December 28, 2007

Where Did it Go?

A week? That's how long I've been away? I never even shared my Christmas pictures! Here's one, just for the heck of it. Where did the time go? Can I get some of it back? Sometimes I wish I had life Tivo. I could rewind the good times and enjoy them again and keep the really precious moments recorded and ready for playback at a moments notice.

Our holiday was filled with love, laughter, traditions, giving and receiving. My favorite gift was going to church on Christmas Eve for the first time. It just filled me up and will be a part of our traditions from now on. Everything after that was a bonus.

Today begins the process of removing all traces of Christmas from the house and starting with a clean slate. I'm ready for a fresh start. Are you?


  1. Yes...very ready! There are two times a year that I go on an organizing binge...when the kids go back to school and after Christmas.

  2. I'm very ready. I completely cleaned out and reorganized my garage on the 26th. The kids won't let me take down the decorations until after the New Year.

  3. Jen,

    I agree and almost everything is put away until next year. That's one of the joys of an empty nest; no one cares when the decorations go up or come down. But I sure do miss my youngest son after having him here for just 2 days:>(.


  4. No, I'm not ready at all! I'm loving the post-holiday limbo,doing a minimum of housework, schlepping around in pajamas and fuzzy socks until 10 o'clock in the morning, not moving decorations at ALL, and diligently making progress on the Christmas cookie tins! Our tree won't come down for two weeks, yet. :)

  5. I'm itching to get rid of our needle dropping swine of a tree. But I know the house will seem so bare with it all gone.

  6. Yes! We started yesterday afternoon and had to pause to get more ornament boxes. We'll be holiday decor free by the end of today! YAY! We had a lovely holiday, but I'm so done. :-) Your mantel looks lovely, though! Happy New Year!
    ~Angela :-)

  7. Nope, not ready yet! We take the tree down on New Year's Day, but I cling to a few decorationd for a while. I get the January blues most years, so I am not ready to let go of the hub-bub yet...

    So glad to hear you had a great Christmas!!


  8. I know what you mean...where did it go?

    I loved this post!


  9. i am so ready for new beging. I wish all was clean so I could enjoy New Years.

  10. your mantle is beautiful! love the candle holder. and what a great tradition you started. glad you were blessed.

  11. Yes, I want life Tivo!! Especially at Christmastime.

    I always leave up my decorations until New Years, but I go on a cleaning out binge through the house. Every room, closet & corner gets re-organized, de-cluttered & re-arranged. I feel like I'm starting the new year off right.

  12. lovely mantel jen!
    so glad to hear you had a wonderful christmas. i too, love getting all the things down ( as they've been up for several weeks by this point) & having a clean slate!
    happy new year

  13. I'm dying to clean up the Christmas around here.....and get some new tennies and do a little exercising after all my Holiday loafing around :)

    Have a wonderful 2008!

    Martha From Elizabeth Hill

  14. Hi! I just read your blog and wanted to let you know what lovely style you have. Also, I am so glad you really enjoyed attending your Christmas Eve service. We went this year, too and realize how important it is.

    Have a great day and keep up the great blog!



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