December 08, 2018

Wish List 2018

As promised I've assembled a list of Christmas gift ideas. Many of these are on my own wish list or things I have and love. None of these links are affiliated and I am in no way compensated for any of these. These are all just honestly things I love and think you might too.

To get you organized for the new year:

A tech organizer from Anthropologie

This set of journals from Rifle Paper Co

custom planner from Golden Coil

Magnificent Moth Pouch from Anthropologie

Any candles (and soy wax melts) from Harmony Farm Candles. She has a chai candle that is one of my favorites.

Speaking of chai, I prefer mine with mountains of froth piggery. I use  this one daily and this one for making chai for a crowd and for traveling. Because I'm not leaving home without my froth.

I love a cozy throw like these from West Elm.

Part of my obsession for a cozy home includes baskets. This one from Ikea is a favorite. There may be 2 in my studio alone!

Pottery from Julia Smith Ceramics

The Hygge Game
One of my all time favorite purchases that I use year round for the cozy factor is this fireplace from Plow & Hearth

Books. Always books.

For the craft loving:

A Lap Loom weaving kit from Craft South- my favorite craft store of all time.

A crafty kit or pattern from Alicia Paulson.
A Gypsy Gripper for your quilting ruler.

More books. Crafty books. All the books.

How about a crafty subscription to keep the joy going all year long?

I love my boxes from Craftpod. It has been a thrill to open each one I've gotten so far.

My favorite magazine subscription of all time is to Making Magazine. While it has a good amount of knitting content, it absolutely isn't just for knitters. You will find all kinds of creative projects inside.

A class or gift certificate from Jeanne Oliver. I have loved every class I've taken there.

Obviously coziness and creativity are the most important things to me and my wish list reflects that. I always love hearing what's on your wish list too! I also suggest, wherever possible, give handmade, shop local and small businesses and give the gift of experiences, memories and time but there is nothing wrong with filling in the gaps with a much coveted store bought treasure!


Catsngrams said...

What wonderful ideas and places I have never heard of but that warmed my heart and was peeked my interest. Thank you. I love your blog. So classy.

Jules said...

They are all gorgeous and fabulous ideas for the festive season and beyond. Great choices, Jen. X

Laurie said...

Such wonderful shares! I bought one item from the list (wax melts for my Sis), added a book to my library queue (Cozy Minimalist Home), and bookmarked Craft South. One of the favorite things I gifted last year was a hygge box I made for a loved one... filled with cozy socks, snacks, cocoa, a nice magazine, candle, nail polish, small string of twinkly lights, etc. That was fun to make!

Kit said...

What a wonderful list! I especially like the journals and craft kits. I too love to gift experiences, and I took my youngest to the traveling Broadway show of Cinderella! Oh my, it was fabulous. I always put on my wish lists, my fav cookies, pens and journals, and anything vintage! Happy Season to you! Kit

Sharon Hermens said...

Jen, Thank you for this posting of the things you love. I was so intrigued with Craftpod, I ordered a subscription for a year!!! So looking forward to first box!!! Again, Thank you!!!

Jane said...

What a wonderful wish list! I was looking at the Craftpods. Best, Jane :)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Such a great list Jen! I just ordered the craft pod for our daughter. fingers crossed it makes it by Christmas.

Erin said...

Jen, I so enjoyed reading through your list and learning about new-to-me things like The Hygge Game and Making magazine. (Have you ever checked out Flow magazine perchance?) For anyone reading the comments, I can attest to how fab Jen's frother is and that the white stove is even cuter in person! Thank you too for including Harmony Farm Candles--what a totally delightful surprise! I'm touched by your kindness to share the candles and melts and I wish I could give you a proper hug. xx <3 -Erin

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I love these ideas, Jen! I have to check out that hygge game...and I adore hand made pottery. As for your little fireplace, I bought one for my daughter's apartment years ago, and she loves it. I just bought one from Wayfair for my lower level - I figured since I put in solar panels I may as well heat with electric and keep the oil bills lower, right? :)

mrsrobinson said...

Oh, your wish list is so cosy feeling...

June said...

What a great wish list! I especially like craft bags. But this year I want a long skirt to go with my down jacket.
I also like the experience of giving gifts. This year I plan to knit a scarf for my friends.
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Kimber-Leigh said...

This list is GOLD!! Lots to add but it made me smile to see a few things that we've both had our eye on!!