November 01, 2006

Halloween Scenes

I don't believe I ever wore a purchased costume when I was growing up. It makes me feel like a total failure on the years that I do buy them. That's most years in case you guys are keeping count.
Maddie went as "Beach Girl". Umm. Okay. At least the costume didn't cost me anything. At least it was 45° so she was forced to wear a jacket over her bikini top. Emma was a kitty. I bet you didn't know cats wear yoga pants. They do when it's 45° and you just attach that tail right to the pants. Jim was obviously a dalmation. I'm sure you are thinking it takes a truly great man to dress up in a dog costume for his family. The thing is, he does it just for him, although the kids get a huge kick out of it. They've been enjoying it now for 6 years. Me? I try to hide in the shadows and hope no one recognizes me.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween.


  1. very cute! - but, where's Jen? I was hoping to get a sneak peek at her, too.

    Beautiful family. :)

  2. i wish my husband dressed up! that is so sweet :)

  3. Jen the girls and Jim look like they had a ball. Such fun!!! My Mom made all of my costumes too.. always loved Halloween. RJ

  4. Thanks y'all! It was such fun. Meg there is a pic of me but since my oldest dd's really baring her tummy in that one, I didn't want to post it here. I'm sure you will see me soon!

  5. Husband dressed like bunny, That is a special kind of man!! Lucky Girl!!


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