February 19, 2019

Studio Tour

At the end of December I was suddenly overcome with the need to revamp my studio. This comes after spending a lot of time thinking about what my next chapter looks like. One thing I know for sure is that it will be centered around this room. I really wanted to make sure this space encouraged my creativity by being a little less busy. I love the results. It began with a coat of white paint, which felt oddly scary to a girl who has always had color on her walls.

As you look in the door, this is your view. One of the most important projects was making this sewing table (pictured in it's before state below) truly functional. Since I was not able to pull a chair under it, sewing was an ergonomic nightmare and not something I was particularly excited to spend time doing. Luckily I'm married to a very handy guy who was able to turn it into the sewing table of my dreams.

My sewing machine now easily fits underneath and he made two levels of shelves to hold these baskets perfectly. I painted it with milk paint in the color Aviary and used an old vintage linen sheet to make a skirt to hide the shelves but show off the legs. However, the very best part is that I can now pull my chair under the table and as a bonus, parking it there when I'm not sitting in it has given me so much more space behind my work area.

My collection of journals hanging out in an antique chicken feeder.

Having access to my supplies right behind my work tables makes the projects flow easier. The shelves on top got a new coat of pale grey paint and the cubby shelves below got new paper backing.

My old aqua cart wasn't working with the room now so it will get used elsewhere and this new blue one fits in perfectly.

To the right of the door is the hardworking closet that my Sweet Man made for me several years ago and it holds the craft trolley/cutting table/extra work space that he made for me more recently. I'm a very lucky girl and I know it.

I look forward to the day when we get our built-in bookshelves made so that I don't have to store these books here anymore but it's working fine for now.

All my pretty papers found a new home in this basket I already had. I have a real weakness for pretty storage and you will find many jars with leftover balls of yarn dotted around the room.

The hutch which is to the right of the work tables, is where most of my yarn stash lives. It got a little upgrade with a new paper backing that matches the cubbies shown above. I could sit and stare at this all day.

Switching out the floral curtains made a huge difference. I still love that fabric but I wanted something quieter. I can't tell you how I fought with the linen fabric for these curtains. I'm not proud of the number of swear words I said during my attempts to make them. My friend Melissa, who is an amazing seamstress, came and spent an entire weekend making it right. I am grateful for her every time I look at them.

Just in case you too enjoy ogling pretty yarn.

My favorite spot in the room is this corner, tucked in just to the left when you walk in the door. It is where I start my day every morning with my tea and knitting. In the last 6 months I have gotten in the habit of getting up a couple of hours before we need to leave for the school run so that I may have a quiet, peaceful start to my day, curled up in that chair.

 Even in summer, this little fireplace lights up my days.

This wall got reworked and quieted. I believe having a cleaner slate really helps my brain not to get overwhelmed. I love having this antique bakery box to use for a revolving creative or seasonal display. The hook and hangers to the right are to hold current/newly finished knitting projects. My in progress sweater is hanging there right now.

But seriously, these curtains!!

I have always enjoyed my creative spaces but I think there is something particularly special about this one. I love that it feels like I've gone back to my Swedish roots. I love coming in here and struggle to make myself leave. I know it is the perfect way to transition into the next stage of my life.

January 15, 2019

New Beginnings

This amazing thing happens when you put into words what you want in your life, and send it out into the world. I believe it's called the Law of Attraction and I am quickly becoming a believer. I can think of 3 specific times in the last couple of years when I did that very thing and was rewarded for it.

It is no secret that I have had a rough few years. Life is like that...a roller coaster ride that sometimes has us hands in the air, mouth wide open and screaming with excitement at each jolt and bump. Or a ride that has our heads spinning, while clutching our stomachs and hanging on for dear life. The amazing thing about life is that the deep down ugly, hard parts give us a true appreciation for the good parts. I'm going to say something shocking here...I'm glad I had cancer. Now, don't get me wrong, it would be awesome if none of our lives were ever touched by that particular beast and my deepest wish is that I don't have to go through it again and that none of the people I care about or you care about would have to go through it. However, it changed me in ways that are important and good. All the scars I have accumulated in my life have led up to this moment and this person that I have grown into. And I like me. No I LOVE me. I have not always, so this feels important. I am deeply grateful for everything I have and that I am. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and I have a true understanding of what's important in my life.

I have declared 2019 my year. It feels different. I feel different. I am making myself a priority this year. This doesn't mean that I'm selfish. Or maybe it does. I guess it depends on your definition. I believe there is nothing wrong with choosing to give yourself the same kind of care you give others. I am just now catching onto that and understand completely if you aren't there yet but I implore you to consider the idea. Without guilt. There is nothing wrong with speaking up and saying what you want and need rather than demurring to the wants of those around you.

I decided as a way to kick off this very important year, that I would redo the studio and give myself a space that encouraged creativity with a more peaceful environment because my middle aged brain gets overwhelmed and overstimulated and then shuts down. I am lucky to be married to a supportive guy who is encouraging me on my journey and who even pitched in to help by rebuilding my sewing table! I announced that I was going to spend the first day of the new year here as a way to honor what I want this year to be (more on that later) and that was exactly what I did. It felt so right. The project isn't quite finished, but I look forward to sharing it with you soon. I have a few more odds and ends to take care of, particularly I need to make amends with my curtain fabric.

While 2019 is my year, I am happy to share it with each of you! Put into words what it is you want, heck even leave it in the comments, and remember that you are the boss of your life. Then act like it. ;)