October 30, 2018

Full Autumnal Immersion

November is almost here and I'm feeling like October blew by at breakneck speed. In fact that might be why today this majestic maple was dismantled limb by limb. It was a sorry sight to behold. She almost lost her battle a couple of years ago and rallied thanks to a town that cares and some hearty cables. The extreme winds we've had recently proved too much for her, so now we mourn the loss. Also, I now have a perfectly clear view of that modern monstrosity that was built after they tore down the sweet cottage that used to sit there. Progress is not always good.

Despite the fact that today's temperatures surpassed the 60 degree mark, on the whole it has been plenty chilly. The dip in temperatures threw me into nesting mode and I spent the weekend being productive (something I've not felt I've been very much this year) and I got the garage storage and the attic cleaned out and organized. I also spent a bit of time shuffling things around the house, always looking for the balance between peaceful and cozy.

I love to get things clean and in order before the holidays. I relax and enjoy it more if I know that there are no dust bunnies hiding behind the sofa.

I did the annual turning of the dining room furniture in anticipation of a crackling fire being lit in the dining room and although I wish our fireplace was in the family room, I'm grateful to have one at all and try to make the best of it.

Of course a clean kitchen and brisk days almost require that you do some baking. I made this cake and this bread. There are so many other things I'm tempted to bake as the need runs deep this time of year, but my desire to keep my sugar intake at a minimum requires that I resist as much as possible.

You would be shocked to see how three people can destroy that loaf of bread in minutes. Well, really just two people as I only had one slice myself. I live with animals.

As we start to prepare for our cold weather hibernation, some of us have gotten an early start. There is a vent under the dresser that makes this the coziest spot in the house for a cat. Unless there is a giant, drooling golden retriever near by.

It's interesting that as I've gotten older, the months that used to have me just ticking off the days (January, September and November) until the good months started, now are some of my very favorite months. I appreciate the opportunity to catch my breath and get caught up or to just be more still. I find that I get overwhelmed much easier than I used to and in an effort to prevent any loss of joy during the more hectic days, I look forward to these times to restore serenity to my days.

I hope you are all well and finding time for the things that make you happy and enjoying whatever season you are in.


Melanie said...

I am always trying to find that balance between peaceful and cozy, too...without having too much clutter or "stuff"! I love your kitchen shelves and how you have them displayed. The only thing I've baked lately is chocolate chip cookies, because I mailed them off today to my niece for her birthday. She's away at school and I thought she'd appreciate some homemade cookies. Of course, I ate three of them yesterday. And then my tummy didn't feel too good, because I rarely eat sugar anymore. Your cake and bread looks delicious. If those were sitting in front of me, I'd devour them. See why I have to stay away from baking? ;-)

I also get overwhelmed much easier now that I'm "older", too. I need a lot more peace and calm in my life, which I don't always get. But I know that's part of life - no one can avoid that. So I'm learning how to deal with all that (mindfulness!), too.


Art and Sand said...

As a child I disliked the month of October - it was a month that had to be gotten through so we could get to Halloween and then my November birthday. But these days, I savor October. The days feel like summer, but we have the beach to ourselves. The lazy days of October have me ready for the busy months ahead.

Jane said...

Time really is flying by! I love the autumn best. I do love all the seasons, of course, and I'm glad I live in apart of the world where we can enjoy the changing of the seasons. My new crochet blanket is coming along and I've also decided to add a few more rounds to my first blanket. I finished at 64 rounds, but I'm just going to gradually add a few more as we sit under it of an evening. Best, Jane :)

Lilbitbrit said...

Yes a lovely autumn Indian summer is the best and gives you time to wind down, clear and tidy up before winter, and even then you don't feel there's enough time. All your cleaning and tidying and balance looks good.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

We waited forever for fall to start herein NC. It was in the 80's for most of October. The last week or so has brought cooler temps and fall color. So sad about that beautiful tree! Enjoy your nesting.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh my! That cake looks like one giant chocolate chip brownie! I want some! :D

Jboo said...

Oh my yes, October did just fly by and I am fearful that will happen to November too! Love your post and photos! Stay warm - chilly temps ahead!

Vikki said...

I think you have found the perfect balance in decorating your home--I always look forward to your pictures. It's a good thing you had those 2 "animals" who live with you to help eat that bread. Otherwise, you might have had to eat it all by yourself. Darn! :-)

mrsrobinson said...

I love the cosyness of November, and the excitement of what December will be. Though I agree, October passed by far too quickly. The urge to clean before the festivities (or a holiday) has started, and I still have to put the garden to bed for winter... Hoping for some must-do-it-now energetic days next week! Happy November

Julia said...

Your Harvest Cake is one of my very favorite cakes. I made it for Thanksgiving a few years ago, and I've thought of maybe making it again this Thanksgiving. October did pass by way too quickly. I was reminded of that when my daughter asked me to turn the calendar over this morning. I do love this time year. I also welcome the month of January after all the busyness of the holidays, it's nice to take a deep breath and just relax. Happy November!

Mereknits said...

Your house is just gorgeous. I like to get things cleaned up a bit too. Today all Halloween items were put away and Thanksgiving taken out. I have only a few things to celebrate Thanksgiving so I don't feel overwhelmed. Have a happy weekend.

Coco Rose said...

I was determined to take time to go through blog posts and comment. Ahhhhh it feels so good. I've actually MISSED blogging these past few months!

Oh I'm with you Jen, maybe it's an age thing, that as you get older things shift about how you feel about them. I too would tick off months, but I'm wanting to embrace them now. I always found Autumn quite a depressing month. More so than Winter actually. I just used to see everything dying off and looking sad from its earlier glory. I always felt that at least in Winter you sort of looked forward to the arrival of Spring! I'm now seeing Autumn for the beautiful season that it is.

I am feeling that slight feeling of being overwhelmed with my house and all its clutter. I have been finding the energy to tackle it rather lacking this year. I think that everyday I do the same jobs and never get anywhere to being where I want to be, in terms of clutter free! Ahhhhhh I will just keep plodding on. Maybe 2019 will be the year I get my act together! You never know, the blogging bug might hit me again!!!!! Take care my friend xxxxx