January 03, 2007

Finally Creating Something

Well since my studio is finally starting to come together I have finally been inspired to do some projects. It is so much nicer to work on a project when you don't have to keep running upstairs for things you need. So far this week I have made this book for a friend of Maddie's who moved away last May. It took me long enough but it just seemed so overwhelming before I had my own space to work in.

Here is the cover

and a peek at the inside

I've also finished 2 two page scrapbook layouts. Here is one from Emma's 5th birthday party. I thought I'd get it done since she will be 6 soon!


  1. Lovely stuff, your friend will be delighted.

  2. Jen,
    Your pages and crafts look fantastic! I have been trying to organize my study (where I do some crafting) and want to get some things done. All my scrapping stuff is in the basement in those rubbermaid drawers and I have a little fold out table down there. But I would love to figure out a way to keep it up here! I LOVE seeing your crafts! Keep us inspired!

  3. Jen, these are so sweet! I love how you captured the moments ~ beautifully done!

  4. Hi Jen, what a great idea. I must get sewing too. But at the moment I am head high in fabrics and quilts and can't even get to my machine. Hopefully I will have sorted myself out by the end of the day!
    Best wishes Ginny

  5. Wow! I just love the book! Are those stamps on the front? Great times good memories? And I love the design and colors of your layouts. Fun!

  6. Well done on finishing your projects - they are great.

  7. Certainly a gift that will be treasured for some time!Your creativity is beautiful!

  8. Jen I have been doing some scrapbooking as well. Been having fun with the new personal cutter. I really think you would love it! You can make tags and just about anything. I love yours...very sweet and girly! Sometimes I wish I had a daughter, lol. So glad to see your new craft room inspiring you...it is so much better when you can leave things as is and come back to it. Keep sharing! cherry

  9. You have a craft room of sorts now? Do we get to see it? I also love the picture of the three girls, arms around each other at the front door...don't we all have a picture like that? I see it showing up at someone's wedding someday! So cute!

  10. Thank you all for encouraging me!I really needed it today. There are so many things I want to try in there in the upcoming year and I will keep sharing until you are just sick of seeing them!

    Deb- Those aren't stamps. They are rub-ons which I have become quite crazy about lately. That particular one is made by Karen Russell and is in a package called Naratives.

    Ashley- Pictures of the craft are on the way today!



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