October 14, 2009

Cozy Ramblings

It's rainy and chilly here. I had lunch today at the coffee shop in the Village with my man, followed by driving around looking at houses that we would like to live in. Then I ran errands and now I'm all tucked in with some newly purchased magazines and a cup of cocoa. Don't you love how much character my coffee table has in that picture? Don't you wish it was yours? Don't you love these cups? Anthro on clearance $3.99. I'm just saying. I've got another one if you want to come over and have cocoa with me.

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm not as tempted to buy magazines as I used to be. Except Somerset magazines, those I can't resist. And the occasional foreign magazine but mainly ones in English because I drive myself crazy trying to translate. My favorite non-American magazine is Canadian Home and Country and while I can find 5 different Canadian magazines at my Borders, that isn't one of them. It drives me crazy.

So, I should be listing things to sell on Craigslist right now but I decided I'd rather hang out with all of you. Plus I have 2 wicker chairs from Pier 1 circa 2001 in my basement that have been there for 6 years and I can't decide whether or not to list them. What do you think?

I have an appointment scheduled next week to get my hair cut. It's gotten crazy long and I can't decide if I should try something new. Maybe something drastic. Sweet Hubby would like me to let it grow even longer but since he disregards my opinion about him cutting his hair when it has gotten so long and sticky-outy that he looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket, then I guess we can safely assume his opinion doesn't matter. True story. Maybe I'll start a poll.

Eastwick is on tonight and I'm so excited. I love that show. It may have more to do with the small town and odd characters than actual plot lines and acting. I'm always drawn to those kinds of settings in books, movies and tv shows. There is very little good television to choose from this year but I also love Modern Family and Community. But don't listen to me. I love Army Wives so clearly I'm not too discriminating.

That's all the interesting things I have to talk about today. Hope you're keeping cozy too. We actually have snow in the forecast for Friday. What?


  1. What!!!Snow yuck..{I live a little north of you} & I am just starting to enjoy IN. fall!
    Thanks for the peek of your reading materials :), now I am going to have to try to convince my sweet husband to b-sit tonight so I can go get my own :)!

  2. Love Canadian House & Home and the UK mag Country Homes & Interiors but my bookstores seem kind of hit and miss whether they carry them... or maybe someone else gets to the few copies they carry before I do! Hardly anything else to buy at the newsstand though that I don't already subscribe to.
    Oh and you're not the only one embarrassed about her love of "Army Wives"... what do you think happened to Jeremy?!
    And, as a fellow Jeff Lewis lover, did you hear him last night talking about adopting! EEEK!! Run babies, run!

  3. Sounds very cozy. I love a hot drink and my favourite decorating mags, even rereads. Yes, we do have some great Canadian magazines. One of my favourites was Canadian Home and Country. Not sure, but I thought they stopped printing back in April. Not Canadian House and Home (great one but different.) Just Canadian Home and Country. I will double check that though. Their website is still up.
    Hubby and I need to do that one day. Just meet for lunch by ourselves on a weekday. When I take a day off work that is. With kids and going every which way we forget to take time for the 'couple' us sometimes.

  4. Are you guys house hunting in Z-Ville? Were you perhaps at Eagle Creek Coffee Company in the village? I work behind the Bentley dealership at the cultural center. I love Z-Ville! If this is the complete wrong location please disregard this slightly stalker-esque comment : ) If you are are you and your family should come to the GhostWalk- my work is putting it on.
    GhostWalk is approximately a 45-minute guided walking tour of "The Village." During the walk, guests stop at up to 10 different locations to hear spooky/scary/odd/sometimes humorous/always thought-provoking "ghost stories" presented by reenactors. The vignettes are researched and based upon events that actually occurred in Zionsville or Boone County - some dating back to the 1800s. This year's event will feature all new stories and scripts! www.sullivanmunce.org


  6. That scene Does look cozy! I love a warm drink & time to sit down with my favorite magazines.

    I admit, I also love certain shows because of their setting. I recently started watching the Gilmore Girls, in great part because of the adorable town setting...can I move there?

  7. I just happened upon your delightful blog...and I am just thrilled that I have found you!
    I too have been in a magazine quandry with so very few to choose from these days...(I just found out yet another one is to bite the dust after 32 years!)
    Our bookstores carry non of the magazines that you have mentioned but amazon has them if you ever struggle for a source again.
    Again wonderful blog and can't wait to read your next post!

  8. I've discovered that blogs are so interesting, I don't need many magazines.

    And it is good to hear about Eastwick, I haven't watched any yet, I'm glad to hear it is a good one!

  9. I'm pretty sure Canadian Home and Country is no longer published. I had a subscription to it too! Just another in a long list I'm afraid.

  10. snow?
    that's just crazy

    love the bargain mug
    i don't buy mags anymore either..sniff sniff
    but i do cheat & peruse the somerset ones while on date nights with my guy at barnes & noble
    & yes
    sometimes i do buy one
    to show support of course

    can't wait to see your new do

    sell the chairs


  11. Snow? No way...I'm so jealous! I just KNOW we are going to get lots and lots of snow here in Alabama this year. I just KNOW it!! I'm hoping anyway. That mug is awesome...so very awesome. I'm going to have to check those out. I'm loving your new life plan and even more...loving how you go about planning your life. You make it all sound so fun. Am I wordy today or what? I think I need a diet coke to slow myself down. Heee. Yeah...sell the chairs...it's just stuff. :)

  12. Your new house/moving/village endeavor sounds like heaven to me! Cant wait to see what happens. :) And Eastwick is one of my favorite new tv shows too!

  13. Cozy ramblings indeed. Makes me want to curl up and enjoy some cocoa and mags. Oh, since I've been 'unwillfully unemployed', I've given up my magazine habit. How I miss opening a fresh shiny magazine. Sigh.

    Please go do something with your hair. Don't let yourself succumb to my level of desperation. My 13 year old nephew is about to cut and highlight my hair. If I'm up and missing for a few days, you'll know why.

    I worked at Pier One for a few years. Hmm. I'm thinking ya oughta wait on the chairs, just a little while longer. You might need them in the village! As SOON as I get rid of something on Craigs List, I regret it. I'm just sayin. :-)

  14. I'm getting most of my inspiration from blogs these days more than magazines and saving a heck of a lot of money in the meantime. I still love the Somerset publications too. I do love the British publications though, and they are costly.
    I enjoyed hearing about what you like on TV.

  15. I've been wanting hot chocolate all week. It's been super cold in Montreal. I'd join you if I wasn't this far.

    Like others have said Canadian Home&Country has closed down. Not Style at Home nor Canadian House and Home, they are still running, both great magazines. I also like the UK magazine Living, but it's more modern than cottage.

    http://www.twitpic.com/kzib5 That was last weekend for me. This one is going to be the same, minus some then add new ones that arrived in the mail this week.

  16. Modern Family is starting over here soon. Is it good?

  17. hey girl...i agree...magazines just aren't as good as they used to be...i get WAY more warm fuzzies reading and looking at blogs...don't you. LONG HAIR!!! i love that your husband has an opinion...mine has none...i even put pink stripes in my hair over the summer and he said, "yeah"....anyway...since you asked...i don't usually offer my opinion...tell me more about your home searching...what are you finding? anything? dan wants to sell our house (really) and move in a trailer and homeschool and grow our own veggies...long story...but i think it's true....i could blab on and on....i forgot what else you said...glad you got to have lunch with your man...LONG HAIR SISTER!!! we only have so long in life to have long hair...one day we'll be old and grayish white and we'll have to have "old lady hairdos" and that will not be fun...i'll be quiet now. xoxo!

  18. A hot drink in that gorgeous mug & new mags sounds like the perfect way to spend the afternoon (especially when its rainy and cold outside). I had a 2yr subscription to Canadian Home & Country magazine when they sadly stopped printing in April of this year. I'll have a look around ...I may have a few issues to send you :-)

  19. Cute mug!
    I vote for you to do the style you had at the lake......loved it!

  20. hey cutie,
    can you email me and let me know if you are coming ion on wed or thursday to silver bella???

  21. just found your blog...sweet!

  22. I am an absolute magazine addict. I actually let out a little screech when I saw the picture of your new Somerset mag. I was wondering the other day if it was out yet. I don't buy as many as I used to since we lost so many this past year but thankfully we still have all the Somersets to ooh and ahh over. :)

    ~ Wendy

  23. I would totally come over and have cocoa with you, but only if I'm allowed to bring my materials and spend a cozy crafting afternoon with you! It is killing me not to be able to discuss them on my blog.

  24. PS Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


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