish list.

It's clear by looking at my wishlist that I'm not completely grown up. I think I'll embrace that! I'd love to hear what's on your wish list.


  1. I'm all over that Ikea cart... my daughter has the aqua one and I've been coveting it for MY craft room!

  2. Oh- I am sorry you are sick! That is not good at the holidays. We are so tickled that our little grandson is going to be well for the Holidays after our scare. I LOVE that cart AND that camera! I HAVE to get to an Ikea one of these days- I have still never been.
    What am I wishing for? I suppose saying World Peace would put me into the pageant, huh? lol I would like a couple of good books and the time to read them- xo Diana

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  4. such a fun list!
    and you're never too old for a coloring book
    merry christmas my friend

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Love that cart! I'm a candle and pretty lotions kinda gal. No big needs here, just having a peaceful holiday with family is fine with me!

  6. That wrapping paper! Delish.
    And now I think I need a scalloped circle to add to my paper punch collection...
    ps - Is one supposed to actually burn that owl candle???

  7. Great list and some wonderful ideas! Had no idea Ikea shipped -- must check that out! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I have that Ikea cart in my kitchen - holds recipe books, onions, squash, coffee, etc. I have the top shelf flipped so it is a shelf instead of a bin. Love it!

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  10. yes that cart is my fav purchase from ikea. hope santa is good to u.

  11. I have the cart and LOVE it. I first bought it for my daughter and she uses it as a bar cart. I use it to hold my supplies in the house because my creative space is in the garage. I can roll it out of the closet and not freeze in the garage during the winter.

    Thanks for the tip on the aqua cheese knives. I am buying those for my daughter today. But, I of course have to look at their website to see what else must be purchases.

    Merry Christmas

  12. Grown up? P'shaw! What fun would that be??? I'm chuckling because my wishlist is pretty similar to yours. Though, I've got a blender on mine. We need a blender.

    I hope that Santa makes all of your wishes come true -- and that you feel better!

  13. What wonderful choices for gifts. I went and ordered the coloring book for my girls! They are going love having it to keep them busy on wintery days. Thanks for sharing Jen! Love the measuring spoons and anything with yarn. :)

  14. Finally have a few minutes to catch up and had to tell you I love your list. The measuring spoons are adorable and I think along with cooking, embroidery might be on my 2014 to do list. Hope your feeling better friend!

  15. a most excellent list! some i have, some i'm wishing for too!!
    my wishlists are never very grown up either ;)


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