November 30, 2015

These Moments

This year I am feeling rather emotional about the holidays. With Maddie's wedding next October, there will be a lot of changes. We are so used to our little family and traditions. It's been just us for a long time and while in the beginning I wished so hard for big family gatherings, eventually I got used to our party of 4. It's hurting my Momma's heart a little to think of the changes ahead of us, while at the same time I am just so thankful for the memories and our ridiculously tight bond.

I know it will all be just fine and I have to adjust my thinking but I'm rubbed a little raw at the idea of it all right now. Her guy, Daniel, has celebrated so many occasions with us for the last five years so it's not like we aren't used to having him around. We are. Plus we kind of love the big lug. But still, it will be different.

So I find myself just wanting to tuck the memories from this last Christmas, that belongs to just the four of us, deep in my heart for safe keeping.

This has been a crazy month for us, hence the lack of blog posts. Plus my laptop and I were in a deep spat. I'm feeling happy to say goodbye both to November and to my old Windows laptop and to say hello to December and the world of my new Apple laptop. I feel like I'm learning a new language. One that has it's own alphabet. For instance you wouldn't believe how long it took me to find the pictures I just uploaded from my camera. I've got some serious googling ahead of me.

We kicked off the Christmas season on Sunday by visiting my favorite tree farm. Of all time. If you are local, you've got to head to Dull's. I'm telling you, it was the very best day.

I'm so thankful for these girls of mine.

This may have been my favorite Sunday of all time. At the very least my favorite Sunday in recent memory. I was so happy that the weather didn't cooperate with us on Friday or Saturday so we were forced to wait which allowed Maddie to go with us.

This is a pretty magical place and it was just right for putting us all in the spirit.

 A boy and his dog.

A girl and her cow. This was taken right after Jane the cow give her a big kiss on the face. Her name isn't really Jane the cow. That's just what Maddie imagines her name is. Maddie was ecstatic. I thought she might cry with happiness. I don't know if I've mentioned how strange our family is.

 See? Did you think I was kidding?

 Jane. She was the cow version of Millie. You see it right?

We came home and watched A Christmas Story, had a feast of leftovers for dinner and decorated the tree.

And then the yearly tradition of sorting, shaking and stacking presents began.

This has been going on since Emma was two and first become obsessed with stacking and sorting things. I remember vividly that Christmas and how those presents were her favorite toys leading up to the big day. She must have been so disappointed when they all got opened. I love that this tradition is still going strong.

This house is decorated, the presents are stacked and I am looking forward to the weeks ahead of me with a joyful heart and very little on my to do list or calendar. It makes all of the work of November worth it. I hope that these days will be filled with family, friends, laughter, baking, movies, crafting and soaking up every moment that we can.

November 06, 2015

A Needle Pulling Thread

Most evenings when I close my eyes, I see a swirl of ideas, colors and patterns. You know that feeling on Christmas Eve when you are a kid (or a grown up) and you just can't wait to get to sleep so you can get up in the morning and experience the magic? Well that's me most mornings. I know many of you morning haters will not understand that but I am at my best in the early hours anyway. 

For instance this morning, I was compelled to get out of bed at 5am and reorganize my embroidery basket. I enjoyed every moment of it! There is something about coming downstairs when the house is dark and still and walking into the studio which always greets me happily.

I did my first embroidery project when I was probably 8 years old. It was a pillow case that I still have. It's no less fun all these years later. The project above is from a book called Hoop La. I absolutely love this book. It is one of my top 10 favorite craft books right now. Maybe that should be a post for another day?

It seems I am always looking for an excuse to pick up needle and thread these days. One of my cats who shall remain nameless, managed to rip a hole in some of my favorite pajama pants. Well truthfully, I wore them like that for months, ok many months, but couldn't stand the idea of throwing them away, so this week I patched them and now I can't hardly stand to take them off! It's got me pulling other items out of my closet that aren't in perfect working order and looking at them in a whole new way.

There could never be enough time in the day for me to do all of the projects that I want to do and I probably have entirely too many hobbies for one person with the hope of learning several more. Of course it all has to be fit in between the demands of every day life. I have an insatiable appetite for creativity which often finds me collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day in a heap of satisfaction. Lest you think I am just running myself ragged over here, let me assure you that I'm finding plenty of time for rest too. Even Millie isn't beyond sneaking away for some colorful dreams.