April 08, 2008

Being Creative- It's a Piece of Cake

Forgive me Bloggers, for I have sinned. It's been 5 days since my last post. Here is one of the many things that has kept me busy since I last posted. This idea comes from Amy of Inspire Company who has a new online magazine. You'll find a lot of inspiration at her site. I just couldn't resist making this for my Creativity Journal. She encourages all of us to have one. I couldn't agree more. I have another version of this project that I hope to get to later in the week using the ribbons next to the book.

We're on spring break here and since we weren't able to go to some exotic locale, we are vacationing in our own town. If you've never done that, then I encourage you to try it. Likely there are many wonderful things to do in your area that you've never tried. I'll try not to disappear for long, but if you don't hear from me, I'm hope you'll understand.


  1. Hey Hey Jenn,
    Amy does have some totally awesome projects on her blog, especially in the online mag. Thanks to YOU I have found yet another fun, inspiring hip chic to spend my days filling up on great projects, besides cleaning toilets (heaven help me)

    It is an awesome thing to be a vacationer in your own town. We do it alot since we are so close to the beach and all its touristy traps, not to mention the beautiful pacific..

    Have a "rad" holiday with the girls. ill check back in a few..
    Take care-
    coastal nest

  2. That is sooooo gorgeous I can hardly breathe! I am so thankful for gals like you (& Amy) that spark my inspiration. I hope I can pass it onto someone else!

  3. I had no idea Amy had an online magazine....going to definitely check that out.

    It sounds as though you are enjoying your spring break. We live just about 45 minutes from Washington DC but seem to only take advantage of the sights when we have family/friends visiting.

    I so wish we lived closer to each other. I would LOVE to go flea marketing with you!!

    Enjoy the rest of your break.

  4. That looks like a fun project! Very cute! I didn't know she had a magazine now - thanks for the link. I'll check it out later. We're on spring break this week too and doing the local attractions as well.


  5. KeeeeUTE, Jen!

    Love it!

    There are few things I'd like to tour in my town....I'm going to do it the next day off :)


  6. Hi Jen!

    I hope you enjoy your "stay-cation"...that's how someone described it to me the other day. We always vacation at my parents' house - in central Ohio - so I do know how it feels to be not in an exotic locale. A fun locale, just not exotic. Have fun!

  7. Such a cute project Jen. Enjoy Spring break with your girls!

  8. Great project!!
    Let them eat cake!!

  9. Hi Jen :)
    That's really cute! Have fun with your family. You'll be missed but I'm sure everyone would agree that a girl has got to have her family time.

    Rue :)

  10. Of course we understand, Jen. Hope you have a great spring break around your town. I've done that before and it is lots of fun learning new things about your own town.

  11. Jenn
    thanks for introducing us to a new place to visit!

  12. Hi Jenn, Thanks for the info to Amy's blog. I think you are pretty inspiring yourself.

  13. What a fun project. I think I will make one in my journals as well!
    Happy Spring Break!

  14. Great post. I took a blog hiatus during our spring break.


  15. HOW CUTE IS THAT??? I love how you used old ribbon, too...not only is it cute...but it's very green!! I think your idea (or Amy's) whoever came up with the creative journal...has a great idea...my daughter has kept one for years...and never ceases to amaze me with things she has come up with...to use as an artist/photographer!!


  16. Oh, oh, oh! Sooooooo pretty! :)

  17. Jenn, I love your cake! Have a great vacation! You are such a cool mom!

  18. Love the ribbon cake! So pretty.

    My hubby and I take mini vacations in our town. We stay at a nice hotel in the city, have brunch, shop, and a nice dinner and a movie.
    Its like a really long date. :)


  19. How fun! Thanks for sharing that project, I've forgotten about her site so I better buzz over!

    Happy day!

  20. LOL! That's so cool! Are you going to frame it?

  21. Yours looks WAAAYYY better than my version:http://vintagepretties.typepad.com/vintage_pretties/2008/04/so-whatcha-been.html !

  22. This is amazing and so fun ..love all the bird related items and the cake from Inspire so sweet my friend..blessings,Jennifer


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