December 09, 2014

And Exhale

Where to start? Maybe you were beginning to think my last post should have been entitled A Fond Farewell to Blogging? No way. Not happening! Sometimes it's hard to carve out the time and then the longer you are away, the harder it is to know how to get back to it. Since last we visited, there have been celebrations, time with friends, crafting, decorating, tree farm visiting, holiday project building, baking, shopping, present wrapping (and stacking) and house refinancing (15 year mortgage, hooray! But also ouch! But eventually worth it!).

I feel like today is the first day of the Christmas season for me. I started decorating the day after Thanksgiving but there has been so much going on that today feels like the first day I can take a deep breath and exhale. All is good in our world, but there has been some of that chaos that creeps in. From now until January 5th, the only things on my calendar are to go to my favorite Italian restaurant with some beloved friends and go see Elf the Musical on my birthday.

My Sweet Man (is it just me or are they at their sexiest when they are holding a baby or doing a project for you?) is on vacation for 3 weeks after this Friday and I am envisioning long days of reading, baking, Christmas movie watching and crafting. I feel like I have gotten my crafting mojo back in spades after quite a long departure. I have so many ideas and projects floating around in my head that I feel most manic in my wish to create.

I'm planning to be back soon with a little glimpse into what Christmas is looking like in our house this year and I hope to find some time to come visit you and see what the holidays are looking like at your house. Until then, I wanted to give you a little thank you gift for always being so sweet. I'm known amongst my friends for putting together a mean playlist and I especially love to make them at Christmas time and share them. Since I obviously can't make one for all of you, I thought I'd share this year's playlist with you here!

 These can all be found on itunes.

Jen's Hello Christmas Playlist 
-Baby it's Cold Outside by Willie Nelson and Norah Jones
-Winter Wonderland by Leftover Cuties
-Hark the Herald Angles Sing by David Ian featuring Acacia
-Silver Bells by Harry Connick, Jr.
-Let it Snow! by Ella Fitzgerald
-It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Michael Buble
-I'll be home for Christmas by Stephanie Davis
-It Really is (a wonderful life) by Mindy Smith
-Please Come Home for Christmas by Harry Connick, Jr.
-That Old Christmas Moon by Leon Redbone
-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Norah Jones
-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer by Jack Johnson
-Jingle Bells by Harry Connick, Jr.
-Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Michael Buble
-No Christmas for me by Zee Avi
-Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Buble
-Santa Baby by Emilie Claire-Barlow
-Blue Christmas by Harry Connick, Jr.
-The Christmas Song by Stacey Kent
-White Christmas by Michael Buble and Shania Twain
-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by David Ian featuring Acacia
-What are You Doing New Year's Eve by Ella Fitzgerald

Now I'm off to grab a quick lunch and head to the studio and listen to this while I work on a fun new project. Happy day to you all!


  1. You sound busier than me!!!!! Enjoy :)

  2. You always jump back in to blogging like a favorite friend.
    Thanks for the playlist!

  3. I know how you feel! I was gone from blogging for so long, but it was good to come back!

  4. So glad to see you back, I have been a total slacker when it comes to blogging for the past few weeks, but I'll be back soon. Thanks for theplaylist and make sure to keep that calendar open so you can actually enjoy the season! :>) Looking forward to seeing some of your projects!

  5. I found myself singing outloud today. Hope the dogs didn't mind. So nice that your husband will be home for so long. Mine may be soon, hah, but not because he wants to be.
    Enjoy the rest of this month. Love your last picture. Simple and lovely.

  6. I agree... the longer you are away, the harder it is too carve out the time. I was away just after my grandson was born, and I still haven't gotten back to the routine of blogging. Enjoy your week...I hope to see some of your projects soon. I will be seeing "Elf, the Musical" this weekend. It has received some good reviews.

  7. Jan- It is always such fun to see a post from you. I love the simplicity of your Christmas "doings". We should all take note of that and slow down a bit. Everything looks just beautiful. I love it all! xo Diana

  8. Always good to see a post from you! Sounds like you've been really busy but I'm glad you're finally getting a chance to slow down a bit. Last week was very slow for me, but this week I have commitments almost every day. I'm trying to strike that balance, but it gets so hard around the holidays.

  9. The vintage ornaments in the dough bowl picture is beautiful! I have not blogged in over a week, because we have had such cloudy weather that it is very hard to get a picture.

    Your play list sounds perfect!

  10. Welcome back. It might sound crazy (to me anyway because I am fairly new at this blog reading thing and writing comments) but I missed you. Reading you is always a sweet moment in my day. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

    1. That is not crazy, but is so sweet Julie! And I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas with your family as well!

  11. Busy time of year, isn't it! Love your plans for crafting and relaxing! Thanks for sharing your play list!

  12. love your vintage dough bowl filled with ornaments & your Santa mugs ♥ what a beautiful Holiday home you've created ! Now that I see you are on IG , must add you to my following list :-) xo

  13. Thanks for the playlist. I have been relying on the iTunes radio holiday playlist, but it has some really obscure and not very good songs or singers.

  14. Your home is so pretty...enjoy your time with your family..... I must find you on IG.....and I also love your dough bowl with ornaments! Happy Holidays!

  15. I was thinking about you today! I was shopping in this wonderful shop and they had these aqua lamps and an aqua hutch and I told my hubby, I know a person whose home these would look perfect in. :) Love your play list! And I am glad all is coming together for you. Enjoy this weekend. Kit

  16. i have some very similiar shiny brite ornaments that belonged to my grandmother. they are some of my favorite christmas decorations and i use them everywhere! :)

  17. Hi Jen! Isn't it wonderful to get all of the holiday fun stuff done? Enjoy the season and look forward
    to seeing more of your holiday home. LOVE that dough bowl filled with ornaments!

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Jen, that may very well be the prettiest Christmas tree I have seen this year. Absolutely perfect, and I am a perfectionist when it comes to my tree, except this year when I put up a crusty old artificial tree and called it good. Old houses are the best, their quirks and odd spaces make them more homey and your house is beautiful! I love the quilt on the back of your sofa. I found an old quilt top and just added the filling and a sheet for the back and it is one of my favorites, although your quilt is perfect as is. I love the color it adds to the white furniture. It looks like you have some great Christmas fun ahead. Lucky you to have your husband off work for 3 weeks! Enjoy the family and Merry Christmas!


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