The Cottage Nest Makery

You can find me teaching classes at fivethirty resale (where they also offer furniture painting classes) located at 20 N. Main St. in the charming Village of Zionsville, IN

 Gathered Finds Journal:

I will be teaching this class Wednesday March 20th and Thursday March 21st from 10-12. The cost of the class is $35 including all supplies and tools. There are still 3 openings in the Wednesday class and 5 in the Thursday class.

A peek of the back cover.

And the inside.

Kits will also be available for $30 including shipping. You can email me at for more information.

January's Valentine's Day Banner class

The Valentine's Day Banner class was a great success. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came!

Class comments:

From Nanne " i just had to tell you that not only did i have a great time at your workshop, i left inspired and with my creativity rejuvenated.  i'm always thinking about projects, planning & researching...but, i get lazy and the projects mostly happen in my head.  being around you and the other compulsively creative girls at the makery get-together has lit a fire under my get-up-and-go and i am ready to get busy!"

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