October 20, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

I'm so excited to share this news with you. I've been keeping it to myself since last winter. If you knew me in real life you would know that I'm not very good with secrets, so that was quite an accomplishment but I didn't want to jinx it. I was so happy to finally see my picture in print. You might recognize the top right picture from my blog last winter. How fun to see it big and beautiful in the best art magazine out there. Thanks Somerset Life! Oh and did I mention that this just happens to be the best issue of Somerset Life to have ever been published? Coincidence? I'll let you decide!

In other good news, The Farm Chicks have finally started a blog. I love it already. I know that doesn't surprise any of you. Those two ladies rock and inspire me and I wish I lived next door to them. I'm anxiously awaiting their new book and if you didn't know about it then head to Amazon and read the description, then pre-order it cuz you know you want it.

The Bad

Have you heard the bad news about Home Companion magazine? I'm just heartbroken. It's hands down my favorite magazine. It has such character and unique homes and ideas, artists that inspire me. I can't imagine why they are taking it off the newsstands. Neither could my buddy Jerusalem so she posted about it and designed the adorable blog banner you see on the side of my blog. Go visit her here if you want one for yourself. Stand up for what you believe in and maybe our voices will be heard! Me? I'll just be here flipping through all of my saved copies and drying up the tears.

The Ugly
My oven died this weekend. That's horrible, don't you think? Most people would be devastated, right? Well, apparently when I'm really upset about something I jump up and down and shout with glee. Who knew? So it is out with the ugly and in with the new, shiny, professional style, dual fuel range that can do my food justice. No more having to adjust all my recipes for an oven that cooks everything too fast. No more having to do all of my baking on the top shelf so the bottoms don't burn. No more cursing at an appliance. Not that I would do that. I'll be analyzing the pros and cons of the various stoves that meet my criteria and hopefully getting a new one ordered by tomorrow because I'm already getting the shakes from not being able to bake.


  1. I just ordered up a Home Companion subscription last week, because I was spending more buying it every week. Darn! I love that magazine.

  2. Thank you for letting us know about ME Home Companion! I wondered what was happening as for the 1st time ever I wrote an email to Home Companion to say Thank You for such an inspiring magazine (which kept me company during a recent hosp stay). I received an email back saying "magazine closed" and wondered what that meant!! Now I know!
    On a happier note, congratulations Jen ... how amazing that you have been published and in such a fantastic art magazine!!

  3. I CANNOT believe about ME Home Companion. I'm in shock. What will we do????!!!

  4. Congratulations on your picture being published, it's so pretty, too! I never heard of the Farm Chicks, off to visit their blog!

    Bella :)

  5. Congrats on on having a picture of yours published in Somerset Life. That would be so cool. That is too bad about the Home Companion magazine. It sure is a good one. I have a feeling that it will come back once they get a new publisher.
    Also, I hope that you will soon find the cooking stove of your dreams. Take care!

  6. I have paged through that issue of Somerset at least 10 times. Every time I find something new I didn't see before-it is so full of wonderful things. Congrats on being in there. I think we all are in shock & perhaps denial about ME's magazine. It is so hard to believe.

  7. Congratulations on being in Somerset Living. I thought your photo was so beautiful and inspiring. By the way I would be jumping with glee too. Clarice

  8. Home Companion is the only magazine that I don't tear up because there are too many good things on both sides of the pages. It is the first magazine I turn to when I am looking for a creative push. Congrats on the publishing!

  9. Congratulations on being published in Somerset Life!

  10. Congrats on being in Somerset! That is such a beautiful publication, although I do wish they would come down in price a little bit! Especially since Michael's no longer allows one to use their coupon to buy books and magazines...

    I can't believe ME Home Companion is not to be. What ever could they be thinking! Of all the magazines I buy/subscribe to it is the only that I have kept every single issue of.


  11. Congratulations on being published. One of my favourite magazine authors, Rick Rutherford, left his magazine he started about 2 years ago and I was devastated. He wrote the whole Australian Country Collections himself and he would write such beautiful, heartfelt editorials. The magazine just wasn't the same without him. It ceased to be a living, breathing source of inspiration and became just another magazine on the racks. THEN he started up another one, which was even better.(Apparently he left the other one because of clash of interests with the publishers.)That too is now defunct but that's because he has his own shop and website now. But the moral of the story is...sometimes things pass away or change, but it could come back again under a different publisher.

  12. Jen- congrats on being published, that's fab!! I'm so sad about HC that I had to let it all out over at my place. I have nightmares that my home is on fire and I get my kids out, their memory boxes and all my ME mags- sick huh?


  13. Hi! I'm new your blog-it's great. You make like some of these retro refrigerators that I did a post on a while back:


  14. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in a cave. my week is ruined. maybe a pie with stars cut out of the tops crust will fill my cup...but i'm not eating sugar so that makes your news even more sad. i'm IN DISBELIEF!!!! i still love you though. : ) blessings.

  15. I'm so excited for you, congratulations on your publication!
    I had no idea about Home Campanion, so sad.
    I wish my stove/ oven would die, mine is really ugly! Can't wait to see what you end up getting.

  16. Congratulations! And my oven died this weekend too, but luckily it just needed a new element. Phew.

  17. I can't believe I made it in with you! Woo hoo! I am going out to find myself a copy TODAY! And yes, the Farm Chicks blog is way cool- I am too excited!!

  18. good info, thanks!
    sorry about your oven, i'm in the market for a new one myself!

  19. Have fun in your stove search...think of thanksgiving dinner in a shiny new range!

    Oh...Tagged ya...come by and see, if you want!

  20. oh no! I didn't hear that about Home Companion.
    Vintage Lily

  21. I can't WAIT to see which stove you pick!!! Please tell us ALL about it and ones you are considering as well!
    Oh and I've TAG'D you!! your IT! :)

  22. I had no idea about Home Companion.

  23. How cool about your photo, Jenn! I'm not surprised, given your eye and talent!

    And the new oven is gonna rock! Let me know which brand you choose.

  24. Congratulations on the magazine photo. I'm so proud of you!

    I can't believe that about H.C. Now I'm hacked that I didn't purchase the one I've been looking at for the past few visits to Hobby Lobby. Come to think of it, I didn't see it today. What's the deal?


  25. oh my....i have every mag since the charter edition. i used to own a gift shop & all we sold was mary engelbreit, back in the early 90's when it seemed like few had heard of her.....why? oh why?

    yeah for you jen!!! so exciting.
    you are such a rock star

  26. Jen,
    Thank you for including us in "The Good the Bad & the Ugly".....thank goodness we weren't the bad or the ugly! :)

  27. Congrats on being published, that's wonderful!!

    Off to visit Farm Chicks - thanks for the link!!

  28. Gasp! I hadn't heard that about Home Companion! Nooo!

    But how fabulous about being in Somerset Life! I can't wait to go get that. I just heard about that publication last week. Where have I been, right? Congrats!!


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