April 12, 2014

Content on a Saturday

Even as a little girl, I remember having moments that I wanted to memorize. The first happened when I was on my first boat ride when I was 5. I remember the feel of the wind in my hair, the smells and the way the water looked like fountain soda behind the boat as the motor churned away. I committed that perfect moment to my mind forever. That's how I felt about this Saturday, only I want to memorize every moment.

Windows open. Beautiful breezes. Cleaning out the flower beds. Friends out on bike rides stopping for conversation and hugs. A neighbor advising me that it's time to start planting my lettuce, potatoes and onions. Making a boule for my other neighbor and passing it over the fence.

A sleepover and the beautiful mess that comes with it. The sound of little league games in the park. The sun warming my bare shoulders. The sound of power tools as my Sweet Hubby builds me benches to go with the table he made me last year for Mother's Day. The Masters Tournament on in the background.

Emma and her friend antiquing on Main Street and then going to the library, because what else would 13 year old girls do on an Saturday afternoon in the Village? Lemonade and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for them when they return. Lunch on the back porch. Lots of smiles and sighs of contentment.

A day well lived and loved. Nobody has a perfect life but I have found when I take the time to really appreciate the small things, I feel like I get as close to perfect as a person could wish for.

April 02, 2014

Long Awaited

April. Finally. This may be the most anticipated April in my personal history. I feel like my entire life just breathed a deep sigh of relief.

 I kicked it off by mailing off the rest of the pincushions. Hopefully they will all be where they are supposed to be by Friday. I thank you all for supporting my little dip into the world of making and selling! Please take a minute to leave feedback for me on Etsy if you are so inclined.

I celebrated the mailing of the packages with a little pampering because, lets be honest, happy toes just make life a little better, right?

In the afternoon we went on a little fieldtrip to our local creamery for ice cream.

While we were there I made a new friend whose name happens to be Number 26. We bonded. My only regret is that I couldn't get close enough to rub my face on those fuzzy ears, although it's possible that if I had I might be suffering from a different regret today...

Emma also made a new friend whose name was Come-one-step-closer-and-I-will-attack-you. I'm not sure if you could call what they did bonding though.

This creamery is only 10 minutes from our house and I'm so embarrassed to admit that we've never been there before. I've realized lately that we three introverted homebodies need to force ourselves out of the house more often and have more adventures. We are busting on out of this rut this Spring.

I showed this shot of my mini bowl obsession on Instagram the other day. I don't know what I'm going to do if Anthro continues to come out with irresistible new colors.

What I didn't show on IG was the rest of the story. I have a well documented bowl problem. It's an ongoing joke in my family. This is not even the rest of it. Plus I have given so many bowls to Maddie for her apartment (so that I could justify new ones I had brought home) that she is now in danger of having too many bowls. I'd stop buying them but the withdrawal gets to me every time.

Speaking of Anthro, I got this towel there recently and love seeing the happy colors brighten up my Spring kitchen. In case you worried about the fate of this cute towel, everybody in the house knows that the towel hanging on the stove is hands off. Now, if you come over, you will know too and we can avoid any embarrassing situations.

While gathering up my unread magazines for an upcoming road trip, I got to wondering what magazines you buy or subscribe to. I now only subscribe to Country Living, Southern Living and Cottages and Bungalows but I miss having an endless pile of magazines. I still pine for Cottage Living, Home Companion and Country Home. Luckily I have many saved issues of Country Home which I still pull out every season. That magazine is the one that got away and I will likely never get over the ending of our relationship.

So that's April around here so far. I'm going to finish this day off with a well earned viewing of You've Got Mail while I catch up on Pinterest and flip through some garden inspiration. That may just be the most perfect way I can imagine spending an afternoon.

March 27, 2014

Popping In

Just popping in for a minute to say I got my first batch of pincushions mailed out today! I love how unique each one is and I'm excited to send them out into the world to their new homes. Also, I realize how completely unprepared and disorganized I was for this endeavor but I'm still glad I jumped in feet first! I'm figuring it out as I go along. That's how we roll here in the Kershner house. Perhaps you remember that is how we ended up in our Village in the first place? Or perhaps you remember that's how our mini kitchen renovation started? We are embarking on a front porch project in much the same manner. More on that soon. Heck, it's even how we ended up married in the first place almost 14 years ago. Clearly this is working for us.

Speaking of jumping in feet first, my uber encouraging friend Angie went ahead and jumped in too. She opened her shop which you can find here and she is filling it with the sweetest Spring treasures. I need some Spring in my life. This might be as close as I get for awhile.

It's back to the studio for me! Thank you all for your support! I've been amazed at the response this week. Just blessed. That's me.