July 01, 2015

Summer So Far

Thank you all your kindness about our porch project. We are enjoying it as much as possible and I have to say that our summer weather has been my idea of perfect. A lot of people would argue that point with me, I'm sure, but since I don't love the heat and I do love the rain, it's been heaven! So far Mother Nature is taking care of the watering which suits me fine.

I can't believe how far into the summer we are. I'd rather not think about it too hard. I feel like we are just getting started on the break part of the season. As soon as school got out we went on a trip to Missouri and the next weekend we went to North Carolina where we got to meet a long time blog reader, Yvonne.

She is such a special lady. She was crowned the girls' Fairy Godmother quite some time ago. She sends them (and me!) the most thoughtful gifts. She has been doing this for a couple of years now and you know how some people are just gifted at giving? She is one of those. We met for breakfast at Foster's Market in Durham which was the perfect place for us. I wish we could have visited longer and I hope that we will see her again soon. Or maybe she will just move to the Village.

Can you tell the girls loved her? There is just something about her. She felt like home and comfort.

As soon as we got back from NC Emma headed off to writing camp at Butler University (where she hopes to attend one day). She loved it so much and would do things like send me pictures of her drinking her Starbucks while sitting in the lecture hall listening to a professor. Our little Rory Gilmore. The next week she had ballet camp which wrapped up with a performance at a local Senior Center. I was so proud of this girl. After the performance she went up to every single senior there and shook their hands, introduced herself, smiled and talked to them. Really talked to them. This is usually SO far out of her comfort zone but she loved every minute and was the last dancer to leave the area. We've been talking about volunteering at a facility for awhile and this convinced me. She was made it for it. Really the only thing that had been holding us back was not knowing if I could make it through without crying. You might say I'm a little tender hearted. But I surprised myself and now there is nothing holding us back.

We have now entered the part of summer that we love the most. The popsicle eating, reading in a chair hammock part of the summer.

The tubing on the river with friends part of the summer. Have I mentioned that we have the best of both worlds here? We have in-town living in the front and country living in the back which was the perfect compromise for the little girl who would have had us choose a house based solely on whether or not it had a stream in the yard. We act like that river running through the Village is all ours.We can't even help ourselves.

So while the summer might be half over, we still have a lot of living to do in these next weeks. There are still many adventures ahead of us: waterparks to go to, visits from cousins, museum visits, fireworks, movies to see, ice cream cones to be eaten, picnics, lazy days to be had, books to be read and a week at the beach in Michigan. But for now I'm grabbing a book and a cold drink and heading to the porch with my favorite guy!


  1. It sounds so lovely so far! Can I say that I'm just a wee bit jealous of Yvonne for getting to meet you & your girls? Someday I'll make it up to Zionsville!

  2. Well, I hate the heat and would love if it rained every day. So you need to email me and tell me where you live! It's hot, hot, hot in Tulsa. Over 100 degrees in the shade by noon. I am so proud of your daughter too. I could see by the look on her face in the photo where she was talking with the senior that she was truly "made" to do this. What a sweet girl!

  3. I think California would like you to send some rain its way. :) Sitting on the porch enjoying time sure sounds wonderful to me. Kudos to your daughter for being a go-getter and a very caring young lady. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  4. Yes, your summer is sounding delightful! I just finished our summer program and am looking forward to some much needed recharging and reading time. Enjoy it all!

  5. I am loving the joy you find in summer--we live in pretty much the same area (I'm in Illinois) and although I enjoy the rain, I love to be outdoors.

    I love that you and your girls were able to meet with your lovely friend. We like that area, we have a place in Asheville, not close but have a love for the mountains and southern life.

    Your life in your town sounds idyllic, it's wonderful when life lives up to our dreams!! :)

    Jane x

  6. When I was teaching, I loved the month of June - the last days of school followed by the first days of vacation. But, I hated when July 1 arrived. I felt like I was already on countdown until school started again.

    I loved looking at all of your pictures around the garden.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful Summer already. Enjoy the rain. Wish we had some out here. : )

  8. Sounds like so much fun and goodness going on there! You and your girls are so sweet! Have a Happy 4th!

  9. What a beautiful life you live, Jen. It's like something out of an old time movie.
    Your daughter is an amazing human :)

    Enjoy the Fourth!


  10. Happy summer! Loved the photo of your girls and your friend, Yvonne...and the story of your sweet daughter. xoxo

  11. It sounds like you are having a lovely summer so far...It really is going by way too fast though. I am trying to soak as much of it in as I can.
    How fun to meet a long time blog reader!! And your daughter what a special young lady she is.
    Have a wonderful rest of your week friend!

  12. You went to Foster's Market! :) I've always wanted to go. :) How special to get to meet your friend! Love how the internet has brought people together! Looks like y'all are having a great summer! Your garden is looking beautiful too! We've been discouraged by deer eating our hydrangea and annuals…but hoping to find something they don't like soon!

  13. Jen, I have to admit it's a bit surreal to open your blog and see a pic of me with you and your beautiful girls. I so enjoyed meeting up with y'all when you were in NC. Maybe one day I'll get to visit you in your charming village. Lovely to see Emma being her delightful self... her light shines very bright indeed! Enjoy your summer and give big hugs to the whole family!

  14. This is really a wonderful post.

  15. What a beautiful connection with your friend.
    What a tender moment at the senior home.


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