April 13, 2018

Hello April

Spring has been slow to arrive here in the Village. Winter had a hold on us that she seemed unwilling to relinquish. Even now as I sit here in shorts, having enjoyed a margarita on the porch last night, I know there is another cold front headed our way and at some point I heard rumors of snow. I am ready to drag out the seasonal totes and strip the flannel sheets off the bed but we are in the frustrating in-between where both flip flops and wool hats are required.

It's been so long since I've spent time in this space that it's hard to know where to start. The days seem to get away from me, not for any one big reason, but for a hundred small ones. It's hard to fit it all in. Sometimes you have to choose blogging over doing your hair. Messy bun it is! (Sorry about that babe). The days mostly revolve around taking care of Clover who is finally starting to calm down a bit which we are eternally thankful for.

We've had some work done around the house but sadly it was of the very expensive but not pretty variety which seems to be the theme for us this past year. I am feeling suddenly impatient with the house and want to get things done. Like now. Or yesterday. We have been in this house 7 years this month. I find that impossible to believe. Do you as well? My Sweet Man says I have the 7 year itch and I think he's right. I am one of the most patient people you'll meet. I understand the value of not getting what you what when you want it and that the reward of waiting is that you will appreciate that thing even more. But, COME ON! I cannot handle our 1987 bathrooms and kitchen anymore! I'm so grateful for the kitchen changes we made but the plywood, unusable cabinets, 30+ year old linoleum floors and tile counters are making me crazy. I know part of this is also spring fever combined with the fact that I spent most of 2017 in a dazed cancer coma. I am now awake though and feeling better than I have in years and I just want to get all the stuff done! There are some changes in my future.

The girls are doing well, working hard and generally being good citizens. Lucky Emma just got back from Europe with a school group. We spent spring break here taking care of Clover after she got spayed. That's fine. I got to enjoy some French yogurt and Emmy brought me back macarons (and other treasured, including yarn!) so it's practically like I was in France. Plus we got a glimpse of life as empty nesters and we didn't hate it. Luckily for us we still really like each other!

So things here are good and pleasantly busy and not the kind of busy that has me melting down in overwhelm. We are preparing for Emma's belated birthday party tomorrow which is a Victorian garden party theme. I'm hoping the weather holds out but am too afraid to look at the forecast. Twelve girls crammed inside of our little house is a lot, but if necessary we will make it work!

I've not had nearly enough time for creating since Clover joined the family but I'm sneaking in bits here and there and excitedly dreaming about the return of my Sacred Days. I miss them terribly and realize I am a much more balanced person when I have them.

I hope you are all well and enjoying all the beauty that spring brings with it.

P.S. I would have loved to have edited these photos before posting but alas, the puppy calls and if I waited until I had time to edit them, we'd be saying Hello May!


  1. Spring is very slow coming here. Although we were lucky and didn't suffer any of the snow that brought havoc around the country, it's been very damp and dull most of the time, with an occasional warm, sunny day to tease us. The damp days are cold and depressing and make my poor fingers ache, so I don't get to do the things I enjoy, like knitting and sewing. I can't believe we're already half way through April! We're just trying to get things growing in the greenhouse; the grass needs mowing and the beds need weeding, but everything's to wet! It's really slow going this year! x

  2. We are the same here -- snow last weekend, 80 degrees yesterday! But, here's to warm weather coming, new starts and getting back to soul nuturing.

  3. We've had the most beautiful week, but today we're expecting severe storms. I understand what you mean about wearing flip flops one day and freezing the next! We've had an unseasonably cool spring.

    The fabric swatches (above) are beautiful. I love the colors, and I look forward to seeing what you make with them!

  4. I love to hear the simplicity and calmness of your days.

  5. Hello! I understand your impatience. Both with the weather and the house. Our weather is still winter but the trees are trying with all their little buds. Happy Birthday to your Emma. :) Enjoy those Macarons. Kit

  6. So glad that Clover is settling down :-). We often talk about getting a puppy, but I am not sure if I am ready for that. We have been fortunate here in NC to have are spring come. We have had warm 77 degree days but Tuesday it will be a low of 38 and a high of 58. I love that yogurt! The little glass jars make great votive candle holders.

  7. I like good and pleasantly busy days... with some sun please!

  8. Also praying for warm and sunny days and no more snow in Nebraska! Come on spring! Love your photos no matter what! Take care of yourself sweetie!

  9. I'm glad things are well with you, Jen, and that your daughter arrived home safely. I hope she enjoyed France - it's been on my bucket list for years! Someday....

  10. Spring is very fickle here (just a little north of you), too. Yesterday we got a glimpse of beautiful weather, and today it's back to gloomy and cool. Can't wait to hear more about the birthday party and see photos, too. Your daughter is so lucky that she got to go to France - in my dreams! I hear ya about the 1980's house - that's ours, too. And we've lived here for 28 years and still have a looong way to go. Guess it doesn't help that houses are basically money pits. We can only afford to do a little at a time. This year it's our front walkway and porch. All torn out and re-done. My 1980's kitchen will have to wait.


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