January 12, 2016

Living in Creativity

About this time last year I decided to make 2015 my most creative year. I have to say that without a doubt, I did what I set out to do. And while I couldn't have been more wrong about it being my best year yet, it absolutely was my most creative year yet. And that is no small accomplishment.

As a matter of fact, being creative is on the list of top 5 things that saved me this past year. Dramatic I know, but 2015 deserves some drama.  I learned a lot of things last year and one of those things is that the more you create, the more creative you become. If you have the desire to be more creative, then I urge you to just start...somewhere. Anywhere. It changes the way you think. It changes the way you see the world around you. It changes you.

When I made the statement "The idea isn't to create masterpieces every day, it's to bring loveliness to all the corners of my life." I had no idea just how much that change would shape my days and year.
*Mini quilt made by my friend Renee at Sewn with Grace

I chose creativity, maybe not every day, but I'd say it's darn close. Even when it was hard, even when I was drowning in the chaos and fear that was 2015, choosing creativity kept me from going under- gave me something beyond myself and my problems to focus on.

Now here I am, at the beginning of 2016, hoping that this year really is my best year yet, but knowing that even if it isn't that I will survive and knowing that there is beauty in all of it, even the struggle.

Whether it's photography, writing, baking, painting, sewing, journaling, doodling, decorating or any other thing that fills you with joy and makes your creative heart beat faster, start doing more of it and see how it changes you. See how it shifts your attitude to a more positive one and brings little sparks of joy into your life.

Today, like the many days that have come before it, I will live in creativity and the beauty that accompanies it because now it has become a part of me and is no longer a choice I have to make.


  1. Love hearing about and seeing your creative projects! You are amazing girl!

  2. i just ordered some birthday vintage milk glass to sort pretty scrappy embellishments into, because my room is nearly ready for creativeness. does that count?

  3. I need to get my creative mojo back. I have not been creative in over a year....just kind of muddling along. Thank you for the inspiration Jen!

  4. Jen, thank you so much for your posts. They mean so much to me.

  5. Thank you for this inspiring post!

  6. you are an inspiration, Jen. Thanks, I needed to read your post tonight. 2015 was difficult, but we survived. I'm hoping 2016 is sweet and I can be creative. Hedy

  7. Beautiful and inspiring post.

  8. You write so beautifully and express yourself and your thoughts so well. Being creative indeed helps your mind to rest at times and takes you away from the outside world. I love your little mantra "The idea isn't to create masterpieces every day, it's to bring loveliness to all the corners of my life." I hope that 2016 brings you much peace and joy, dee x

  9. I so agree with you about creating! And I love seeing all that you create Jen as it is always so special..... little treasures fabricated from your heart that are like no other. They all sparkle YOU. Love you.


  10. oh you have so many lovely projects here in this post ! :)

  11. Wonderful post Jen! We should all strive to have a teensy bit of creativity in each of our days. : )

  12. Great words to live by. I know it's hard to be creative when things are rough. I'll keep looking for the beauty in everything and start creating. Thanks

  13. Hi Jen,
    I so agree that being creative is so important for our heart and soul! I took a course last year and the instructor talked about a study that was done that showed 5 year olds scored 98% in creativity and 44 year olds scored 2%...that really shocked me! As adults I think sometimes we need to just put our 5 year old caps back on and create to our hearts content, because you are right...it isn't about creating a masterpiece...it's about bringing loveliness in.
    And your craft space is truly lovely!
    I hope that you are having a Happy & Creative Week!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  14. Like many, I needed to read this today. It was the first email that popped into my inbox this morning. Serendipity!
    I am glad to bid au revoir to 2015 myself, too, and your words inspire me to return to my creative, happy place. I started by cleaning my studio :) Happy making, Jen.

  15. And you do Creativity so well!

    I also live in Creativity. When I was teaching, I used this poem for the students to write about themselves. Kids wrote things like "I live in sports ... makeup ... dance ... video games ...... My sample was I live in creativity. The line "i walk round in a piano like somebody
    else be walkin on the earth " in my poem became "I get around my sewing machine better than my stove".

    i live in music

    i live in music
    is this where you live?
    i live here in music
    i live on c# street
    my friend lives on b-flat avenue
    do you live here in music
    falls round me like rain on other folks
    saxophones wet my face
    cold as winter in st. louis
    hot like peppers i rub on my lips
    thinkin they waz lilies
    i got 15 trumpets where other women got hips
    & a upright bass for both sides of my heart
    i walk round in a piano like somebody
    else be walkin on the earth
    i live in music
    live in it
    wash in it
    i cd even smell it
    wear sound on my fingers
    sound falls so fulla music
    ya cd make a river where yr arm is &
    hold yrself
    hold yrself in a music
    Written by Ntozake Shange

  16. Your studio space inspires ME to be more creative and I don't think I have even the tiniest bit of your talent!!

  17. Being creative is so important. Even though I have a full time job, I am forever working on things during lunch or doodling something that pop into my head duriing the day. So loved the prety colors in your post. Janice

  18. I’m so there with you on this! Last year quite frankly was one of the roughest for us and I really believe the love I have putting into our home helped me tremendously! Here’s to both of us having one heck of a 2016!!!

  19. I heard a wonderful quote recently.

    "God left the worked unfinished for man to work his skill upon. He left the electricity in the cloud, the oil in the earth. He left the rivers unbridged and the forests unfelled and the cities unbuilt.
    "God gives to man the challenge of raw materials, not the ease of finished things.
    He leaves the pictures unpainted, and the music unsung and the problems unsolved that man might know the joys and glories of creation."

    I think that about sums it up.

  20. I love your quote on the quilt. And I am trying to be creative each day this year too--having a two year old again has made me remember that sometimes, being creative doesn't look like a solid afternoon of creative time--but I'm finding that if I can spend at least a couple minutes here and there doing something that brings beauty or joy to our day, it counts! (And then I have to remember again not to be frustrated when my five minutes is interrupted!! Ha!)

  21. You have a great track record, Jen...not knowing you very long I have to say you have made some outstanding pieces. Your embroidery is wonderful! I love your first paragraph about the more you create, the more creative you become. I feel that about reading and cooking. And I hope to start doing a bit more with my embroidering and hand sewing.

    Jane x

  22. I have to tell you, everytime I see that you have posted, I get all excited to see what is up in your corner of the world. I love your photos, I love your ideas, I love the way you live your life. On to Creativity! I think this year, my job will be to live the life I want now. :) Kit

    1. Oh thank you sweet Kit! I think your plan sounds like a great one!

  23. Well said, Jen. I'm doing the same thing this year, but you wrote it much better than I could have. I hope this really is your best year yet :)


  24. Love your post....after 20 years in this house, I have let a few things get out of hand. I've warned everyone, this the year I want everything organized. You inspire as always! Hugs!


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