April 03, 2008

A Dash of Color

Maybe it's the promise of spring in the air or just the need to shake off the grayness of winter, whatever the reason, I'm feeling a strong need to add color to my cottage nest. This photo from the art.com catalog completely captured me. And then I started daydreaming about some cheerful rugs from Dash and Albert like the ones pictured below. Just right for kicking the winter doldrums in the rear. Do you feel the urge to go lighter and brighter too?


  1. Yes! Love bright colors, esp in the summer! Those prints are FAB, Jenn!

  2. I do! Not a lot of bright, candy type colors because my home is mostly in neutral or earth tones, but I am craving lighter colors. I have a room that I'm trying to brighten up that I'm going to be doing a post on soon. I should have it up tonite. Come by and take a look if you'd like!

  3. Yes, spring is bringing a need for color...and it can't get here soon enough for me. Thank you for the link to that rug company. Did you see that sea shell hooked rug.......I so want a huge one under my dining room table. That would be quite a splurge!

  4. Yes I do. I have been doing just that in my house and yard. I love summer!

  5. I'm ready to throw that 'cozy' feeling out the window and add some splash to my home too! Great inspiration!

  6. I adore the bright colors...Mary

  7. Dash & Albert are the best, I love their rugs!

    Happy Spring! I'm definitely feeling some Spring Fever!


  8. Oh yes, spring fever has hit hard this year and I'm really looking forward to lighter and brighter colors!

    I have a ton of ideas for our patio, but I'm not sure if the bright colors would match my neutral decor inside.

    Hope you have a great day!

  9. Thanks for that link for the rugs. I've been searching for a plaid rug for my kitchen...just what I wanted...thanks!

  10. Hey Jenn,
    I see the un-ish-ys have been, maybe, swept away? I hope so!

    At my shop we sell(or use to :{ )tons of D&A, also I have sold my fair share of those darling doggie prints. You are right, perfect pop of color, and so graphically pleasing. Its different artwork, kicked up-funky and fun, for sure.

    we had a great day here on the coast yesterday, but alas, this morning rain rain rain. Thats the pacific northwest for ya!
    Have a terrific weekend, dear pally!
    coastal nest

  11. I love Dash & Albert rugs!

    With all the damp, grey, cool weather, we've had here in Missouri this Spring, I'm longing for bright colors! I intend to do something about that, on the back porch, over the weekend!


  12. I sure do get the urge to go lighter and brighter during the spring. I've already painted the kitchen and dining area. I think I'll be moving onto the hallway. If the weather warms up, however, there is always outdoor work to be done.

  13. Lighter and Brighter? YES!
    Its been so gray and rainy here, I need something to lift my spirits until the sun decides to come out.

    Love those prints!

    Kimberly :)

  14. YES, here in NE it is raining today, again !!! But it's not snow so hooray.

    Thanks for the peek at spring.

    Kathy :)

    ps love the pug picture, we have a puggle named Sydney...it could be a long lost cousin :)

  15. Yes I am! Most of the colors in my home are dark, but I feel the need to paint everything over in a light color. I could seriously drive my husband crazy if I changed the house as much as I wanted LOL

    rue :)

  16. Lighter and brighter...summery, beachy colors. I'm so ready for spring!

  17. YESSSSSSSS I feel myself wanting lighter and brighter more and more with each passing year!! Love those doggie posters...soooo cool

  18. I definetly feel the urge and these bright pics might just help!


  19. I really want one of those Dash & Albert rugs for my mud room!!!

  20. Love the doggie wall art. My boston loved it too :)

    Best wishes, kimme


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